ūüĎČ PrivadoVPN Review – Is Privado the Best New VPN? ūüė≤

hey guys so today i'll be taking a look at 
bravado vpn which is a new and promising   looking vpn service now right up front it doesn't 
provide as many advanced features as some of the   other vpns out there but it still shows to have 
great performance and it is an excellent value   now as always i'll be going over what they really 
excel at as well as some of their drawbacks just   to give you guys a full picture so to start 
pravattovpn controls significant portions   of their own network backbone along with more 
than 200 quite fast servers that generate some   of the fastest speeds of any vpn i've tested their 
network covers 60 cities in 47 countries and this   combination of network and server infrastructure 
makes bravado vpn a compelling choice so i'll   start off by talking about the features there 
are a lot of ways that provado vpn's features   stand out from the crowd to start they let users 
log in with up to 10 devices from a single account   which is twice as many as expressvpn and nearly 
twice as many as nord so you can protect your   desktop your laptop your phone your tablet 
your tv and then still have five slots left for   friends and family now installing provado on your 
router will protect every device on your network   while only using one device slot so bravado vpn 
gives users unlimited speed and data transfer   their server speeds are universally excellent and 
i was impressed with how fast some of my downloads   were then when i connected to the included sox5 
proxy which i'll explain in more detail later   my download speeds really took off transfer speeds 
through the sox5 were indistinguishable from   downloading with a bear connection all of 
bravado vpn servers support p2p unlike say   nord where not every server supports file sharing 
and you have to try multiple different servers   to find a decent p2p connection that's also close 
to where you are and i should probably mention   that bravado vpn has one of the best free accounts 
i've seen you actually get 10 gigabytes of data   every 30 days on a single device and this is from 
12 servers on their regular network so you're not   stuck using substandard free servers so when you 
compare provado's free offering to say a company   like winscribe who makes you sign up to their 
promotional emails to get that much monthly data   bravado vpn is the clear winner now another reason 
i like bravadovpn and wanted to review it for you   guys is that all their servers are actual physical 
machines located in tier 1 data centers one of the   things a lot of people don't know in the vpn world 
is the use of virtual servers which are advertised   as being in one place but really they're in 
another and so this is all marketing fluff and   spin basically using virtual servers to inflate 
server counts may make a service look better   but in actuality it degrades the user experience 
so expressvpn and surfshark both use virtual   servers and i'm not saying they're bad 
services overall but virtual services can   be a bad practice and here's why first physical 
servers are more powerful than virtual servers so   in pervadovpn's case their actual physical servers 
have multiple cpus meaning they can process data   at ridiculous speeds virtual servers are really 
just one server split into multiple servers so   each virtual server is sharing resources with 
the other virtual servers inside the physical box   so any virtual server can't transfer data as 
fast or as accurately as one physical server   and then to manage multiple virtual servers on 
a single piece of hardware you need a hypervisor   like vmware which lets different operating systems 
run on the same hardware this extra layer of   software causes latency which slows server speeds 
and your data transfer now latency which is also   called ping time this is the delay between your 
device sending a request for data and getting   the data being returned so the higher your latency 
the slower your connection and virtual vpn servers   can have up to five times higher ping times than 
physical servers and then besides slower speeds   virtual servers are less secure than physical 
ones because they can be targeted in ways physical   servers can't like through the software that runs 
the virtual machines and if a hacker gets access   to one virtual server they can access all the 
virtual servers running on that machine putting   you at higher risk for receiving malware or being 
spied on and so according to tests run by restore   privacy in 2019 five of the eight vpns they tested 
used virtual servers and in the case of providers   like hma and vipervpn more than half of their 
servers were probably virtual so provatovpn owns   and operates most of its own infrastructure from 
the physical servers to the actual fiber lines   carrying the encrypted data so their network is 
very reliable it's secure it's private and it's   fast they currently have more than 200 servers 
in 47 different countries and 60 different cities   with at least one server in every global region 
that's a smaller server footprint than some other   providers but because they use physical servers 
the trade-off in speed and security is worth it   now bravado vpn works on windows android 
macos and ios through dedicated apps   there are no apps yet for linux or tv streaming 
devices like firestick or roku but i've been told   by the company that they are working on those as 
well as a dedicated app optimized for ipad and so   they're estimated right now that the fire stick 
and ipad apps will launch this summer so it's   great to see their prioritizing app development 
to serve as many users as possible and then in   the meantime for platforms that don't yet have a 
dedicated app there are detailed instructions on   their website about manually installing provado 
vpn on other platforms so next i'll take a look   at bravado vpn's security which has some pretty 
cool things that they do so first they're based   in switzerland which has some of the best consumer 
privacy laws in the world for example the swiss   government doesn't require vpns to keep logs of 
user data like the european union does so if an   authority for example an official from another 
government requests information on a vpn user   the swiss are legally required to inform the 
user that the request was made and let them know   the outcome compare that now to a company like 
private internet access as an example which is   based in the us where warrants and national 
security letters demanding company data   usually come with a gag order and that keeps 
the company from disclosing that the request   even happened so switzerland is outside of u.s and 
eu jurisdiction and it isn't part of surveillance   sharing agreements like the 14 eyes alliance now 
these are actually secret agreements some of which   go back to just after world war ii and this was 
between countries to share intelligence with one   another the text of the agreements themselves are 
mostly classified so you can't even see what kind   of information they're obligated to share with 
one another however switzerland isn't part of any   of these agreements so they don't have to pass 
on any data to any other government unlike if   the vpn was say based in canada and the uk and if 
they asked for any user data also by building and   owning its own servers provado vpn can defend its 
users when governments request data that violates   its users privacy for example if germany wants 
your vpn logs for whatever reason germany won't   go to your vpn for them they'll ask the hosting 
company that rents their servers to your vpn and   then these hosting companies who aren't invested 
in your privacy at all they'll usually turn over   the data so provatovpn has more control over data 
requests because they own their own infrastructure   bravado vpn also keeps no logs of user activity at 
all other server hard drives are ram based so they   simply can't store data long term they only keep 
information necessary for people to log into their   servers but that login data is not connected with 
user activity and then pravattovpn also uses their   own dns servers to reduce the risk of dns leaks 
which is a pleasant surprise for a small company   so a dns leak happens when you're surfing the 
web and your computer connects to an unencrypted   dns server to locate the web page you want and 
this makes you vulnerable to spies and hackers   it's also good to see that bravado uses 256-bit 
aes encryption which creates an encrypted tunnel   for your data and this defends your connection 
from ip leaks and protects it end to end from   spies and packet sniffers now right now provado 
vpn offers two different vpn protocols ikev2   and openvpn and then openvpn can be in either 
tcp or udp now users can choose the one that best   suits their needs or you can allow provado vpn 
to choose the best protocol for you automatically   this is a great choice for newbies or beginner vpn 
users who aren't sure what the best protocol to   use might be i also really like that they include 
a kill switch feature right on the front page of   their app with an easy toggle so a kill switch 
protects your data so that if you lose connection   to the vpn your internet will shut down until 
you re-establish that connection it's really the   best way to make sure you're not accidentally 
sending unencrypted data and putting yourself   at risk now while provado vpn doesn't advertise 
tor servers or compatibility i tried to access   the tor network while connected to bravado vpn 
and sure enough i was able to connect and access   onion pages in fact the speeds were about what 
i would expect from just being connected to tor   without using a vpn so that's a huge plus 
for them now there are a couple of security   features that provado vpn doesn't currently offer 
such as a dedicated ip or custom dns service but   overall they definitely seem to be going the extra 
mile to protect their users privacy and security   and then when it comes to using streaming 
platforms this can often be a challenge   for vpns but i found that bravado vpn's premium 
plan was able to handle most of the platforms i   tried and this included netflix amazon prime hulu 
disney plus and bbc iplayer and then since it was   mentioned on their website i also tried hot star 
which is limited to india and that came up without   an issue as well both openvpn and ikev2 were able 
to provide high quality streaming with very little   loading and buffering time and then peer-to-peer 
file transfers went really easily with bravado vpn   all of their servers are configured for p2p so you 
don't have to find a specific server and since p2p   often takes up a lot of bandwidth what some 
providers will do is they will segregate p2p   traffic to dedicated servers so other users don't 
see slow downs and what this usually means is the   p2p servers are really slow so by contrast what 
provado vpn has done is they built a fast ip   network backbone to handle the bandwidth needs 
of torrenters without slowing down the other   customers so basically what this means to you is 
you can choose the server that's going to give you   the best speeds no matter where you're located 
instead of having to connect to a specific p2p   server and what's cool is p2p is allowed not only 
on the paid accounts but also on the free accounts   and this is unique in the vpn space proton vpn 
for example doesn't currently allow its free users   to torrent because of the bandwidth requirements 
and then as far as speed goes one of bravado vpn's   unique features is access to a sox5 proxy with 
paid accounts basically a sox5 proxy is like a   vpn in that you send all of your data through a 
different server to make your connection anonymous   unlike a vpn though it doesn't encrypt that 
data which makes it a lot faster for large files   of course successful torrent transfers require 
everybody you're sharing with to have access to   your ip address but with a sox5 proxy they only 
get to see the ip of the proxy server which of   course doesn't contain any of your identifying 
information so you remain anonymous also you can   specifically set your torrent client to use the 
sox5 proxy servers while the rest of your internet   usage goes through the vpn specific servers so 
your p2p client can use the faster proxy server   but the rest of your data will keep the benefit of 
256-bit encryption and this was a really cool move   on bravado vpn's part because users who primarily 
want the anonymity of a vpn without worrying too   much about hiding their actual data can get faster 
downloads through sox5 now regarding bravado vpn's   support they did a nice job they were friendly 
knowledgeable and actually read my support ticket   instead of just sending a canned response that 
was kind of related to my question the downside is   they currently only have email support they don't 
have live chat support but in most cases i did   get an answer within an hour of sending my request 
so ultimately while i would prefer that they have   live chat support i was at least glad to see that 
they're answering questions in a timely manner   and then when it comes to pricing provado vpn 
currently has two paid plans and a free plan   regarding the paid plan there are currently two 
options the first allows users to pay month to   month for 7.99 per month and the second option 
is to purchase a 12 month account which drops the   price to 4.99 per month billed annually both plans 
have the exact same features so if you can afford   it it is worth buying early to save the extra 
38 off the premium plan includes giving users   unlimited data you get access to all of their 
servers you get a socks 5 proxy and the ability   to connect up to 10 devices with the same account 
and then bravado vpn also offers a free plan that   gives users an ad free 10 gigabytes every month 
and access to 12 servers on any supported device   they don't require any information to sign up 
for other than a verified email address so what's   cool is even when your 10 gigs run out you still 
have access to one server but with reduced speeds   so that you can still keep your online activity 
private until the next month's data refresh so now   i want to talk about some reasons private ovpn 
might not be the ideal choice for everyone so   to start out this will especially be the case if 
you need specialized functions a lot of advanced   features that other vpns are adopting like split 
tunneling for instance are simply missing these   aren't requirements to having a good vpn and 
honestly a lot of people don't necessarily   need these features or actually use them so 
i don't think it's going to be a deal breaker   in a lot of situations so if you're someone who's 
newer to vpns and you're not even sure what split   tunneling is or if you use it i don't think it 
will probably be a deal breaker in your situation   also being a newer vpn they don't seem to have 
as many protocols compared to some of the more   established and popular vpns for example they 
don't currently have their own wireguard protocol   listed that being said again most people are fine 
with ikev2 and openvpn those are both excellent   and well-established trusted protocols to use 
also pravattovpn's fast servers make up for the   extra speed wireguard usually produces and again 
i didn't experience any significant slowdowns with   the protocols that they offered so ultimately 
would i recommend provadovpn absolutely provato   is one of the easiest vpn services i've used their 
apps have a simple interface making them perfect   for vpn newbies and they have fast and reliable 
servers as well the sox5 proxy feature and ability   to use any of their servers when file sharing 
makes them ideal for those who torent on a regular   basis also having the ability to connect up to 10 
devices simultaneously makes them a great value   for those needing more connections than the five 
or six that is commonly offered with other vpns   and finally when you factor in that they build 
and own their own servers they're located in   switzerland and that it's impossible for them 
to store any data long term you end up with some   compelling reasons to choose bravado vpn even over 
the more established and popular vpns out there   now if you decide to give them a try they 
do offer a 30 day money back guarantee   so you can always get a refund if you're not 
happy i'll put a link down in the description   and as always i'll include any of the best 
deals or discounts i can get for you guys so   feel free to take advantage of those if you 
like but otherwise thanks so much for watching   hopefully you found this review helpful if so 
please leave a thumbs up as i always appreciate   that and if you have any questions about bravado 
vpn or any other vpn questions please don't   hesitate to share those below as i love getting to 
answer as many of those as i can otherwise thanks   so much for your time again i appreciate you 
guys watching and i'll see you in the next video

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