BEST CHEAP VPN: TOP 3 Cheapest VPN services | Under $3 in 2021

– Are you worried you'll have to sell your kidneys, an eyeball,
and half of your heart just to buy a decent VPN? In this video, I'm going
to let you know how to find quality VPNs at a bargain rate. Once you grab a good VPN at
a crazy low price, there's a link to some wild discounts
in the description below. It's tough to find a balance
between price and quality when it comes to buying VPNs
and VPNs can get expensive. However, the best VPN providers aren't necessarily the priciest. Here's the secret to
landing a bargain price, choose a long-term subscription plan. And here are the three best VPNs that you can buy for under $3 a month VyprVPN is a popular VPN that will cost you only $2.50 cents per month provided you sign up for the two year deal. Don't be fooled by the
outstanding price though. It is still top quality. It boasts a no-logs policy that
has been externally audited plus a military grade encryption cipher.

There's a kill switch and they
own all of their own servers. When it comes to performance
speeds are fast enough for streaming in Ultra HD and gaming. What about torrenting and
unblocking streaming platforms? These features are so popular, but many VPNs don't make the grade. Luckily, VyprVPN does unblock
Netflix, thanks to its unique chameleon technology,
which disguises your VPN, and P2P and bit torrent
traffic is allowed. Is it user-friendly? Sure, it's really straightforward
and easy to interact with.

There are apps for a bunch of
devices and operating systems, and you can connect up
to five devices at once, and last, but definitely not least, the VyprVPN works for unblocking content in countries where internet is censored. If you're from one of these countries you probably already know that
even some highly popular VPNs struggle to get past censorship firewalls. VyprVPN successfully
unblocks content in China and many other restricted countries. So far, this looks
excellent, but are there any disadvantages to running VyprVPN? Most tech sites and reviews report three drawbacks to this VPN. It's a little slower than some of the other top VPNs out there. It has fewer servers to pick from and there are only 700 plus in total, and there are no
anonymous payment methods.

Does this actually matter? Well, as I mentioned
previously, the average speed is still good enough for
general internet use, even streaming which takes
up a lot of bandwidth. The effect of the limited
server list is minimal. You can still access
geo-restricted content, torrent, bypass censorship, and
protect your privacy. As far as the payment
methods go, I'm on the fence. This depends on your preference. By the way, if you like
what you're seeing hit this I button to get the
best deals for the best VPNs. Surfshark VPN is a personal favorite. It just does a great job all around.

The price is spectacular. You'll pay only $1.94 per month on the three year subscription. The privacy and security are superb. Surfshark VPN is based on
the British Virgin islands where your privacy is a priority. There are a of excellent
anonymous payment options. There's the highly secure
military grade encryption plus leak protection and a kill switch. You can even toggle features like double VPN, hack lock, and blind search. So how well does it actually perform? In general, the speeds are great. You can torrent, play games,
and stream in Ultra HD. You can pick from over 1,700 servers in more than 60 countries. So what about torrenting? All servers allow P2P traffic. Some are even optimized for torrenting. You can also stream from
a bunch of platforms with Surfshark, including Netflix. Okay, So with all these features,
is it still easy to use? Well, the interface is so
minimalist and streamlined, it's straightforward for anyone to use, even if this is your first VPN.

It works on tons of devices
and operating systems, and you can actually run it on an unlimited number of devices at once. Does it beat censorship? Well, most users report that it does. In fact, there's a handy
no borders feature for use when you're in a high censorship country. Really, there's not much
to complain about here. Some reviews point out
that torrenting speeds on the general servers aren't great, but the dedicated torrenting
servers have excellent speeds. So, this is not a significant drawback. Surfshark is a strong all around VPN. PrivateVPN is highly
popular for so many reasons. First off, the price is a bargain. It's just $1.89 per month if
you pick the two year plan. Privacy and security is deeply reliable. The company's based in
privacy- friendly Sweden and follows a strict no-logs policy. Once again, there's that top of the line, military grade encryption, plus leak protection and a kill switch. When it comes to performance
though, PrivateVPN is fast. It's small network size of 150 servers in 60 countries, not withstanding.

What about streaming and torrenting? Well, torrenting is
allowed and PrivateVPN, doesn't just unblock
Netflix you can access other streaming favorites with it too. Right, so what about the
interface, is it easy to use? Well, PrivateVPN is really
unique because it caters to both beginners and
experienced VPN users with an option to switch between
simple and advanced mode. It also works on an impressive lineup of different devices
and operating systems. You can connect via six devices at once. And finally, PrivateVPN has a stealth mode which disguises your VPN
traffic as a regular web traffic and allows you to bypass
censorship in China and other restricted countries. So we've looked at the
good, but is there any bad? The biggest drawback of
using PrivateVPN is that only the windows app has a kill switch.

Does that matter? Not if you're using Windows,
but there's the potential for a leak if you're using a different OS. Also, the live chat customer support is not available 24-seven. On the bright side, once
you do get through to them, the support team is incredibly helpful. Now you know that each of these VPNs is going at an excellent price, how do you pick between them? Here's my synopsis,
VyprVPN has a strong focus on privacy and security, and
it's also popular for gaming. Surfshark is just an excellent
all around performer, but it's not the cheapest on this list. PrivateVPN is great for torrenting and streaming as it
unblocks so many platforms. Now you know which quality VPNs are going at a bargain price, go snap
one of them up right here, you'll get a crazy discount as well. Subscribe to our channel
for your weekly dose of VPNs and security and thanks for watching..

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