✅ How to Install a VPN on your iPhone 🔥 Best VPN For Iphone + Live Speed Test

what's up my name is nick and today i'm going to show you how to install a vpn on your iphone or any ios device for that matter like your ipad there are two ways to do it one is to manually enter the configuration or the other is to simply download the app we're going to go through both of these methods and also we're going to download some of the top paid vpns and some free vpns and compare the speed the features and so on by the way in the description below you're going to find links to the vpns mentioned in this video i'll also be updating those links with any coupons promos special offers that are current so let's start off by going to settings from here select general scroll down a little bit to see vpn and here you're greeted with an add vpn configuration with a total of nine fields to fill in for information that you're going to get from your vpn server or my cat but most vpns provide you with an app which automatically fill this information so let's go ahead and install one of the vpns and see what happens let's start with nordvpn i'm already logged in so if i press quick connect and allow enter the password you can see that it quickly added a vpn profile so if you go back to settings you'll see that we now have a nord vpn hike profile we can open it and have a look inside now if you go back to settings you're going to see a new icon has appeared says vpn you can toggle it on and off from here or from the app and that's it you've installed a vpn on your iphone now what we're going to do is we're going to install a few more vpns and test them up against each other surf shark is another popular option so let's go ahead and connect over here it says that it's going to add the vpn settings and we allow them enter the password and now we have two vpns installed all right so surf shock took notice a bit longer to install but it's here so let's go ahead and check out our settings and as you can see now we have two vpns here at the bottom and one here in the top vpn configuration and personal vpn what's the difference the personal vpn is a much higher security connection and is usually only offered by paid services whereas the vpn configuration can often be spotted by the services they try and bypass for example netflix might see that you're using a vpn and block your access all right so let's go ahead and install another app expressvpn i'm going to go ahead and purchase it they have a 30-day money-back guarantee so i feel kind of confident that i'll get my money's worth they have a special deal it's a 563 per month if you buy in advance or 10.93 per month so 10 is not so bad let's go ahead and choose one of those enter your email address select a way of billing i'm going to pay by paypal all right now it asks me to download the app degree and continue let's set up vpn and now we have a third vpn now that we got the top three vpns installed let's go ahead and compare how fast they are we're going to do this by opening speed test i ran all three of these tests next to my router which is capped out at 300 megabits and all three of these vpns performed great almost maxing out his potential in other words you will not have any drop in internet speed if you install any of these three vpns i would say they're all very similar in speed with expressvpn taking some advantage nor vpn very solidly in the middle and surf shark falling just ever so slightly behind if you'd like to take advantage of one of these three offers well then i often do some research on the best deals discounts coupons what have you so check in the description below to see what is currently available also i did some speed tests on the free vpn versions so let's see how those turned out when running these free vpns i kept thinking that free cheese can only be found in a mouse trap and i wasn't far off most had abysmal speeds averaging from 5 to 10 megabits per second as opposed to the 300 which we just saw earlier the ones which did provide decent speeds had different drawbacks such as a limited time you were able to connect or limited amount of data which you were able to download they were flooded with ads some weren't actually free or didn't launch at all others made navigating their free version super difficult in hopes that the user would just give up and buy subscription and speaking of which these free versions have outrageous prices such as ten dollars per week which doesn't really make them free now does it and i mean not to mention that nobody actually really knows if these free vpns are spying on you because remember all your data is going through their server and some of these companies don't have a reputation to uphold also all of the free vpns which have tested provide you with limited locations to connect to for example only the us or only the location that is closest to you i mean i didn't expect a free vpn to be on par with a paid vpn that's not how it goes but if i would have to choose one of the better vpns for free i'll go with either speedify or hide.me because they provide you a limited amount of data but at least it's usable whereas the others you either pay with ads or you pay with speed it's one of the other it is impossible to review all the vpn services that are out there but if you are interested in one specific vpn provider leave a comment down below and i'll try and get back to you or even make a review about that specific vpn company and as for now if you're thinking which top vpn is right for you well expressvpn is considered to be best overall nordvpn has some serious speed advantages if you are considering to do some torrenting and surf shark well it's a little slower but it's a little cheaper too links are in the description my name is nick and if i helped you at all to make a decision on the vpn that's right for you don't forget to leave me a like cheers

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