5 VPN Myths Debunked | NordVPN

You’ve probably heard something about VPN,
or Virtual Private Networks. But have you been hearing myths? Let’s check. Truth? A VPN is used by many who don’t want their
personal data hacked when using Wi-Fi or simply hate the idea that someone can see all their
browsing activities. Truth? It takes just one click to secure your privacy
and personal data, no tech knowledge required. Truth? Free VPNs usually offer fewer features and
servers. What’s worse, they might be selling data
on your browsing habits to third parties. Truth? The Internet speed depends on your Internet
provider and the chosen VPN servers. The speed will decrease in the process of
data encryption, but most of the time you won’t notice it when browsing or streaming. Truth? A VPN won’t help you if you give away your
privacy online by using unencrypted social and messaging platforms or sending personal
information over email. NordVPN encrypts your data, keeps no logs,
protects you from malware and allows you to access content wherever you are For more NordVPN tips on online security,
don’t forget to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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