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How's it going everybody welcome back. And today we're gonna be talking about the best
VPN to use with Cubitt torrent. Now, there are many VPNs, you could use, I'm gonna be
using mainly ExpressVPN. That is my personal preference. There are other VPNs. And I'll
show you a couple of examples with Nord VPN and surf shark and what to kind of consider
when torrenting using cubic cubic torrent. Now, there are many, there aren't many options
to go through. So it'll be it's usually the same principle to with every VPN, you just
need to make sure that you're using the right protocol. Make sure that the kill switches
on and if there are any other options, that's just exclusive to the VPN, like if there are
any specialty servers or anything like that. So let's get through all of that starting
with ExpressVPN.

First of all, if you are interested in Express Nord or surf shark,
I'll leave some links in the description down below. Hopefully, you can make use of the
of these discounts some of them. Some of these discounts may not be available on the original
website. So feel free to take advantage of these now. Unknown Speaker 1:02
Starting with ExpressVPN, you want to make sure that you before we select obviously selecting
the server is going to be the last step, we're going to go to options and make sure that
the kill switch is on stop all internet traffic if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, so what
this is used for is, let's say you're downloading a movie. So if you're connected to the VPN,
the moment you lose connection to the VPN for the for whatever reason, which is a rare
case. But if it does happen, you will revert back to your internet service providers, servers,
which will kind of expose your real IP address and location and name and everything, all
kinds of information including your online traffic. So in order to avoid that the kill
switch will completely kill your internet connection should the VPN connection dropped
for any reason.

So that's very important. Next, we're going to use open VPN protocol
over automatic lightweight or anything else. Now all the other open VPN TCP too slow for
download. icap two barely works on any Unknown Speaker 2:05
network. So it's not very reliable, and lttp has low security. So we don't want to mess
with that. Lightweight is great for streaming and everything. But we're gonna stick to open
VPN, because open VPN is the protocol that has been tested over and over again, by independent
audit firms. In on all the VPNs that I mentioned today start Nord VPN and express VPN. Open
VPN protocol is the one that has been extensively tested over and over again, and is proven
to be truly the best combination of speed and security. As it says here, while light
may might be also as secure, maybe even faster and stable.

We don't have proof of that. So
we're just going to stick with open VPN until lightweight until we see more reports reporting
and concluding that lightweight is truly secure. And next we're going to use only you we're
going to make sure that this is on only use Express VPN DNS servers while connected. And
what that does is that it makes sure that you are using physical servers, not virtual
or rented servers, you're going to use physical Express VPN servers that are owned by Express
VPN, only accessible to trust it Express VPN employees within the premises of or buildings
or server rooms of Express VPN.

So that is also very, very important that will make sure
that your your an obfuscated servers very secure and as encrypted as they can get. So
again, open you open VPN UDP, make sure the kill switch is on. And you're you're you have
this option on, you're going to click OK. And go to speed test. If you'd like you can
run the test I've already run it. So I already know that my fastest, my fastest server is
the Paris one server. Now, be careful of one thing, it may not show your true speed, but
it is showing your fastest server. So that's just something with ExpressVPN the speed test
and ExpressVPN it may not show your true speed, your true download speed but it does show
accurate latency and which server is best for you. So for me it's transparents one and
I'm going to connect to that it doesn't matter whatever server you're using, by the way for
Express VPN, it makes sure that whatever server using will work when it comes to streaming
or anything like that now I'm going to go to Flash Gordon here and force resume and
let me bring it over show you guys that it is actually downloading.

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very private very now you know obviously, since I'm connected to the VPN, my ISP has
no idea that I'm torrenting Flash Gordon, but Flash Gordon is a it's a public domain.
It's non copyrighted anymore. It's very old. It's in public. Unknown Speaker 5:00
domain. So there's nothing illegal that I'm doing anyways. But anyways, if you are downloading
something, but you may not supposed to be downloading, which I recommend checking your
local laws, just to make sure you're not doing it doing anything illegal, nothing will be
known because as far as your ISP is concerned, you're in whatever Unknown Speaker 5:21
server you're connected to. So for my ISP, I'm in Paris right now. So my ISP has no idea
what I'm doing in terms of my online traffic.

So Unknown Speaker 5:31
we're going to Unknown Speaker 5:33
pause this, put it to the side, disconnect and quickly show you what to do in a Nord
VPN, for example. So I'm going to have to turn off the kill switch, in order to get
my connection back. And then I'm going to launch Nord VPN to see what we can do here. Unknown Speaker 5:53
Now, it's the same principle with all VPNs, you want to make sure using open VPN, your
kill switches on and whatever other option you have.

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In terms of Nord VPN, we actually have the option to access special peer to peer servers
catered for torrenting. So that's pretty cool. So again, you're going to go to right here,
if you want to stream go ahead and use Nord links for security, I would recommend open
VPN, you're going to go to the kill switch, make sure that kill switches on. Now, One
really cool thing regarding the kill switch here with Nord VPN is that you have the option
to App kill switch, which will, as it says here, it closed selected apps when you disconnect
from the VPN or the connection drops. So if you don't want your entire connection to drop,
if the VPN connection gets disconnected for whatever reason, you can just kill the application.
So yeah, that's really cool. I can just come here select, for example, Cuba torrent. And
if my VPN connection drops, it won't kill my connection, it'll only kill these applications
as if I'm ending task from the task manager. So that's pretty cool. You can just keep this
one on. And if you keep this on, you don't have to keep the kill switch on in the first

Besides that, that's about it. You're going to go back and you're going to select
peer to peer servers, connect, go back to the cubit torrent client, and you're good
to go. So first surf shark. Let me launch surf shark. For a surf shark. It is also the
same Oh, well, one more thing. Actually, if you are living in countries where you're not
supposed to be using a VPN in the first place, because it's illegal, you could just turn
on obfuscated servers.

Again, for Express VPN, you're already on obfuscated servers
if you have the only use Express VPN DNS servers. So just keep that in mind. For Unknown Speaker 7:47
for Nord VPN, you'll have to turn this on. And it's only available for open VPN anyways.
And keep in mind that when you do turn it on, you will have less servers to use. So
yeah, with that out of the way, let's get to surf shark, what surf shark again, it's
the same principle, you're going to go to connectivity, make sure the kill switches
is on, make sure your notifications are on as well go to advance, open, make sure open
VPN. Again, if you're in a country where you're not supposed to be using a VPN, you can use
shadow Sox. And you can combine it with no borders for extra anonymity. If you want to
stream or do anything, besides torrenting, really, I only use open VPN for torrenting.
But for anything else, I would use wire guard because it's really faster.

It's just it's
great overall, uses less battery and everything. If you're on a mobile device, there's a speed
test as well for surf sharks. So that's pretty helpful. So again, use open VPN, no need for
no borders mode. For me, I'm not in a country where using a VPN is not allowed. Kill Switch
is on and you're good to go. So again, surf short legs, like ExpressVPN will allow you
to do whatever, you know, activity you're trying to do be it streaming or torrenting,
it'll just automatically connected to a server that will allow you to do so for me, I usually
get very good connections with France, because I'm close to it.

Obviously, when it comes
to distance, the closer you are, the better speeds you're going to get. So just keep that
in mind. And we're gonna go here to let me just get Flash Gordon and resume and there
we have it. It is downloading. Very easy. Obviously the speeds are going to depend on
your own connection speed and everything like that. So besides that, that's pretty much
how you safely download and when it comes to the best I would recommend I mean if you're
not willing to cough up a lot of cash for ExpressVPN VPN because it's a pretty much
quite the premium service.

You can go with Nord VPN to have great prices. And you can
also go with surf shark if you want to go even cheaper when it comes to Unknown Speaker 10:00
The price you're getting a lot of value for surf shark and surf shark is just absolutely
it's, it's wonderful really. So I would recommend Nord VPN, if you still want a premium price
a premium service with almost half that half as much as ExpressVPN when it comes to pricing.
And if you want to have that even more, you can code you can go with surf shark, which
is almost half as much as a Nord VPN when it comes to pricing. So that's really cool.
Besides that, for me, I just go with ExpressVPN because it is the safest option. It's it's
been tested over and over again, all the audits prove that it's probably the safest and most
private VPN out there. So if you're interested in any of these, I'll leave some links in
the description down below. Hopefully you can save even more cash. And if you learn
something, please like and subscribe, and I'll see you guys in the next one.

Have a
great day. Transcribed by https://otter.ai.

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