BEST VPN 2020 ⚡ TOP VPN Comparison ⚡

– In this video, I'm going to give you a definitive countdown
of the three best VPNs together with key information
and specs of each. (deep bass upbeat music) When it comes to choosing
the best VPN provider, it can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. So to make your life easier, I've come up with my personal picks that I want to share with you. (deep bass upbeat music) If you are unaware of what a VPN is, here is a very quick summary, and if you do know what one is, then you can skip forward to this point in the video to jump straight in. So a VPN stands for a
Virtual Private Network. Essentially, they protect
your privacy online. This includes protecting
you from cybercriminals trying to steal your data, hiding your physical location, and even allowing you to appear as if you are connecting to a service from elsewhere in the world. What are the benefits of using one? Simple, firstly security, secondly, privacy, and finally changing your location can give you access to additional content on services like Netflix.

And you can even get cheaper deals on things like flights and hotels. If you haven't subscribed
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see the top available VPNs and get discount codes for all of them, then you can do so simply
by clicking this link. Now, when it comes to choosing
the best VPN provider, it can be hugely overwhelming. There are a lot out there,
and at first glance, they all appear to be very similar but there are some you should use, and some you should avoid. I'm going to tell you the ones you should consider using over all others. So when rating these VPNs, I've taken into account several factor. These are value for money, ease of use, performance, privacy,
and security features. All these choices are based
on my personal preference. However, these tend to align
with most people's views. So without further delay, here is the third best
VPN available in 2020.

PrivateVPN comes in at
the number three slot. The main pros of this VPN are: privacy, so privacy is king. Some VPNs log your activity. PrivateVPN are based in Sweden, and as a result by law,
they don't have to. They offer good speeds, their customer service isn't outsourced. If you have a problem, you get speak directly to the developers. They allow torrenting, they also allow you to
use your subscription on up to six devices. So one subscription will work
for your whole household. Also, it's very easy to install and use. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a seven-day free trial on top of some really cheap pricing plans. So if you sign up for 12 months, it's very easy to get started without stressing about cost.

No VPN is perfect though. There are some drawbacks
that they are very limited. Live chat isn't available 24/7, so you may have to wait
if you have an issue. And whilst it works fine on Mac and iOS, these apps do have slightly less features. (deep bass upbeat music continues) Second on our list is Surfshark. So the pros for Surfshark are: firstly unlimited, there's
no device limit at all. Secondly, there's another 30-day money back guarantee on this one. And again, they have a no logs policy, so your privacy is covered. It's also easy to use and set up just as the previous one, and again, high speeds are available.

So on the cons side of things, it can be more expensive but if you commit longterm, you will get it for less. Additionally, if you follow the link in the description of this video, there are offers available to bring that price down even more. (deep bass upbeat music continues) Finally on the list, my personal choice is NordVPN. Now, you've probably
heard of NordVPN before as they are one of the
more popular choices. And that popularity exists
for very good reasons. The pros for NordVPN include price. It's about the same as the previous two, but they have some really
good deals available, so you can save some money. Again, offering independently
audited, no log policy, so privacy covered that. They have some of the fastest connections if not the fastest, which
is great for gaming. The user experience is
simple and easy to use. And again, simple and easy to
install on multiple devices. And it has by far the most features providing extra layers of
security such as double VPN, which changes your VPN twice. It's not only torrent
and streaming friendly, it's great and can even
be considered the best.

Cons include a device limit,
however, it's six devices. So for most people, this
will be absolutely fine, that's not even really
a con and another con. There is no router app, so you'll need to
configure it to manually. (deep bass upbeat music continues) So there you have it, the
best VPNs available in 2020. If you pick any of these three, you will have made a very good choice. As promised at the start of the video, if you click the link here you will get access to
discounts on all of these VPNs. So check it out to get the
best VPNs for even cheaper. (deep bass upbeat music continues).

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