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hey guys welcome back so in my last
video I spoke about Showbox now this was a specially modified version which
didn't have any adverts which didn't use torrents now I thought this was a
fantastic apk it worked really fast the only slight negative thing was the fact
that I needed the mouse toggle now when I put this out there so many of you were
saying unfortunately we're not able to watch anything because when we try to
click on something so let's say for example you try to click on this thing
here when it came time for you to select a server everything for you was grayed
out and the only thing you could see was no connection try using a US or UK VPN
now obviously the fix here is for whatever reason your connection is being
blocked because you're coming to the Showbox servers from a non UK or us IP
address and forever reason they blocked those connections so the fix here is get
VPN and away you go now so many of you are saying TD UK we
don't want to spend any money is there any VPN I can use that's
totally free now I personally don't recommend free VPNs because anything
that's free there's a reason why it's free is because they're either selling
your data they're setting you adverts wherever they're doing there's a reason
why it's free however again because some if you were
asking about this guys I mean one of the things about my channel is I do try and
read every single comment and reply to every single comment on all my videos
now this does take a long time guys but the way RCA is if you guys are making an
effort and leaving me a comment then I feel bad like you know I feel like I
should try and respond so I do always try and respond guys so similarly if so
many of you are asking for a free VPN I feel like it's my duty to go in front
something for you guys so in this video today I'll be showing you exactly how
you can do that so it all of that being said let's get started so I'm doing my
demonstration on the second-generation fire stick with the LexA but this free
PN will work on any Android device under TV box Android phone Android tablet it's
all good let me just start by doing a quick speed
test guys because as you know with VPNs you never gonna get the same speed as
without using a VPN and if anybody tells you otherwise they're talking out there
so say yes let me just do a quick speed test first using the speed test app and
I also show you how you can install this if you want to do that so right now I'm
not using any VPN and let's see what kind of speed I go and I normally get
around about 70 mega or so but let's let's have a look so let's click on go
and this be test does require the master which I'll also show you how you can
install okay so we can see with no VPN running my fire stick second generation
gets around about seventy to seventy four megabits per second and that's a
that's a very good speed and upload we getting around about sixteen mega so I
guess a seventy four make down and seventeen Meg up let's close that down
so the free VP and I'm going to be using in this demonstration is called at-home
VPN the reason why I picked it was first he
doesn't require any registration you don't need to login or Craney usernames
as soon as you install it it's ready to go on top of that compared to some other
VPNs which only have servers in one or two location this actually has servers
in UK USA and also Asia and some other European countries so does quite a lot
free service you can use to make your VPN connection ok let's start that up
now the only negative thing is this once again does require a mouse toggle but
it's only really just to click on connect once you're connected then you
don't need to worry about the mask toggle anymore okay so this is what the
VPN interface looks like so I can use the standard remote control to go up and
down and I can choose a region so as we know with Showbox it requires you to
have a UK or a USA IP address so in my case I'm already in the UK so don't you
need to use a VPN folder but so let's say for example I was in a different
country and I need to connect to UK to access show box so let's choose the
first over here so you basically highlight the server you want to connect
to so there's seven servers for London so let's click on the first one so you'd
actually click on it you basically highlight the server bring up your mouse
toggle so let me double press the play button
there's Mastrocola and I'll come down and I'll click on
this that begins the connection and when it goes green that means we've now
connected so now let me go back to the speed test and see how much of a
performance hit this is gonna give me and obviously this is a free VPN guys so
I'm not expecting miracles but let's have a quick look so go back to home ok
let's go back to the speed test and let's click on go okay so we gained just over half my
normal speed so I mean if I was paying for this VPN then I'll probably be angry
but the fact that this is free that's not too bad at all so we can see guys
I've lost about half my speed which again if I was paying for this I'll be
pretty angry but the fact that this is free you know I can't complain too much
I think the upload looks like it's a bit booked because my upper is actually
gonna business probably an error there but the main thing is the download speed
we can see that's been reduced quite a bit but not not too bad because now
let's try it Showbox so now because we're using a UK IP address with the VPN
we should now be able to go back in Showbox let's click on movies and now
hopefully things should not be grayed out but let's have a look ok let's try
the first one here and bam we can see guys we now have options to choose the
stream let's choose 720p and click on watch now and because we can see the
speed was introduced too badly this should mean we should be able to watch
this content without really much buffering or any lag or any issues like
that let's give that a few seconds and let's see if that starts up because here
I started pretty much straightaway let's as for dive in and see if that
plays ok and it's working absolutely fine with no buffering or light let's
back out of that and we can see that issue has now been resolved guys so if
you are in a non UK USA country and you want to use a free VPN to access show
box we can now do that without spending a penny and obviously guys you can use
this VPN not just for show box but once the VPN is connected really you could
use any application or code jaan installed on your device and all of that
traffic will be encrypted and you will have some level of security but again
final disclaimer guys it's a free VPN so don't expect miracles and don't expect
the performance to be as good as a paid VPN but again if you're not able to
spend any money then this is not a bad option for you to try so here's me
trying megabox and obviously megabox doesn't have that
requirement that you must use a UK or USA IP address but again it just means
because we have the VPN connected we are able to access this content so let's say
for example you want to watch this thing here let's click on that let's collect
videos let's choose a 1080p stream and let's click on play and this is what the
VPN that's running in the background and now starts playing pretty much
straightaway let's as for that a bit that's working
absolutely fine ok let's back out of that right let me show you how you can
now install this on all your devices ok so to install this on a fire stick or
fight we make sure you got the developer
options already enabled which you probably must have if you've been
watching my channel and then just download droid admin if you can't find
throw it out before ever reason look in this video description and you'll see a
link to download that you can type a link into a program like downloader and
now download that directly to your device once you've installed roid admin
start that up and then just type in my droid admin code which is three eight
five two five four and double-a and once again I will be saving this link in the
description so type that code in and click on continue okay let's just
dismiss that message although I do really appreciate your support
okay so the first thing we want to install is math struggles so to install
anything from my apk stories just one click so click on that that begins the
download ok when the icon changes to a player icon we can now click on that
press down a few times and then press write to install I've
already got installed on mine so I'm not going to do it again but that's how you
install there so once you have got the mouse toggle installed just to make sure
you've installed it correctly if you go on to it and start it up and the key
thing you're looking for on the bottom left where it says status – you're
basically says started which means that the mouse toggle is ready for you to use
and we can see mine says started now if whatever reason it doesn't say started
is just stuck in the starting mode what you want to do is go back into your
settings device developer options and basically turn this off turn it off for
a bit and give it a second and then turn it back on now when you go back into
master go and that's now started again so that's all working for now okay so we
install the master go next up is the speed test now this is optional but I
think it's quite helpful to see what your internet speed is like before using
a VPN and how it changes once the VPN is running so if you want install that
again just click on that that begins the download and we can then install that ok
so again once icon changes to a player account that means apk is now be
downloaded we just need to install it and
installation again it says one clicks let's click on that now press down a few
times and then press write to install ok so once we have the mouse toggle and the
speed has installed the last thing is actual free VPN so again come down to
that click on the tab begins the download and you're almost there ok
again let's click on that press down a few times and we can press write to
install and guys can just say if you are enjoying this
please do remember to Like share and subscribe because that does help me out
and if you don't like the content then just go away okay and I'm just kidding
but yeah just dislike the video and I'll get the message thanks it once that's
done we can click on done now because we've downloaded a few apks through
droid admin if you wanna delete those apks just so you can get that space back
if you press the back button on the remote then click on yes then the top
right we have the recycle bin if you click on that this will basically delete
any apks you've downloaded through droid admin just taking it that space back
especially on a fire stick wait on how much storage so suppress yes and that's
now all done now when you press the home can the remote if you want to see the
new applications in application list if you just hold down the home button on
the remote then click on apps now when you go to the bottom of this list by
pressing left we can see here's an EVP application and there is a new speed
test and you're gonna bring this to the top of your list if you press the
options key on that and select move to front and that's now all done let's open
that up and here is your free VPN or working fine that's all for this video
guys many thanks for watching do leave me a comment below and let me know if
this worked for you so many of you are asking for a free VPN so I do hope you
like this one let me know and I hopefully catch up with you guys real
soon thanks that's it guys I hope you found that video useful give me a thumbs
up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please
subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you're
interested in VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you'll get a
great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want
to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see
you on the next one

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