✅ Learn How to Use Surfshark VPN in my new 2021 Surfshark Tutorial

what's going on everyone welcome back to geekman and today i'm going to be showing you guys how to use surf shark now i'll link all of the special deals and offers or discounts that i could find in the description down below so make sure you check that out if you're interested in surf shark besides that let's get right into how to use this uh a vpn program now it's probably one of the simplest uh uis that you could find in the industry here you have your favorites where you can store your favorites you have all kinds of locations here uh surf shark has over 3200 servers so you have plenty of servers to mess with uh static ip you also have if that's an option you're looking you're looking for that's also a very good option you have quite a few uh places to pick from now if you don't know what a static ip is static ip makes it easier to work remotely using a vpn or other remote services you know you may have a router or more than one router on the same network and you need a static ip for it static ip addresses also make it easier to use voice over ip for teleconferencing or other voice and video communications so you know it's a great option to have you know even some some other vpns actually charge you for getting uh static ip services uh so yeah it's pretty cool that uh surfshark gives you that for free well you know it includes it's included in the subscription and you have multihop which is uh known as double vpn in other words uh double vpn if you didn't know so what what a vpn does obviously is it tunnels your connection through their servers and that's one server and one ip address what double what double vpn does is that it tunnels your connection through two tunnels through two servers and two ip addresses making it harder to find your ip address and even harder to leak get anything leaked into the web outside of these servers so that's a pretty cool uh feature here obviously uh keep in mind that if you use the multi-hop naturally it will drop your speed it will drop your speed more so than when using uh just a single server so just keep that in mind uh now getting into the features um it's you you have a pretty clean ui here there's nothing to mess with besides these couple of options here now you have clean web which blocks ads trackers and malware now the the ad blocking isn't exactly the best you know you may find you may still find some ads here and there while keeping this on but you know it's better than nothing it'll block most ads for the most part so you know it's not really that bad uh to you have nothing to lose to keep this on is what i'm saying whitelister is pretty much split tunneling and if you don't know what split tunneling is it's uh you get to pick which apps go through the vpn connection and which don't so here's how to use it whatever connection you're trying to root via the vpn uh you can here just select an app let's say i don't want anything besides besides let's say qubit torrent to go through the vpn connection i don't want any other software or anything else to uh go through the vpn tunnel uh let's say i want to watch netflix and i don't care about using the vpn but i do want to use the vpn for qubit torrent uh so that's something you could do uh another way to use split tunneling is pretty much the opposite you can use the vpn turn it on and only have certain applications bypass the vpn connection let's say i want to keep the vpn on but i don't want to have my battlenet uh go through the vpn connection because i don't want to drop my ping so i want to play let's say call of duty but i still want to keep my vpn on surprisingly enough not all vpns actually offer split tunneling services so that's really good especially for the price here it's it's just great you know you're roughly paying 50 for two years that's uh roughly less than ten dollars uh uh less than two dollars per uh month so that's really just great uh so that's you know that's the features list here now we'll get into the settings which is even simpler um you can get through the connectivity here and what you have here is a couple of options the kill switch a kill switch is designed to pretty much cut or sever the connection uh between you and the internet if the vpn uh for whatever reason disconnects here it says disable internet access when vpn connection drops or is turned off so yeah if you wanna if you don't wanna be connected to the internet without the vpn you turn this on and you will be uh you know you'll never be connected to the internet uh if you don't have your vp on if you don't have your vpn on is uh what this does pretty much and uh yeah that's about it for uh connectivity here and getting into advanced now the protocol list here and we're gonna there's quite a few protocols now icap 2 is quick but it won't work on most servers so yeah that's a downside openvpn tcp is good for upload but bad for download and ping generally openvpn udp is the best balance of uh security and speed so it's pretty good generally shadowsox is used when if you're living in a country with heavy restrictions or you're not allowed you're not allowed to use vpns in that country for example yeah that's that's something you could use uh though keep in mind you'll be um you won't be able to use all of the servers uh and that goes hand in hand with um uh no borders mode so yeah if you're in a country with heavy restrictions uh norbert's mode it says here this switch will allow you to bypass internet restrictions such as the great firewall of china for example so yeah shadow socks and uh no borders mode go hand in hand if you're living in countries where uh uh you're not allowed to use a vpn uh and and stuff like that uh shadow socks and no borders mode will make your uh browser here it actually says shadowsocks will only protect your browser traffic so that it will look like as if it's just normal browsing traffic and even your isp won't be able to tell that you're using a vpn so that's just great obviously you want to again as i said you want to pair that up with no borders mode for maximum security now what i always like to use is the wire guard now the wire guard protocol is something that most um uh vpns are really adopting right now and they're using and it's just becoming the fastest protocol overall uh yeah it's it's absolutely great and that's really just what i recommend now the coolest feature about uh surf shark is that and this is probably the only vpn in the world that allows you to do something like that is that it allows you to you to secure as many devices as possible many you know the industry standard is that vpns allow you to secure up to five six seven maybe eight devices or maybe nine in some cases but surf shark you can secure an entire company an entire household using only one subscription and you're paying roughly 50 for two years of that service it's absolutely great and you know uh surf shark reliably unblocks the most amount of netflix libraries actually out of all of the uh vpns so yeah uh surf shark is really just a great bang for the buck and uh if you know there's there's really just uh you could never go wrong honestly using uh using this kind of service if you especially if you're you know if if you're not exactly concerned about being uh you know having the fastest fastest connection ever it's still very fast by the way don't get me wrong surf shark is lightning fast but you know if you're looking for a quicker um let's say uh you you're prioritizing ping for example or download speed yeah you're probably going to want to go with nord or expressvpn otherwise surf shark i mean you know you're going to be paying more a whole lot more than double or even triple or using nord and express but with you know with with with surf shark you're paying way less and obviously you've got a speed test feature which a lot of vpns oddly enough don't have that so that's also a really cool feature you can use here now i'm not gonna make you guys wait uh to see the speed test but it is there so yeah that's uh that's that's how you do it so once you adjust all of your options and you're ready to go you could just uh get here and uh let's say i want to use the united states library for netflix so just go down here using the wireguard protocol just connect and three two one and there we go and that is how to use servchart super simple if you're new to um vpns you know there's nothing complicated uh using this vpn again i will be linking all the special deals discounts or any coupon codes that i could find to hopefully save you guys even more money surf shark is already very cheap so if i could even if i could save you guys a little bit more money i'll definitely link everything i could find in terms of offers in the description down below thank you guys for watching a like and subscribe would help out a lot and i'll see you guys in the next one

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