‚úÖ Nordvpn Review 2021 ūüĎć Best VPN For Torrenting?

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What's happening guys? Today I thought   I'd make a little video to answer the question 
of whether or not I think Nord VPN is still the   best VPN for torrenting. Now, if you know me, you 
know that I'm always on the lookout for deals or   discounts. So I'll stick a link in the description 
below. And that will take you to the best possible   deal at the current time. Now, the short answer to 
the question of whether I think it's the best for   torrenting is yes, but before I get into why I'm 
going to have to show you express VPN, so we have   something to compare it to. Now Express is a great 
VPN, and using any VPN in general will be better   than not using one when it comes to torrenting. 
But there's a reason why it doesn't quite match up   to Nord. Now, as you can see, if you look through 
all of the different servers, you'll see plenty of   different locations that you can use with Express. 
And this is great, especially for things like   unblocking Netflix, if you want Netflix to think 
that you're browsing from another country, but   when it comes to torrenting, you'd need to make 
sure that you're extra secure.

And this is where   Nord VPN speciality servers come in handy. Now, if 
we take a look on their website, there's actually   a lot of things which they offer which are great 
for when it comes to torrenting. First of all, you   can see that they have a strict no logs policy. 
What this means is there will not store any data   or information about your browsing activity, 
so you know, it will always remain safe. Next   up down this list, something to note is that you 
can mask your IP address. This means that nobody   will be able to track your activity or see what 
you're up to online. Below this. And this is the   main reason why Nord is the best for torrenting 
is that they actually Welcome p2p servers. Now,   p2p means peer to peer and this is effectively 
what you're using when you're torrenting.   On top of this, if you want a connection that's 
even more secure, you can use that double VPN,   what this will do is it will route you through the 
first VPN and from there rather than than getting   onto the internet straight away, it will 
route your connection through a second VPN,   before connecting you online.

This means that 
you're getting twice the protection over any other   server on any other VPN. So let's take a look 
at how this actually works. So before you start   torrenting, you're going to want to find the p2p 
server. Now, what's great about this is that a   lot of VPN actually shy away from the subject of 
torrenting. And they don't really work on it in   the same way that nor does, but because they're 
so open about their abilities to use p2p servers,   the option is very easy to access from the main 
menu, all you do is you hit the PTP button. And   that is it, it will now connect you to the fastest 
p2p server from your current location. Now, if you   did want to change the location for any reason, 
you can also do that. But for the most part,   when you're torrenting, it doesn't really matter 
which location you're browsing from.

Selecting   the fastest option here is usually the best. So 
now that you're connected to a p2p server, you   can get on with your torrenting and knowing that 
your activity is being completely hidden. Now,   for the purpose of this demonstration, I'm going 
to come up to this torrent here or Flash Gordon.   And when I click on it, you'll see that it asks me 
if I want to open the file directly in uTorrent,   which is the torrenting program which I choose 
to use.

Now it's a simple case of hitting OK,   and then selecting the torrent and hitting Ok, 
again, from here, the process is exactly the   same as if you weren't using the VPN, except now 
that you know that your information is being kept   secure, and you're not being tracked at all. Now 
the main difference between a p two p server and   any normal server on a VPN is just the highest 
levels of encryption. And when it comes to this   peer to peer activity, a VPN connection that uses 
a protocol. Now depending on which VPN you use,   these protocols can either be better at speed 
or better at security. But with the p2p server,   you're actually getting the best of both 
worlds, you're getting a fast connection,   which also remains highly secure. And because the 
servers are specifically designed for torrenting.   They're always making sure it's up to date with 
the latest security. So there's never going to   be any leaks of your data. So my answer to the 
question of whether Nord is still the best VPN   for torrenting has to be a yes.

And while the 
p2p option is usually the best for torrenting,   there are also the other speciality servers as 
well. So no matter what you're using your VPN for,   you can always find a super secure connection 
that's going to be more secure than a standard VPN   server. Now the thing is that you're not always 
going to be using your VPN it just for torrenting.   If you weren't then Nord would be a clear cut 

However, you may want to use your VPN for   different activities as well such as unblocking 
Netflix or just making sure that your personal   information remains secure when shopping online. 
But the good thing about Nord is it's actually a   great around VPN, I'd put it in the top three VPN 
overall. The other top options for an all round   VPN would be ExpressVPN, and surf shark so I'll 
include some links down in the description below   not only to some video reviews that I've done of 
these VPN, but also to any deals or discounts.   That will save you a bit of money.

money when 
signing up to these products, they're all great   VPN and all worth taking a look at. But as we've 
seen, if you're mainly focusing on torrenting,   then Nord VPN is definitely the one that I'd 
recommend. Now, I hope this video has helped   you. Thank you for watching and please give it 
a thumbs up. Don't forget to hit subscribe and   I'll catch you on the next video.
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