Как настроить VPN на iPhone / How to set up VPN on iPhone

hello everyone in this video I want to tell you how to set up vpn on iphone first of all you need to do this register on the site of secrets from to receive servers that we need to create a vpn connection in order to charge persons on this site, we need to go to this link, which will be in the description click both the heroes and the account after which we are prompted to enter our e-mail address enter the email address and click great account after which we should be sent to the mail come with a username and password in order to enter this site after only go to the site and see this picture for a day we are given 300 megabytes of traffic on this site, we are interested in the server tab, namely the connection types, and here see the entire list of IP addresses of servers that we can use for you joining let's try to create new vpn connections for this we need to copy the api address of some example london and go to the construction site the main gps add configurations to the captivity in the description names we enter the names given by the replay of the connection example london ww further specify the server that we just copied account is the login with which you enter this site and the password that is also the owner in order to enter this site and enter another common key here it is appia press rare I copy it and enter it after we have entered all the data, click save and here as you can see our new vpn network connection click it and click to connect all our vpn-connection is active as you can see above there was an icon that we connected via vpn this video was for you useful we stand on the likes thanks for your attention

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