✅ Nordvpn vs Cyberghost Speed Test – Which One is The Fastest VPN?

how's it going everybody welcome back to geekman and today we're going to be live testing both nordvpn and cyberghost now all links to special deals or discounts that i could find will be linked in the description down below so let's get right into it now i'm going to be testing one server that's nearby such as the italian server and one server that's much much farther away such as the united states or asia we'll see what happens now we're going to be using the fastest protocols for both vpns which is going to be the openvpn option for uh well they don't have many options really just openvpn and icaf2 for cyberghost and we're going to be testing using nordvpn the nord links uh option there's openvpn tcp udp and uh nord links now nord links is the quickest protocol so yeah we're trying to get the best out of both um the best performance out of these vpns so that's what we're going to do now i already took the liberty of um testing my speed without a vpn and i got six ping 12.31 megabits per second and 0.88 megabits of upload uh that's you know not not not the fastest but that's my internet so uh let's start with the italian server for cyber ghost let's see how it does uh bring it over here i'm gonna be using ucla that'll be speedtest.net if you want to do your own test and it's i if you didn't know uh it's natural for a vpn to really just slow down your speed but a good vpn and your latency a good vpn oh okay just give it a quick reload but a good vpn will minimize that decrease in speed as much as possible and that's what we're here to test today in in these two vpns and if you didn't know uh cyber ghost has over 6 000 probably one of the you know it's it's a it's a huge variety normally vpns have like just over two or three thousand servers but yeah the cyberghost has a huge variety of servers and so yeah we're using openvpn off to a good start really uh with the download speed here uh i'm i'm expecting you know if if my original speed here is 12.31 uh in this specific speed test i would like it to not go below 11.30 so that's pretty good 11.31 at least you know one a one uh megabits per second uh decrease is not bad at all so [Music] yeah cyberghost seems to be doing very well here okay great so we have 11.

43 megabits per second i'm going to keep this window on my other screen here and we'll keep it for later now let's go ahead disconnect and disconnect cyberghost and connect yes thank you and connect nordvpn and see how it does bring a brand new ucla uh page here and here we go give it a quick refresh and go for it so speaking of servers uh cyberghost has as i said over 6 000 servers nordvpn has over 3000 servers now the huge variety for cyberghost is because they have a lot of virtual servers uh that's that's why you know they have such a user not all of them are physical servers okay now we can already tell there is a difference here the ping is going to remain the same there's not going to be much difference in ping because that's up to that's that's kind of up to your own connection that it doesn't matter uh we're here to test speed mainly so uh yeah okay so here's the difference we've got 11.64 for nord vpn and 11.43 for cyberghost 0.8 in terms of upload speed for nordvpn and 0.74 so nordvpn wins the first test now let's go ahead and test a server that is much much farther away such as hm okay let's go as far as the west coast um let's go let's go much much farther away uh um maybe washington or [Music] okay let's go for washington and let's let's pick a server with the least bit of load possible you can tell here the amount of load that's a pretty cool feature they have a lot of users okay 26 now and this is 9 000 almost 10 000 kilometers away okay and we can already tell the ping is not doing too well but that's only natural so let's connect to the washington um server and see how cyberghost does now i want to bring up a new ucla couple of new ucla um pages here and bring it over right here and see what happens so another little fact about cyber ghost is that it allows you to secure up to seven devices per subscription so you know that's pretty cool they're giving you a quite a good variety i mean quite a good number uh of secured devices with just one subscription whereas nordvpn only allows up to six but i it's not much of a discrepancy in my opinion um so yeah we're gonna be testing oh wow that's okay that's that's not doing too well uh yeah that's not very good if that's the speed okay let's you know let's give it let's give it one more go let's give it one more go maybe maybe it screwed up the the speed test somehow very very very slow for cyber ghost not looking too good for cyberghost here and so far north vpn is winning the race so yeah let's see okay i went up a little bit no okay yeah yeah no okay now that's yeah that's that's that seems to be the how it how it's performing for uh a much further away much farther away server excuse me yeah two megabits per second that's not looking very good uh i i wonder i wonder why uh cyberghost is performing very poorly i mean i picked i specifically picked a server with very little users so um you know what let's let's let's give cyberghost one more chance okay and let's just go with a random okay let's turn it off okay that's that's not that's not this is this is over 80 percent decrease in speed that's not great uh so let's just connect let's let cyberghost pick a united states server for us okay i'm not necessarily trying to go uh all over to the west coast all the way to the west coast so yeah let's uh let's try to give it a chance here a chance for redemption one final chance for redemption for cyberghost okay and we are connected okay so here we are with the speed okay yeah so if you left oh i specifically just uh went on a random server for uh for the united states well not a random server i i went and i went ahead as far as possible on the west coast on washington in washington and uh what cyberghost did here which makes sense it picked the closest server which is going to be right around new york here uh in new york in the in the east coast excuse me now yeah that's uh that's still i mean that's almost a 50 almost a 50 that's about i would say a 40 45 percent decrease in speed yeah that's uh that's that's all right that's all right that's not too bad but now we're going to compare with uh nord vpn so let's turn this off and we're going to keep this page right here on my other screen bring a brand new ookla page and connect to okay now i'm specifically going to try to here we go united states region [Music] i'm specifically going to pick the uh left the west coast okay seattle los angeles okay so it gave us really bad results here for washington so i'm gonna stay i'm gonna try to pick a place that's as close to washington as possible so let's go seattle fastest server yeah i just picked the fastest server but it'll confine us to seattle so let's see how that does okay so if you're concerned about privacy nordvpn has this really cool feature called double vpn uh and that's uh you know if if you're looking to kind of make your data even harder to detect you can tunnel it through two vpns now uh worse ping time that's uh the worst worst ping that's only natural but clearly the discrepancy is huge in terms of speed look at the speed here okay so i think we have a clear winner guys that'll be nordvpn uh so let's go over the all the speed tests real quick um yeah this is right here this is uh cyberghost new york server test and right here we've got seattle's test uh yeah that's a clear winner now oddly enough it gave me better upload but again this is the east coast uh and this is the west coast so generally i would say this is a much better um contender here for for uh for in terms of speed now you know since we did test both east coast and west coast for uh cyberghost let's go ahead and try a server on the east coast such as the new york server and connect and see what happens uh open a new speed test window here and wait for it to connect if you didn't know there's such a thing as a kill switch so uh if if you disconnect the nord if you disconnect the vpn connection it will disconnect your internet to prevent any leaks from happening that uh yeah that's a that's a pretty good it's a pretty good um option to have which both cyberghost and nordvpn they both have it of course so let's give it a go and see what happens in terms of speed uh we're going to bring up the new york tests for cyber ghosts here and see what happens okay so similar ping similar ping very similar 131 here 140.

Uh in terms of speed okay yeah much better doing much better so obviously the physical uh i'm located right here in lebanon okay right excuse me right here in lebanon right around here and the the physical distance obviously is much closer to the east coast than uh west coast so naturally it's going to do much better so yeah yeah looks like we're doing much better in terms of speed overall but oddly enough cyberghost did give me slightly better upload speed even yeah pretty pretty good upload speed but overall the consistency and speed is nothing to compare uh the winner is clearly nord vpn in terms of overall performance uh 11.87 that's super super close i mean i didn't even get that kind of speed on the italian server so yeah that's pretty impressive that it managed to keep up such speeds uh from lebanon to uh the east coast here in new york so yeah that's pretty cool anyway uh that will be it for this speed test i hope you guys enjoyed it or learned something uh all the special deals again will be linked down in the description down below uh i will try my best to find the best offers i could find for you guys so that you could hopefully save more money hope you guys enjoyed it and i'll see you in the next one

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