and welcome guys, welcome to another video on the channel and in this video We are going to see three free penises for mobile beauty, there are three and very nice penises, you 're sure you'll like it but that's why leave the like subscribe to the channel because this video is paying off too much, I'm sure it will help you and let's go , Hey there, the first VPN we're going to see is this one, Security VPN remembering that all the links are in the description and if you If you haven't been able to go through the shortener, there will be a video showing how to spend a minute, okay, the video link is above the download link, a minute. have that program to unzip it will already be not in apk format just to download and install beauty and let's go here for our first vpmo serves VPN and it will give this message here you didn't block it it doesn't accept down here it will do a check here first before starting this is it, look this interface is here if you have these…

You can see this name here that YouTube doesn't like what it pronounces so I won't tell you what it is right, but the level that this is already a kind of account here, look at this little light, you will see the servers will have, look, ones that didn't have this one fell in this beauty here, it's good that you can only see it's also the strength of the connection, ok the second text here and one from Singapore Hi love already connected appeared here o message connected ok Hi and we go here in Chrome necessary here o locate IP it will show the IP number and where the connection is coming from and that's it as you can see today it's already showing the IP here Singapore, the country and such state and not the provider that is using there beauty As you can see first VPN is working perfectly let's just disconnect the beauty and let's go to second which is this one.

Ot hunder VPN the interface is basically the same as the first VPN it's here on thanks accept it will do some initial settings these two the penis has basically the same countries but the servers they will use in these countries are different ok you touched here in this one ray in the corner look, and there are providers here, they are on servers, this one, for example, I want to connect with Luxembourg's server, for example, it will give this option here, you just touch it outside the showed that you are connected. site here as you can see the server in that country here it was very slow Its connection speed here is very low beauty In other words we can change it to another server it was in Luxembourg we can choose one that has these Signal bar a little stronger let's harvest it here in France for example here later just for a change look and here you can see what's with the signal a little bit the best but not much ok but we can do the test there on the website, let's update here And then as you can see it already loaded the country France the state the city provider has already changed the IP3 as you can see this one so de VPN is also working really cool ok love I'm going to disconnect here today and let's go to the last one here in mine in my opinion it's better than this Turbo VPN And you're already finished here you will press this x here in the Corner beauty here it's just one give this screen an ok here that you go to these ones…

You can see, look, it's a plan here, YouTube I don't like you to say the word, but I have a lot of countries and for you to use it's the ones that have the name smoke the servers are already full beauties your name out there you can download here and it will reload up here and maybe some of those there have changed release it now when I tested it loves you for more than ten servers hole here so we can test for example plo in this one here in South Korea and ready connector the good that already gives the server IP here ok you can download it up here you can see it here there is also a connection speed graph ok you can be following it here and let's go give an update here on this site Iago you can travel showed Republic of Korea has its city in Seoul in South Korea and here it shows the provider ok these are the last vpn.ac honestly for me it is the best because it has more connection options ok you guys If you want to Connect in another location you can tap it up here or you disconnect here and tap it up here that the flag of the last country you connected will be here, there are several countries for you to be connecting, it just depends that there are more options and there are also the recommended ones, look here, if you can see under the name, it has here, look for Netflix for sports it's for Netflix for optical games bid Hi ask for Call of Duty Netflix Garena free Fire Netflix to order so there are some already recommended that are used for you to use some services on your cell phone.

Remember that the separate download link for each one the apk is in the description ok if you can't play I have videos on top from the download link teaching how to get past the link saver beauty and the video was this one I hope you enjoyed that you understood and Thanks for what's up [Music].

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