10 Cosas Que Te Harán Creer En Extraterrestres || Parte 19

ah you still think we are alone in today's episode we will see from a chase of a UFO to an airplane paralyzing an entire airport to the abduction of a man who inspired a famous movie these are ten things that will make you believe in aliens number 1 the case Bariloche Jorge Polanco Commander of Argentine Airlines- He experienced an episode that would change his life forever. It happened on the evening of July 31, 1995 while he was commanding flight 734 to the Argentine city of Bariloche, Polanco reported that at the time of that was making the approach to the city runway suddenly the power was cut off and the air control radars began to fail at that moment the pilot saw for approximately 15 minutes a series of lights that moved in front of the commercial airplane that He was guiding with more than 100 passengers on board and under his charge the lights began to faint in the distance and after some For a few minutes they already dazzled Polanco as if a ship were about to hit the plane, as the pilot recalled, they were able to observe the moment when the UFO practically got next to him and began to accompany the Boeing 727 to the international airport on the descent to the international airport.

If it was an airplane or not if it was an object or not identified and also, since we did not have identification, we did not know what course it was taking, what was the activity it was maintaining in the sector, I did not see the part of the back but I did see the tips well defined and the Green lights staring at the tips this giving it the final shape and ending in a point as if it were a plate that translated very clearly that it ended in a shape if under those two little lights, the shape was well identified, the only thing that could be identified in the spine, which is commonly said at the top, was about to touch the track, all the light was cut off again, the system operator explained After the generator fully accelerated, it only began to smoke and stopped, the airport went blind from the control tower.

gendarmes who were also eyewitnesses to the event at that moment the pilot became aware that something was not right and they initiated an escape maneuver with the fingers of the hand the crew of the gendarmerie plane later reported that the object followed the plane underneath and that when it began to move away to land again the UFO disappeared towards a hill an amber light approximately I calculate that having been 600 meters above the surface of the lake it moves rapidly towards the west but until there it was not at all strange the problem was the maneuver he did next was a light that surpasses me below at high speed and rises violently towards the v ertical enough to get in the path of the bond and 118 I do not know an aircraft or a device that can do it they were many minutes of real contact with a ship chasing them according to polanco the ship measured about 30 meters in diameter it was an inverted plate they had lights green that were rotating at high speed and at the top an orange light that seemed to be pulsing today we learn that the people who are in the control tower have forbidden them to make statements high in the air force and that well obviously I cannot say Nothing else to comment on between them, that experience accompanies him to this day, the feeling left by the episode is that if these lights had been aggressive, another would have been the end, the Bariloche case was one of the most important in Argentine ufology and his file was declassified.

recently by the defense ministry leaving more doubts than certainties number 2 the enigma of the aid wedge the wedge of a yuda is a piece of metal discovered in 1973 about 10 meters deep, it was accidentally found next to some mastodon bones and its age could be established at about 400 years thanks to the one-millimeter-thick oxide that covered it with homogeneous form but the geological layer in which it was found suggests that it must have been in the area about 20 thousand years ago in the Pleistocene because an object of these characteristics was next to mastodon bones should be impossible since aluminum in its pure state is not in Nature and humanity managed to reach such a degree of purity only in the 19th century, the strange piece found in the city there and in Romania was donated to the Transylvanian history museum and was hidden for years until it was discovered since historians did not know what to say about it an aeronautical engineer assured that the part to that of an airplane landing gear is added two or more perforations Perfect ales which indicates that without a doubt the wedge was artificially made, it has even been compared with the fulcrum of space modules such as the Viking but it has not had results either as and because such an advanced piece of technology was found next to some fossils so old what function would they have as it got there is it possible that we are facing remains of a UFO accident in our remote past what do you think number 3 mutilation of cattle for years a very strange and unexplained phenomenon has been occurring in rural areas of different parts of the world the appearance of mutilated animals after the sighting of lights or flashes in the sky seems to be gaining strength in the testimonies narrated by witnesses of the phenomenon or by the owners of the same animals in many cases the next day they appear without a tongue without a part of the jaw are missing genital organs and the internal ones being completely empty and They took the cow's tongues and others took her in the eyes and the nipples also I do not know that it is cut and without a trace of blood from the udder nor did the milk come out that when one always cuts milk or blood comes out of laurel or whatever the wounds seem to have been made by a special scalpel or with laser rays that when cutting are cauterized since in no case was blood detected it is as if they were carried away and left only the body another very striking fact is that the animals are in a defenseless state without marks on the ground neither kicking nor traces of tracks nor traces and predators do not approach to eat the meat in fact no other animal wants to approach countless complaints have been made and veterinarians are puzzled since they cannot find an explanation from theories of mice Satanic sects even the chupacabra resonate in the media no no and I felt a noise in the mountain I see something that was moving something out of the ordinary because it com or an animal like that but what happens to these animals, there are even reports of people who claim to have seen UFOs abducting huge animals such as bull cows and even horses, perhaps they will be experiments of gray aliens as many say, what do you think if you want to know more on this topic or other more specific details join us and become a researcher and it is already we are sharing exclusive and private content for our members do it quickly before it is too late number 4 easter island and the extraterrestrial connection easter island It is a lost island in the middle of the South Pacific more than 3,600 kilometers away from Chile, being one of the most remote and secluded territories in the world, it is known for its famous cool sculptures made by the ancient tribes that inhabited the island, the Rapanui, these giants of stone were made to represent their ancestors who after death had the ability Theity of extending its mana or spiritual power over the tribe to protect it One of the myths of Easter Island is the existence of a special energy called mana, this is a telekinetic energy that is capable of giving life and moving inanimate objects precisely in the Island there is a monument called the navel of the world referring to the very center of the earth from where the ancient inhabitants the forces of manna be in a way that she had a lot of manna a very great power in those times that they could perfectly make it move a charge to a given point that he has been able to say the normally how he managed to walk in moa and how he transported from the pier to a point the Rapanui maintain that makemake their creator god brought the manna to the island and with that energy the ancients gave life to the moais In other words, they were not simple statues, inside the rock there was a living energy, so many of these sculptures had their eyes opened It is as if they had awakened roads that were better in the past than by walking so half the way so my grandmother told me actively Iquitos another said how to walk if you can walk because all the moais are in front of you, they look towards the interior of the island except the seven settlers who are the only ones who look towards the sea because they point to the point from where the expedition arrived guided by the mysterious makemake.This island also hides a good handful of mysteries unknown to the public such as the constant presence of UFOs that have been observed at In the middle of the day leaving the sea and even photographed this afternoon, this landscape is being observed when suddenly it would be a glow to our right adapting the very intense and instantaneous a bright white light which amazed me a lot because at that time there was no appropriate condition for it to act some meteorological phenomenon for a meteorological phenomenon to occur with ocido is to say a lightning bolt and finally thunder an unidentified flying object like the one I mentioned earlier because the speed is something amazing the noise is also something that does not attract my attention and the shape looked towards the sky but something extraordinary It looked like a triangle above a large light and on the sides several lights and below several lights the object was coming out from the bottom up but slowly and just as it was going slowly perhaps extraterrestrial beings came to the island and transmitted the mana so that the moais were Huge statues of more than eight meters moved kilometers across the slope of a volcano will move alone to their current location.

era of the ex-soviet union is what happened on the afternoon of September 27, 1989 when a group of children who played aba football in a park in the city of voronezh in moscow saw a pink glow in the sky and then a red ball about 9 meters in diameter the sphere spun disappeared after a few minutes returned and remained suspended in the air above them the Soviet dossier book further details this experience a crowd that had gathered there saw what he described as an alien with three eyes through an open hatch the being was approximately three meters tall he had on a silver suit, bronze colored boots and carried a disk in the chest the UFO landed and two creatures came out of it one of which was a stranger robot still was what happened to a child who, scared, tried to run a beam of light thrown by one of the aliens made him disappear he reappeared minutes after the UFO was raised to the sky the beings walked before the eyes of all they toured the park they took samples of the ground they collected stones and in less than five minutes after landing they took off with the same speed with which they had arrived the city was stunned students from a school located in front of the park began to feel dizzy and with headaches although the symptoms were temporary the children's testimonies were published by the Newspapers and the information quickly began to be replicated by international news agencies that cited the official Russian agency skepticism in the Soviet interior ministry about the possible landing in the city of Voronezh 500 kilometers south of Moscow the strange event ratified by the The militia and local scientists are shocked, however the inhabitants of the city eyewitnesses pointed out that extraterrestrial beings of 3 or 4 meters in height had descended from the ship a huge luminous disk in the following days the notes spoke of the work carried out by scientific police investigators and periodis Even scientists from a geophysics laboratory confirmed the landing of an unidentified flying object while they have located strange footprints of these beings that according to eyewitnesses – measured from 3 to 4 meters and had very small heads that is why it happened that afternoon in September some say that it was just a fake news story invented to divert attention from the political problems of the moment, however there are other researchers who affirm that the children always told the truth and that it was one of the most extraordinary events occurred in the so-called modern era of the UFO phenomenon and what do you think number 6 jaime classification of UFO sightings josep allen jaime pawn American astrophysicist famous for participating as an advisor to three important research projects such as zinc clutch and the famous blue book in 1972 published a table that became known worldwide for ordering the disti n many types of sighting in three categories of close encounters Close encounters of the first type involve the sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects in the sky which can be saucers or flying discs or cigar-shaped flying objects etc.

Strange lights air objects that seem to be too advanced to come from human technology close encounters of the second type correspond to the observation of one together with physical evidence of its landing or, failing that , physical effects on a surface may involve radiation or damage to the terrain or vegetation frightened animals human paralysis interference to car engines for example or to the reception of hertzian waves from radio transmissions or broadcast television in the latter case the witness may experience a time collapse close encounters of the third type is the observation of a UFO together to in tities originally called beings animated by Jaime who chose that denomination avoiding terms such as extraterrestrials or aliens, as is clear in the description, jeinek was very careful when relating the UFO phenomenon with ships of extraterrestrial origin, in fact, he considered the possibility that they come from dimensions parallel there was an extension of the table considering the close encounters of the fourth type perhaps better known as abductions that involve direct contact with entities that may or may not man unknown flying objects did you know the classification of encounters with UFOs you had some experience I remind you that if you are an investigator yes you can write us your experience and we will interview you number 7 fire in the sky the story of travis walton the walton case is one of the most famous on the subject of extraterrestrial abductions it is also one of the few cases with eyewitnesses res it all started when a group of lumberjacks in arizona were traveling in a truck when they observed a very bright oval-shaped light suspended in the sky emitting a reddish glow that illuminated one of the 19-year-old travis walton lumberjacks the most daring of the group jumped from the truck and he ran to get closer and see what it was, his friends tried to dissuade him from coming closer but he did not listen to the warnings when he was practically under the object , a powerful ray of blue light emerged from it that hit the About turned up slowly rising from the ground up to about three meters high, he suddenly released it and the woodcutter fell on the grass before this his companions trembling with fear fleeing from the place in the truck thinking that he was dead and that they would run the same fate after a few kilometers They decided to look for him again but they did not find anything or a trace of Walton for more than they looked for him they reached the pu eblo and reported the event to the commissioner who did not believe the version very much through walton was searched intensely for four days on the sixth day one of the friends of the disappeared received a strange phone call it was walton who begged him for help he was on the outskirts of town the The man was found naked with a pale face and terror was seen in his eyes, he could barely speak on several occasions he had nervous breakdowns so his family decided that a specialist would submit him to hypnosis to find the cause of his fear during the sessions, he said that he was taken inside what would be an alien ship with clear walls where there were small beings with big eyes and bald heads of a gray color these beings experimented with Walton in different ways little by little he could remember through hypnosis nor could he himself believe what had happened to him what for others was a week for him they spent alone a few hours travis walton wrote a book that was taken to the cinema with the title fire in the sky where the tremendous experience number 8 is shown in detail the pentagon talks about UFOs as we saw in a previous episode have been appearing videos of leaked UFOs from the US armed forces as a result of this and following a request from Congress in 2020, the government promised to publish a report on the information it had on sightings of unidentified flying objects after several unexplained cases that have generated headlines in the last two decades.

A few days after its publication, the media began to filter the details of the document, those who expected a concrete and sure answer about the presence of life from other planets will probably be frustrated.The document says that intelligence analysts found no evidence of extraterrestrial activity but they don't rule it out either As an explanation of some of these cases, which is a great advance if we think about the denialism of other times, according to local media , one of the main conclusions of the document is that no American technology was involved in the more than 120 incidents of sightings of strange objects.

Reported in recent decades with the public asking more questions about UFOs there seems to be more officials willing to answer them John Breenan former CIA director said last year that some of the unexplained sightings could be some kind of phenomenon resulting from something still we do not understand and that it could involve activity that some could say belongs to a different way of life in recent weeks the media have paid a lot of attention to the publication of the report you think it is possible that the government authorities give real explanations of what what happens in the skies tell me number 9 extraterrestrial bases on the moon the american space probe destined to the exploration of the moon the lr or lunar reconnaissance probe managed to capture an oddly shaped object on the surface of the earth's natural satellite the object shown in the images is of a peculiar and striking geometry that gave rise to all kinds of theories, although there is no certainty about what exactly it is or where it comes from, several anomalous lights were seen on the Apollo 11 mission when astronauts stepped on the moon, many say they found more than What they said because among the objects that they left, such as the emblematic flag, there was a greeting from various world leaders, perhaps they already knew in advance what was there, perhaps we will never know number 10, the experience of who arnold the beginning of ufological research who arnold was a pilot civilian who on June 24, 1947 reported seeing nine flying objects while forging maba once on a mountain in washington all bright blue white arnold described the motion of those flying objects as that of a saucer sliding on the surface of the water and that description was summarized as flying saucers or flying saucers' term that followed Using since then all over the world and over time arnold thought that these flying objects were simply test flights of military aircraft, however later it was shown that during the time of the incident no test flight had been carried out is considered as the first great UFO sighting due to the dissemination that you the case in the media of the time the case of kennet arnold was investigated by the blue book project according to the trend that it took classified as an unsolved case despite attempts to discredit him [Music] During this episode we have seen different cases with evidence more than It is remarkable that it makes us wonder we have been visited in ancient times by beings from another world.

They continue to do so today. We think so [Music].

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