✅ ExpressVPN vs NordVPN – Picking the Best VPN Protocols

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What's up everyone, Patrick here again.   And in today's video, I'll be doing another VPN 
feature comparison of both Express VPN and Nord   VPN and the available protocols for each. Now, 
a VPN just stands for virtual private network.   And it simply allows you to connect to a server 
in a different location before then connecting to   your destination online, effectively masking your 
IP address to help you remain anonymous online and   protocols for VPNs are just the different methods 
for connecting to these servers.

This is handled   on the back end, but you can select specific ones 
using both of these services. Now, the universally   used VPN protocol is called Open VPN. And both 
of these services provide that but each of   these services also have their own proprietary VPN 
protocols, which can prioritize security and speed   and are utilizing some of the newer technologies 
out there. So let's jump in and take a look at   both Nord VPN and express VPN and the protocols 
they have to offer. Okay, so starting off with   Nord VPN, we can open up the desktop app. And 
we're going to be focused on opening up those   protocols settings. So we'll click on the gear 
icon at the very top of the window.

And this will   open up our general settings. But we're going to 
click on auto connect on the left hand side. Now   by default, Nord VPN has an auto Connect setting 
that determines not just the best region and best   server within that region to connect to, but 
also the best protocol. So in order to dive in   and get a look at some of the available protocols 
through Nord VPN, and change them for ourselves,   we'll want to head over to the Choose a VPN 
protocol and server automatically and turn that   off. And then this will give us two different drop 
down menus, where you can either auto connect to   a specific server, and then the VPN protocol, 
which is what we're focused on here. Now, as   I mentioned, in the beginning of the video, open 
VPN is one of the most widely used VPN protocols,   but Nord VPN has three available to choose from. 
So they've got two different versions of the open   VPN, but then they've got their own proprietary 
one, which I mentioned before called Nord links.   Now, this one has been tailored specifically for 
the Nord VPN platform.

So it works better with   their hardware than open VPN might, because 
open VPN is just a general protocol. Now,   it works great. And it's become the standard 
throughout the entire world as far as that   VPN protocol goes. But because Nord knows what's 
going on on their back end, and with their   servers and hardware, they've developed their own 
protocol that is more efficient and more secure,   specifically on their platform. So all you 
have to do is select the VPN protocol you   prefer from here and back out, and then when 
you connect next time, it will automatically use   that protocol. Now opening up the Express VPN 
desktop app, you can see I'm not connected yet.   And same thing, we're going to head over to the 
protocols. So we'll click on the three bars at   the top left and go down to options. And this 
will bring up a second window.

Now this window   will have all of our general settings in here. But 
there's also a protocol tab, which is what we'll   click on. And from here, you can see it's got an 
automatic, which is recommended protocol. And it's   just like that quick connect on Nord VPN where 
it finds the best one for the server or region   you're connecting to, and uses that protocol. 
Or you can go in and manually choose your own,   which as you can see, there's the two different 
versions the UDP and TCP versions of open VPN, the   i ke v two l two TP and lightweight. Now l two TP 
as you can see right here it even says the lower   security and then i k e v two even says in its 
description that it's fast, but it doesn't work on   all networks, which is one of the downsides were 
open VPN is usually a generally cast net, it can   work with almost all servers, but referencing that 
proprietary protocol used by Express VPN, theirs   is called liteway.

So where are you had Nord 
VPN? Nord links protocol, express VPN has their   lightweight protocol. And clicking on any one of 
these will allow you to then switch over to that   protocol next time you connect by just hitting 
that connect button and it will automatically   use that protocol. Unless of course, that protocol 
is not supported by the service you're trying to   connect to in the instance of ik III, v2 and some 
of the other protocols that aren't used as widely,   you now have a clear understanding of what both 
Nord VPN and ExpressVPN can offer as far as   protocols come and what those protocols can do for 
you and how to switch to them. Now again, these   are both fantastic VPN services. But depending 
on your location, or what works best for you,   you might want to try one and then give the other 
one a try because they both do offer that 30 day   money back guarantee, so you never have to 
worry about being stuck with a service that   just isn't right for you.

And of course, I will 
include a link to both Nord VPN and ExpressVPN   down in the description so be sure to check out 
those links below. And as always, if you found   this video helpful, give it a like and subscribe 
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