okay so here we can see I do have a
brand new IP address from this VPN so let's now do that all-important speed
test now one of the things I do I say is with any free VPN as long as you can get
around about 10 or 15 Meg that really is more than enough for HD streaming so
let's have a quick look and see what this free oh wow!!!
okay so this free VPN with no login with no registration is giving us almost 50
Meg downstream I mean that really has to be one of the fastest free VPNs I've
tested this year so in this video today let's go over this free VPN find out
exactly what it is how it works let's double check the privacy policy and they
will install it on to my 4k firestick coming up right after this if you need
to the channel and you want to stay up to date with the latest tech tutorials
the latest forests take Android and Android TV tips and tricks then please
do subscribe hit the notification barrel it's a small click from you but it makes
a big difference to me thank you okay so before we start let me just give you
that standard disclaimer which I always give in these free VPN videos that I
personally would not use a free VPN locations all over the world so it's not
just a case you can only access VPN servers in the United States if you
click on this drop down box here we can see they do have locations all over the
world now what's really interesting here is we can see most these locations are
actually pro which is for the premium version of this software now I can't
take any credit for this somebody actually told me about this VPN which it
looks like has been actually modified to give you access to the premium server so
but even when you download this from the Play Store you only get a small subset
of cells which are normally slowed in the premium ones but with this special
modification and you can you have access to all of these servers
at full speed so when you do want it under this make sure you only get this
VPN from my actual downloads page on my website because that's how you get the
especially modified version which will give you access to all of these servers
at full speed so we can see the VPN self has a very basic layout so you sorted
for the first time you have the hamburger menu on the top left here we
can see your current server list let's go into settings here we can see have
option for default service I'm going to change that from Bulgaria
let's change that to a premium server in Paris let's select that one now Headley
adoption for connecting on starter which means as soon as you start the VPN it'll
automatically connect to your default you'll prefer to service so some of you
may prefer to do that but that's totally up to you and you have some other
options down here let's go back to hamburger menu and let's go back to the
home screen now here for example you can click on the drop-down box and you can
choose the country you want to connect to so for this test let's try let's try
a server in USA let's click on that let's now click on connect ok we can see
that connects very quickly and we can immediately see I do have a brand new IP
address but even though you can see this new IP address say I always like to use
the website IP location because that also gives you a geolocation for your
current IP so that's the IP location now ok so here we see my new IP address
let's scroll down and we can confirm this website believes that we are now
browsing from the United States California so definitely from a new IP
and a new clear location this free VPN is doing absolutely where it's supposed
to now as mentioned before one of the key benefits of using a VPN is to access
a geo restricted content so one of the websites we know we can't access unless
you have a USA IP address is Zoomer TV so let's try that website now Zumo TV
and only which one access his website without a USA IP address you get message
saying this website is not available in your area but as we can see now guys
this website is loading properly which means we can now access all of this
great content using this free VPN so now in terms of geo restriction we know that
certain websites like to be TV like Zuma TV they are all geo restricted which
means unless you have an IP address from the USA you cannot access that website
and here we can see because we are using this free VPN and we have selected a USA
sir normally this will give you an Arab but
because of that VPN we can now access this website without any errors
whatsoever I just try and watch something and we can see that's working
absolutely fine so once again accessing content now is previously blocked due to
G restrictions we can now access our content using this free VPN so let's
close that down let's try another location let's go for one in Paris let's
make sure that's working okay I guess we got brand new IP address so definitely
guys in terms of accessing premium servers premium VPN servers we can see
this modified application is doing exactly what it's supposed to let's try
a quick speed test now with this new location let's open up the speed test
app and some of you guys do ask how we can get a copy of this application and
this is also available on my website in the downloads page okay so here we can
see that the speed s application has identified my location in Paris or
that's my nearest location let's now do a speed test let's see if that initial
speed test was a one-off ok so again we can see we're pushing around about 40 44
Meg using France as a free VPN server I'm getting around about 9 or 10 mega
upstream so that really is a very very impressive speed for a totally free VPN
ok so here we can see the actual application on the official Play Store
but as previously mentioned guys if you do want to use a specially modified
version which has access to all of those premium service then do only download
the application from my downloads page ok so we can see the application is
registered to appear box in Ukraine so I don't everyone see that as a positive or
negative and here we can look at the privacy policy ok so here we can see
that actual server has hosting a privacy policy currently seems to be offline so
I don't know if they're doing any kind of maintenance or updates or something
but I can actually check the privacy policy right now anything of all say
years is for any free VPNs I always recommend do not enter in any kind of
personal information and in fact the VPN so I always review don't actually
require that kind of information so you won't see them asking for your username
you don't see them asking for your email address or anything that can really
identify you the VPN should not ask you that and we
can see in this case it didn't actually ask me for anything so start the
application and choose a server and away you go
on top of that because this is actually a specially modified version I'm hoping
in terms of selling your browsing data or even spamming you with adverts
because this is a premium version that really should be kept to an absolute
minimal okay so let me show you how you can now install this onto a 4k 4 stick
or really any Android device okay so to install this free VPN onto
your Android device or your Nvidia shield the first thing I wanna do is go
over to your settings go down into security and just ensure you've got the
option to install from unknown sources enabled once you've done that that's now
open up a browser I want to navigate over to my website
which is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash tech dr.

UK comm now when
you get to the site the key thing you're looking for is the downloads page so
let's click on that now and here you'll see just lots of different things you
can download everything from utilities to biases to roms to different
applications some streaming applications some lots of great things in here guys I
do have a look and see if there's anything that interests you but what
we're looking for today is a special section for free VPN so let's scroll
down and here we can see these are all free VPNs for Android and firestick now
this particular VPN doesn't actually work on a fire stick because it requires
a Google Play services so this one is only for Android devices but the rest of
these can all be installed onto either an Android box or a fire stick but let's
scroll down and here is the one we're looking for which is the u.s.

premium edition let's click on that and let's scroll down again and you're
looking for the green download button ok let's click on that and just while
you're waiting guys if you are enjoying these videos then please do take a
moment to like share and subscribe because that really is the best way to
help me out thank you ok let's click on download we can see
already downloaded it once but let's click on download again it's only a few
Megan sighs I shouldn't take too long and let's now click on open
ok let's press down a few times and impress right to install ok so now that
we've installed that let's now click on open ok so here we are with the same UI
that we previously saw let's try a server over here and just to confirm
because this is a specially modified version we can now use all of these
premium servers so let's find a premium self detroy let's do let's try USA so
let's try UK let's now click on connect ok we can see here we have a brand new
IP address there and that's now connected straight away let's now try a
speed test and see on this particular Android box which is mighty 95q what
kind of speeds we can get with this free VPN so
go over to my sweetness application okay so the casita has given me a server
based in London for the speed test okay let's click on go and let's see
what kind of speeds we can get with this totally free VPN okay so we comfortably
gain around about forty five Meg downstream and we're getting around
about 12 mega upstream so again guys very very impressive speeds with this
free VPN and let's try one last test for a server a premium server in Paris let's
click on that lets click on connect okay we got brand
new IP do straightaway let's go back to the speeders application let's see with
a brand new country on location what kind of speeds we can get with this
totally free VPN like again guys we can see we can comfort me get around about
3540 Meg no problem 41 make no problems so that for me it's very very impressive
for a free VPN and if you guys are happy with that then please do leave a like
let me know if you enjoyed this video leave me a comment below and I'll
hopefully catch up with you guys real soon

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