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How's it going everybody? Welcome   back. And today we're going to be checking out 
the best VPN for BitTorrent and or torrenting.   In general. Now, in front of me here, we have 
Express VPN and Nord VPN, both of which are   great examples of what a good VPN should be 
like. Speed, reliability, security, privacy,   anonymity. And most importantly, the arguably most 
important feature here is the kill switch. Now,   if you're not familiar with what a kill switch 
is for, it's exactly what it sounds like stop   all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects 
unexpectedly. Now, what do you use that for? When   you connect to the VPN, if you're not familiar, 
when you connect to the VPN, you're connected to   the servers, you're pretty much paying for the 
servers where you're connecting to encrypted   servers, secured encrypted servers, more private 
servers, rather than your ISP, your internet   service providers servers which are monitored. 
So what you're doing here with a kill switch,   let's say you're downloading a torrent that you're 
not supposed to be downloading, let's say it's   copyrighted materials, okay.

And the moment your 
connection to the VPN drops, for whatever reason,   you will revert back to the ISP servers which 
are monitored, and they'll find out what you're   doing and you'll get in trouble. What the, 
what the kill switch does, is that it drops   your internet connection completely, it severs 
it so that you don't get exposed to your ISP,   and they won't be able to find out what you're 
doing online. So that's pretty much what a kill   switches for. It's to keep your online traffic 
from getting exposed to your ISP should the VPN   connection drop, it rarely does drop really well 
in Express and Nord VPN case. But that is what a   kill switch is for. And for the sake of time, I'm 
only going to be checking out ExpressVPN today.   But I want to point out something when it comes to 
Nord VPN.

And that's really cool. It has something   called the app kill switch. And that's a really 
cool feature. So if you don't want to disable   your internet entirely if the VPN connection 
drops, because you're streaming or for whatever,   whatever other reason, the app kill switch 
will actually allow you to kill certain apps.   So if you don't want to, let's say your 
your internet, your VPN connection drops,   it won't kill your connection, it will 
just kill that app so that your ISP   won't even be able to tell that you had that app 
on in the first place. So that's really cool. Now   if you're interested in express or Nord VPN, I'll 
be leaving some links to special deals and offers   in the description down below. Now, let's drop
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  Nord VPN for now, if you're interested, again, 
you can check out the descriptions, the links in   description down below, we're going to be taking 
a look at ExpressVPN. And what you should be   doing really to make sure that you're all safe 
and good to go.

Now, as I mentioned before, you   I already explained what the kill switch is for. 
So that's number one. Since I have my connection   off, right now I'm not I'm not connected to 
the VPN, the moment I turn on the kill switch,   I no longer have internet. And that's exactly 
what we're looking for here. Because we're about   to engage in some torrenting activity. Now, here, 
Flash Gordon, in Episode One, this is a very old   series, it's I believe it's public domain. And 
you know, this is, at this point not copyrighted   material anymore.

So we're not doing anything 
illegal here. Now, before I download, obviously,   I'm not going to be downloading this because I 
want to be secured first. So we turn on the kill   switch, we're going to go to protocols, I'm going 
to stick to open VPN, because it is in the audits.   In the reports, where audit firms were auditing 
ExpressVPN and Nord, they were doing these audits   and tests on open VPN on the open VPN protocol 
and not the lightweight protocol. Now lightweight,   lightweight protocol is a wire guard based 
protocol. But it's pretty it's pretty fast,   and it's pretty secure. But 
we don't have as much proof   as to how secure it is as much as open VPN because 
open VPN is the is the protocol that got tested   extensively over and over again.
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  So the moment we have tests for a lightweight, 
I can pretty much vouch for it and you know,   maybe go for it when it comes to torrenting. 
But as far as torrenting, I'm sticking to open   VPN.

That is my personal recommendation. It's 
the best combination of speed and security as   it says right here. It's it may say it may not 
work on all networks, but it actually works on   most networks. So we'll go to advanced and you 
want to make sure that you have this ticked on   only use Express VPN DNS servers while connected. 
And what this means is that you are only using a   physical Express VPN servers that only express 
VPN trusted ExpressVPN employees have access to   these our servers in buildings or rooms that 
are owned by ExpressVPN. And they are private
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secure, and nobody else has access to them.   That is the purpose of this of this 
option right here. So if I take this off,   I might be using virtual servers or rented servers 
by ExpressVPN. But I keep if I keep this on,   then I'm making sure that I'm only using the most 
secure of servers. So that's a really cool feature   with ExpressVPN here.
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  So once you have all that on the DNS ticked 
here, ticked on, you have your open VPN protocol,   and you have the network lock on, 
you're going to Oh, yeah, actually,   if we're going to pick servers, you know, you 
don't have to, I guess, go through having to   test out a bunch of servers.

What's really cool 
is that you have a speed test feature here,   you can run the test, and it'll give you it'll 
accurately represent the quickest server,   but it may not accurately represent your speed, 
because I have actually have double that speed.   Usually France, Paris, one is the quickest server 
for me. But for some reason, ExpressVPN speed test   does not really show you your true speed, but it 
will show you the truly quickest server so for me,   it'll be Paris one, double click that 
and here I am connected, connecting,   and I should have my internet access back. Now 
that it's back. Let's test it with Cubitt torrent,   I just put it right here. Okay, so
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  now, all you need to do is
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  start and you could see her, okay, it's 
connecting to peers, there's going to be   very little peers, okay?
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  Seeing the process.

So it's gonna be, it's not 
going to be the fastest download, obviously,   your download speed is going to vary depending 
on your connection, and so on and so forth.   But it's, it's, I guess, it's 
not so bad for 700 megabytes,   it's still a little bit much, but yeah, 
anyways, that is how you securely download   using BitTorrent. And, you know, for me, I really 
like ExpressVPN. It's my favorite because it's   really just a super reliable VPN in all aspects. 
Obviously, Nord VPN is still a wonderful option.   Again, if you're interested in either or I will 
leave links in the description down below so that   you can check them out.

Hopefully, you can save 
some money through the special offers that I find.   Anyway, that'll be it for the video. Hope you 
guys learned something and I'll see you guys in   the next one. Have a good day.
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