ALL IPhone 4,5,6, & IPads— FREE VPN – NO BS— Less then One Minute!!

okay so you guys want a free VPN for your iPhone or iPad I mini check this out this one here is free it's called go to your Apple Store and type in our VPN and let me show you I'm in China right now so I'm not able to access Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or anything so it's key when I want to turn it along let's go to settings here and put this on and to our VPN now see I have strong VPN here guys actually I pay for this okay I paid like it's not much it's like 10 dollars a month but I always have issues pertaining to this you know I can never login I have to contact chat support they give me the runaround they have to reinstall everything so I always have problems with what I pay for but this one here I have no problem so I have no need for the stupid strong VPN e VPN anymore just go with the free one and problem solved so I just logged in you can see that my BPM status is on and now from here I mean I'm able to log into Instagram I can go into my facebook now my YouTube and also my facebook so that's pretty much it guys again it's called the arc VPN I'll put the name in the description but it's free and yeah that's pretty much it thanks bye

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