Best CHEAP VPNs for Netflix 💥 TOP 4 VPNs under $3 monthly

– Guys, your wallet is
gonna love this video. You're about to uncover a way to obtain loads of entertainment. All those juicy shows and
movies you've been drooling over for under $3, with the
best VPN for Netflix. But first, for more tutorials, and guides, and reviews on VPNs and security, sub to this channel and ring that bell. You're paying money every month for your Netflix subscription. You probably know that
the size and content of your Netflix library
depends on your location. Sure, the US library is the
biggest, but there are shows in other libraries that
are completely unavailable for US viewers and vice versa.

However, if you use Netflix with a VPN you can access more
libraries and more content, but you probably don't
want to pay too much extra, and VPNs can be a little
too pricey as well. In this video, you're gonna discover the cheapest VPNs for Netflix. These services reliably
unblocked Netflix content and they all cost under $3,
which is really impressive, considering that finding a
VPN that works with Netflix it's not an easy task in the first place because of how often
Netflix ban VPN servers.

It takes plenty of resources to bypass these tough firewalls. The VPNs we're talking
about have these resources, starting with Surfshark, possibly the best cheap VPN for Netflix. The two year plan costs under $3 and this price will give you
an impressive server grid, ability to reliably unblock
Netflix US and there are lots of other Surfshark VPN
Netflix library options. Surfshark has apps for
Android TV and Firestick. There's also a versatile Smart DNS feature which lets you unblock content on devices that don't have a dedicated Surfshark app.

Smart DNS won't let you use
Surfshark security features on these devices, but you will be able to access global content
libraries on Apple TV, Samsung TV and gaming consoles. Surfshark is also the
fastest VPN that costs less than $3 and works reliably with Netflix. I connected to a server here in the UK and ran a speed test using
the open VPN protocol. I was very happy with the results. But, when I switched to WireGuard the results were even more impressive. You can stream seamlessly
with speeds like these, there are hardly any
buffering or loading time. It offers unlimited connections. So, you can use Netflix with
VPN on all your devices. There's a seven-day
free trial for mobiles. There's also a fully refundable
30 day money back guarantee, so if anything doesn't work as expected you can easily get your money back. Guys, all things
considered Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for Netflix 2021, and it's still really budget-friendly. PIA is another VPN Netflix favorite. It currently has 30000 servers
with 10,000 in the US alone. So it's a great service for unblocking what's arguably the best
VPN Netflix library, because if surfers get blacklisted there's literally thousands
more to pick from.

When it comes to other libraries, PIA doesn't have as much
variety as Surfshark. Right, now I can only reliably access US and Netherlands' content. Some users have some luck
with Australia and Canada too. There are a few other issues
to keep in mind with PIA, It's basically the US which isn't a privacy friendly jurisdiction, though Pia has proved its commitment to privacy several times in court.

It has no TV apps or Smart DNS. So, if you want to use the service on your TV you'll need to
set it up via your router, and speeds are average, even on WireGuard. However, it offers lots of connections. There's no free trial, but there's a fully refundable 30
day money back guarantee. It's a solid VPN Netflix
service at a bargain price. PrivateVPN is even
cheaper than PIA though, but you really can't tell
because it's great for streaming.

It's a specialist VPN, so even though it has fewer servers than
the other providers here, it still reliably unblocks
multiple Netflix libraries. In fact, there's a regularly
updated list on the website showing which servers
currently work for Netflix. So, if you get an error message, you can easily find a server that works. PrivateVPN hasn't added
WireGuard yet and its speeds are slower than Surfshark but
they're still good, definitely fast enough to stream
smoothly in high-resolution. Unfortunately, there's no Smart DNS, but once again you can configure the service to work on
your TV via your router. PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, which is part of the 14
Eyes intelligence Alliance. However, Sweden shows
a continued commitment to internet privacy, it's always on the forefront of
online privacy movements, and private VPN upholds these standards with a strict no logs policy.

It offers six connections and
a 30 day money back guarantee. Overall, this service is a stunning option for budget-friendly streaming. VyprVPN is possibly the cheapest
VPN for Netflix out there. It also a modest server
fleet, but it reliably unblocks these three
major Netflix libraries. It's not as fast as Surfshark,
but it has adopted WireGuard, and its speeds are above average,
perfect for HD streaming. It's based in Switzerland,
which has great privacy laws. There's no Smart DNS but
there is a Smart TV app, and also our rare router app
which makes it really easy to set up the service up on your router. You get just five connections,
there's no free trial, but there's still that trusty
30 day money back guarantee. At this price though for a service that reliably accesses
Netflix, what's not to like? Guys, these are four great options for accessing Netflix
content and they hardly add anything to your monthly
entertainment budget.

Surfshark has the best speeds and unlocks the most libraries. PIA has the most server options. Private VPN is optimized for streaming. And, VyprVPN is the cheapest option here. If you try unblocking Netflix with one of these VPNs and you
still get an error message, clearing your cookies often help. Also, remember that IPs do get blacklisted from time to time, so
switch up your servers. Guys, now that you know which are the best VPN Netflix services under $3, check on the deals on any of these VPNs via the link in the description, so you can bag them at
an even better price. If you use Netflix with
a VPN, drop me a note down in the comments below and I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. For your weekly dose of VPN,
use, reviews, and tutorials, go ahead and sub and ring that
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