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hey guys welcome back so in my last
video I was going over some of the benefits of having a premium VPN now in
my example I was using ipvanish and I showcased using a kilL-switch we
also did some speed tests and I just went over some of the features you would
get from a premium VPN now the key thing in that video was just to also let you
know that there is a special deal from ipvanish so if you don't have a VPN
subscription at the moment then I highly highly recommend checking out the link
in the description because that will give you two years of premium VPN for
under $100 guys so that is a personal recommendation from me it is an
affiliate link which means if you do sign up using that link then you are
supporting me and my channel but of course guys it is totally up to you now
even though I made that video about premium VPN so many of you are messaging
me on Twitter and also leaving me comments on my videos just asking do I
have any other free VPN recommendations because a maybe you don't spend any
money bees always good to have more free options and see if it's free then why
not so in this video today let's go over another totally free VPN and as always
guys this VPS not gonna have any kind of login no usernames no passwords just
install the application and you're good to go now now Before we jump into the
video I just want to share with you that old future free VPN videos are going to
follow the same five-step testing procedure which is test number one let's
do some speed tests let's find out exactly what kind of speeds we can get
with a free VPN number two we're going to do that all-important DNS leak test
to make sure our VPN once connected is not leaking any DNS queries to our ISP
number three will confirm we do get a brand new IP address and also a new
geolocation number for test out some geo lot applications like to be TV and
Netflix and number five we'll check out the privacy policy so that is the new
standard for all future of free VPN videos on the TV UK channel so it's all
of that being said let's jump right into it okay so the VPN we're going to be
testing in this video is called Delta VPN
now as I will say guys all of the VPNs I've reviewed in the past and I will be
reviewing in the future are available on my downloads page so don't get it from
the Play Store don't get it from aptoide or any other place like that the only
place you should be downloading these applications is from my downloads page
now if you are doing this on a fire stake or any other Amazon device then
you can use an application like downloader Connect Madonna's page
and then access the application from that and if you didn't understand it
under box then you can use an application like puffin TV or Chrome or
Firefox so we start the application this is what you'll see the application has a
very basic clean layout we have two different protocols to connect with your
protocol one and protocol two now we can see how the protocol one is designed
specifically to unblock web content and also to download torrents and protocol
two is designed for browsing from different regions and also torrents so
on the top left here we have a hamburger menu let's click on that now and we can
see this especially modified version giving us access to some premium
features and we can see in terms of asking for user data there's no real
username or password or anything like that
okay so the way we actually uses VPN once you've decided which protocol you
want to use let's go for protocol one and let's now choose a region so you
click on the arrow here and then you drag up the select region
let's try France we can see here it says not that region is on France let's now
click on the connect pattern which is this Blue Shield here ok so once we get
the red tick that means we've now connected and we see the top right here
we have the smokey logo which indicates we do have a VPN session running or VPN
session established okay so test number one let's do that all-important speed
test ok so gentle reminder as I always say
for any kind of speed test as long as you can get around about 10 to 15 Meg
that really is more than enough for HD streaming so let's see what kind of
speeds we can get with this 30 free VPN okay so we're getting a comfortable I
would say maybe 25 Meg ok so ok so we can say with this free
VPN we can comfortably get around about 36 Meg or 38 Meg downstream and upstream
we're getting around about 15 mega now for the people that are new to my
channel my native speeds with my VPN is about 70 Meg downstream and about 18 Meg
upstream I guess that's test number one so 30 emic downstream and 15 mega
upstream and 30 Meg is definitely guys more than enough for any kind of HD
streaming and if you guys are new to my channel then please do hit that like
button and also subscribe for more content Gillis closes down let's just do
one more test to make sure that the first test wasn't a one-off or a fluke
so let's just test that one more time okay so again we can say this free VPN
with no login no registration no adverts can
comfortably guess close to 40 Meg downstream or actually bit more than
that and around about 15 mega upstream okay so let's test number one which is
the speed test let's now try that all-important DNS leak test okay so for
the people they don't know a DNS leak is even though your device has made a
secure encrypted connection to a VPN server in another country or what if the
VPN server is your fire stick your Android box you Nvidia shield wherever
your device is it's still making connections or sending DNS queries still
to your ISP which means USB you can then see what you're looking at or at least
or at least what kind of addresses you're trying to resolve because really
once you have made a VPN connection to a VPN server then all of your traffic
including DNS should only be going through that encrypted tunnel to that
VPN server so let's not test this free VPN we can see here that it does think
I'm a sheep browsing from France that's to a standard test and as we know guys
I'm based in the UK which means that's where my ISP is and we can see all of
the tests done on this website for this free VPN all of the DNS servers used
were actually in Germany so not in the UK where I am so DNS leak test we can
say this free VPN has actually passed okay so test number three can we get a
brand new IP address and a location and we can see hey guys I do have a brand
new IP address and scrolling down we can see this website thinks I'm actually
based in France so definitely from a new IP address a new location we can see
this free VPN is actually doing what it's supposed to okay so the big test
now can we access geo restricted content using a totally free VPN now the three
things I'm going to test in this video and all future free VPN videos is going
to be to be TV is going to be Pluto and it's also going to be Netflix so now
those three things audio restricted because the first two to be TV and Pluto
can only be accessed if you have a usa-based IP address now with Netflix
certain content is only available in certain regions so let's test as three
out now let's start with to be TV and I have already made a connection to a USA
server using Delta VPN let's try one of these let's go for this one over here I
mean the fact that we can actually see this menu is actually a very good sign
because when you do try and do this from a uk-based IP address or what I try and
do this VPN I just get message saying that to be
TV is not available in your region and as we can see here guys this is working
absolutely fine okay let's close out so the to be test passed
let's try Pluto again because that's working fine guys because once again if
you don't access is from a non USA IP address you see a message saying Pluto
is not available in your area but as we can see here once you have established a
connection to a server in USA we can access all of this great free content
can stop that out and let's now try Netflix now Netflix is notoriously a
very strict on a VPN access there's hardly any and I mean including premium
VPNs that you can use with Netflix so I'm really not confident this is gonna
work guys but let's press the play button and and this is the other mess
you see guys so again I have tried this with various VPNs including premium and
in most cases you see this message which is Netflix is detecting the I'm using
VPN and because of that detection it's not going to allow me to access ur let's
close our down and here we have the privacy policy so we can see it says
total VPN believes in privacy and online freedom and I should be very clear how
we manager and protect your personal information now in terms of personal
information guys because we're not actually providing anything in the sense
of I'm not typing in my username my password any kind of email address I'm
not actually giving up any personal information as such when I'm trying to
use this VPN the Delta VPN network is a no log network that means except for the
limited exceptions below we do not collect or any information transmitted
through our network more specifically we do not collect any information regarding
I mean really guys is the kind of stuff you want to see that the VPN service are
using is not collecting any data and more importantly not storing any data
just goes around so in some because I said this is a pretty good VPN we saw on
the speed test we're getting around about 30 to 40 McDon stream in the DNS
leak test we saw this VPN was not leaking any DNS queries twice P which is
good we were able to confirm a brand new IP address and location and in terms of
geo restricted content we could access both to be T V and Pluto unfortunately
Netflix did not work and was anything too crazy in the privacy policy so let
me now show you how you can install this onto a 4k 4 stick or really any Android
device to get the latest version of this app
onto your Android box your fight TV make sure you gone into your preferences my
fight TV developer options and make sure birth these options are set to on once
you confirm that let's go back to the home screen and then you can start your
favorite browser or in my case on a fire stake I'm going to launch downloader
inside downloader you want to navigate to this address which is HD to be colon
forward slash forward slash bit dial why ford slash t d UK that's me and the
numbers two zero one nine so type that in and click on go or press the play
button on your remote this will take you to my website now when you get there we
want to navigate over to the downloads page so let's scroll down let's click on
the hamburger menu and let's click on downloads now when you get to the
downloads page there's a special section just for free VPN so scroll down and we
can see over here we've got all of the free VPNs for both Android and also your
fire sticks so find the latest application at the bottom of this list
install it then go back to your home screen now before we start the
application we need to have two other things installed you have the virtual
master or if you're doing this on a fire stake and we also need to install set
orientation and this will properly format the applications that are
normally designed for cellphones so they can fare across your android TV or your
fire stake well that's all for this video guys many thanks for watching and
I really do appreciate you watching till the end so if you did find this video
useful then do you give it a thumbs up if you want to see more content like
this then please do subscribe to the notification barrel as always I also
appreciate your feedback your likes you share so do let me know you think leave
me a comment below and I'll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks

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