BEST FREE VPN ANDROID 🔥 : Top 3 TOTALLY FREE VPN for Android + 1 Bonus VPN ✅

[Music] hello and welcome to comparatif-vpn youtube channel in this video we're going to present you with the best free vpn for android if you're looking to equip your mobile device with a virtual private network for safety and security online it's never too late to do that vpns are known for their encryption that will hide your internet traffic from the prying eyes and make you anonymous online apart from that a vpn will let you change your online location and make any website you visit believe that you're located in another country this way a vpn lets you unblock geo-restricted websites change your netflix region and access blocked live streams needless to say a virtual private network can do so much for you regardless of the platform you're using and for that reason we decided to give you our best free vpn for android choices we'll give you a bonus option as well which is not a completely free vpn but it lets you use a 30-day money-back period and use it risk-free for the first 30 days after which you can get a full refund in this video we'll also see the limitations of free vpns so that you know not to expect too much in comparison to premium vpns nevertheless if you're not a demanding user the best free vpn for android picks will serve you just fine given that your expectations are in order without further ado our favorite free vpn for android include protonvpn and tunnelbear let's start off with protonvpn a vpn based in switzerland protonvpn is for us the best free vpn for android given it's unlimited bandwidth which you won't find on any other vpn on this list users love having infinite possibilities and protonvpn gives you just that but only when it comes to bandwidth being a free vpn protonvpn is surprisingly secure as well it offers military grade encryption dns and ip leak protection and even a vpn kill switch this set of features impressively can be found on premium vpns as well moreover this free vpn for android has a zero logging policy meaning that it stores no logs of your ip address browsing history timestamps used bandwidth and so forth protonvpn has a native application for android so you don't have to use the openvpn client to set it up manually and speaking of that protonvpn offers just one protocol openvpn while openvpn is still great options like ikev2 and wireguard would still be great especially since many other vpns started offering this option moving on this vpn also offers just one simultaneous connection which isn't very impressive and on top of that you get "medium" speeds as stated on protonvpn's website if we check protonvpn's app we can also see that there are just three server locations japan netherlands and the united states so don't expect great unblocking capabilities the free version of protonvpn also won't work with netflix reliably and unblocking sites like hotstar and bbc iplayer for example is impossible given that it doesn't have servers in india in the uk p2p servers are also not on the list so you can't download torrents and secure core servers are completely out of the way nevertheless protonvpn offers an intuitive and easy to use app for android letting you connect to the server you want in less than a few seconds next on our list of the best free vpn for android is a vpn from malaysia isn't a very popular vpn in the premium segment although it's indeed a premium vpn that you have to pay for however a free version is here as well and as expected when compared to its premium version it has a lot of limitations for the start offers just 10 gigabytes of monthly data which is not very good if you love streaming torrenting or just browsing your social media feed oh and speaking of that isn't great for unblocking streaming services but on the other hand it will allow you to download torrents if you want to do so since we started on a bad note let's mention two things that are very impressive about privacy and security even if you use a free version of you get military grade encryption ip leak protection kill switch split tunneling and a choice of protocols in the free version for android you get open vpn and ikev2 and if you're using a vpn on windows you get protocols such as SoftEtherVPN for bypassing firewalls and sstp in the paid version however will include guess what wireguard for a free vpn is seriously equipped with security and privacy bells and whistles and we should mention that it offers a zero logging policy as well so it won't store any compromising information about its users speeds won't blow you away but that's expected from a free vpn on the other hand you get 24/7 customer support and honestly it's one of the best we've seen as soon as you ask a question the customer support team member appears and almost immediately tackles your issue we really can't complain about that as you can see in the app has just five server locations canada netherlands germany and two usa locations and this is a bit better than protonvpn which also happens to not have 24/7 live chat support like this vpn the last pick on our favorite free vpn for android list is tunnelbear you've probably heard of tunnelbear because it's very popular due to its aggressive marketing a few years back today tunnelbear still does well on the vpn market but for us it's the weakest choice on the list why well for the start it offers just 500 megabytes of monthly date yes you've heard that well 500 megabytes which is silly to be honest although its speeds aren't bad for a free vpn with 500 megabytes you can't even browse your facebook feed for more than let's say two hours as expected you also get just one simultaneous connection and when it comes to unblocking websites tunnelbear won't be able to bear that responsibility pun intended all jokes aside this vpn won't work with netflix catalogs and although some of them will work with 500 megabytes of data you'll be happy to watch the first half of the first episode of the show you want you might ask why is tunnelbear on our list of the best free vpn for android well because it offers beautiful and intuitive app lots of security features and a no logging policy tunnelbear offers military-grade encryption split tunneling a vpn kill switch and even a feature called ghostbear which will help you bypass firewalls as you can see tunnelbear also won't keep logs of your ip addresses dns queries ip addresses upon service connection and so on although we're talking about a zero logging policy you should know that tunnelbear is based in canada one of the leading forces of the five eyes alliance countries in the five eyes are responsible for mass surveillance which can impact the vpn's no logging business model where a certain vpn might be forced to store logs and hand them out to the authorities that's not too alarming but it's something to keep an eye out if you're considering this vpn in terms of servers tunnelbear offers servers in 26 countries although the exact number of servers isn't known still 26 countries are better than three or five countries we get on protonvpn and so these were our top three free vpn providers for android and now let's talk about the bonus vpn that we mentioned earlier this option is called expressvpn and is for us the best vpn you can get you've noticed that free vpns come with a heap of limitations which expressvpn as expected irons out it offers unlimited bandwidth 3000 servers in 94 countries impeccable security and a verified zero logging policy being a paid vpn expressvpn will give you a great user experience letting you unblock more than 10 netflix catalogs download torrents and even browse the dark web safely not to mention its 5 simultaneous connections on a single account letting you protect all your devices with just one subscription expressvpn isn't available just for android there are apps for windows macos linux ios and even smart tvs and routers this vpn also offers 24/7 customer support but also a choice of protocols including openvpn and lightway which is expressvpn's version of wireguard finally expressvpn is the fastest vpn around and when compared to free vpns we presented it flexes its muscles even more so expressvpn is not free right yes but there's a silver lining as we said this vpn gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get it use it for 30 days and get a full refund so you don't lose a single dollar basically you can use it for free let's say it like that and if you decide that you want to keep it you can take advantage of its 49% discount and 3 months free for the annual plan which will let you drop the price of this vpn significantly this deal is available on the following link but you can also click on the link below to claim this deal let's summarize our list of the best free vpn for android the best one is protonvpn offering unlimited bandwidth high level of security and a zero logging policy on the flip side it offers just three server locations doesn't have the greatest speeds and p2p servers and 24/7 support next we have a malaysian vpn that once again gives you rock solid security and a zero logging policy but also five server locations which is more than protonvpn offers the bad thing is that you get just 10 gigabytes of monthly data and isn't really great for watching netflix and unblocking streaming platforms lastly there's tunnelbear it offers a great looking app 26 server locations decent speeds and solid security for a free vpn its downsides include 500 megabytes of monthly data and its location canada which is inside the five eyes alliance it might be a threat to tunnelbear's no logging practices expressvpn comes after that and it takes all of the good features of these free vpns and elevates them to a much higher level it has a huge number of servers unlimited bandwidth it's great for streaming and torrenting has 24/7 customer support offers impeccable security and so much more its downside is that it's not a free vpn for android but hey its price isn't that high so it won't make you go broke we strongly recommend expressvpn instead of these free vpns but based on the pros and cons of each vpn the choice is yours so that was all for today's video we hope you liked it and if you did make sure you leave a like subscribe to our channel and stay with us because many more vpn related videos are coming soon see you in the next video bye

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