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What's up everyone, Patrick here and in today's   video, I'll be showing you how to use Nord VPN 
on a Windows PC or desktop computer. Now Nord VPN   is one of the top available VPN services on the 
market today. And if you don't know what a VPN is,   it simply stands for virtual private network. And 
it allows you to remain anonymous. While you're   browsing online. This is great if you're trying to 
stream region locked videos or movies or if you're   trying to torrent and remain anonymous, whatever 
the reason, a VPN is the way to go and include a   link down in the description to Nord VPN. So 
you can go ahead and download it and follow   along with me today. And of course, include any 
discounts or deals that come along with that. So   jumping right into it, the first thing you'll do 
is head over to Nord vpn.com, and then download   the app for yourself after downloading and 
installing it, you can open it up from your   desktop and log in.

Once you're logged in, you'll 
be greeted with a nearly identical screen to mine,   which is a map of the world along with all these 
little location icons. Now all of these icons   simply mean that Nord VPN has service available in 
those countries. And this is great, especially if   you're trying to connect to a region locked site 
or streaming platform, and you need to appear   like you're in another country. Now, clicking on 
any one of these will quick connect to the best   available connection within that country for you. 
And then clicking on the disconnect button at the   bottom will simply allow you to disconnect from 
that and you're no longer browsing privately.   If you want a full list of all of the available 
countries, you've got that on the left side over   here, hovering over any one of these, and then 
clicking on it will then allow you to obviously   Quick Connect. But if you want to jump in and 
take a look at the specific servers or regions   for yourself, you can click on these three dots or 
right click on any one of these.

And if they have   multiple regions available, you'll see a region 
drop down list and a server drop down list. Now,   by default, all of these are set to the fastest, 
but you can go in and choose one that's better   for you. Now, you might want to pick one that's 
closer, but that doesn't necessarily mean that   it will be a quicker connection, it all comes down 
to the hardware and then your internet connection   just to the internet as a whole because you're 
first connecting to your local line. And then   that's routing you all the way to your region and 
server for your VPN and then that's taking you   to your destination. So it's natural that there 
will be a little bit of latency or delay in that.   But that's where Nord Lynx comes in handy. 
Now Nord Lynx is a proprietary protocol.   And VPN protocols are simply the way that your 
service is able to talk to the server itself,   the international standard is open VPN, and that's 
the open source version. And almost all if not   all, VPN services have this protocol available. 
However, Nord VPN and some other VPN services   have their own proprietary protocols, because 
they've invested an awful lot into their   hardware and infrastructure and want to make sure 
you're getting the best bang for your buck while   connecting to their hardware.

Now, if you wanted 
to, you can go ahead and change these protocols as   you see fit by going to the gear icon at the top 
and clicking on that this will open up all of your   settings. And from here, you can see the general 
settings tab, which is simply your launch options.   All of these options are going to be self 
explanatory, and that's through all of these   different settings menu.

But what we're interested 
in is the auto Connect, this will show you whether   or not you connect whenever you're on Wi Fi, 
if you want your device to always no matter   what be running with your VPN, whenever you're 
connected to the internet, then you would have   this on if you want a little more control, then 
obviously leave that off and turn it on with   quick connect or directly to a region a server of 
your choice as you see fit. Now just below that,   you can see the VPN protocols section and this 
drop down list will show you all of the available   VPN protocols that Nord VPN has to offer. And 
you'll see the two different ones for open VPN.   And then the recommended one, which is Nord links, 
and the one that I'm already on by default. Now,   obviously, you've got some more settings over here 
that you can jump into. And these are a little   more technical that once you have a little more of 
an understanding of the application, they'll make   more sense to you.

But these are just general VPN 
settings such as a kill switch, whenever you're   disconnected by your VPN on accident, then it will 
automatically disconnect you from the internet, so   you're not browsing online unprotected. Of course, 
these are just personal preferences. Now in order   to head back to the menu, we'll just click that 
back button at the top left. And going back to the   list on the left side, you can scroll all the way 
up to see your most recent connections and just   below that specialty servers. Now the purpose 
of specialty servers are just that for special   use cases whenever you're trying to connect for a 
specific reason whether you're using an onion web   browsing client, or if you're trying to do peer 
to peer connections through a VPN service just   like that you should now understand how to use 
Nord VPN on your Windows, PC or desktop Computer   and if you haven't already, be sure to check out 
that link below in the description with any deals   or discounts along with it.

Let me know down in 
the comments what your favorite feature about   Nord VPN is. And if you found this video helpful, 
please give it a like I always appreciate it and   subscribe to the channel for more videos just like 
this one, hitting that bell for notifications and   until next time, thanks for watching.
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