BEST VPN 2020! – The Results You Need To See!

it can be a hard task finding the best
VPN as a new user so today I'll be telling you which one actually is the
best right after this if you're new here and want to stay up to date with the
latest tech please hit subscribe followed by the Bell so if you're
watching this video I assume that you know what a VPN is in your looking for
the correct one to buy it can be a hard task to pick the right one because
you've got so many different people recommending different VPNs when it
comes to the VPN market they all pay a lot for advertising as well as having
affiliate schemes to people that promote them while others may tell you that
certain VPNs are pay promoters more they all pretty much pay the same when it
comes to picking at the right VPN you basically want something that's easy to
use and of course provides fast connection speeds so that it doesn't
slow down your connection when using a VPN you will lose a little bit of your
connection speed is your data has further to travel and you're now running
through the VPN server where all your data is encrypted but if you select a
decent VPN then you will only experience minor speed loss now to start with 99%
of the VPN companies out there are using rented servers this means that they
don't really have full control and while they claim to be zero log they actually
have no control over what the server owners record luckily for me I've been
approached by most of the popular VPNs and they've all given me free accounts
to test them so I can use these to see which ones are actually the fastest of
course that there are so many variables that when testing but my top two tend to
always perform the best regardless of country now in terms of the best I'm
gonna show you my speed test results and then give you the relevant information
so that you can actually decide for yourself all of the VPNs included in my
tests are available globally and they've got easy-to-use applications that for
all of the popular platforms they've all got 0 log policies and the
links to the services are down in the description below
so my connection speed is about 255 megabits per second and I ran each VPN
through three speed tests in each one was tested through the same server which
was Virgin Media Bristol I've got an upload speed of 20 mbps
but I'm going to ignore the upload results as they all scored between 18 to
20 so first up we have my top recommended VPN right now which is
ipvanish in the speed test we had two hundred and forty six point six nine
megabits per second in test one 250 in test two and 252mbps in test three this was actually the fastest of all VPNs I tested coming in with an average
download speed of 250mbps which is actually 98% of my
normal connection speed next up we've got nord VPN this is my second-favorite
but it doesn't seem to perform as well as IPvanish at the moment but still
came out with reasonable scores we've got 214 in test one 216 in test2 and 221
in test 3 giving us an average download speed of 217 megabits per second which
is 85% of my connection next I tested pure vpn which actually turned out to be
much slower with 149 for test one 142 for test two 153 for test three which is
an average speed of 148 but that's actually just 58% of my connection and
it's also worth noting that ipvanish in nor do on their own infrastructure and
servers were as pure and the next ones in the list do use rented so next we've
got Ivacy VPN which was actually the slowest of all of the VPNs I've tested
test one it scored a hundred and ten test two was a hundred and fifteen and
test three was a hundred and five giving me an average speed of a hundred and ten
megabits per second that's 43 percent of my connections who have lost over half
of my connection speed and again I versi use rented servers so they don't only
infrastructure finally we've got cyberghost which
scored 115 on test one 121 on test two and a hundred and sixteen on test three
giving me an average speed of a hundred and seventeen megabits per second which
is 46% of my connection again I've lost over half of my connection speed so as
you can see from my speed test results I pee vanish is much faster than the other
VPNs the great thing about ipvanish is they're also offering a January sale
making their VPN cheaper than most of the others as well of course for those
who want to take a look I've placed a link down in the description below and
the deal they're offering is a huge 66% off their two-year plan this makes it
just four dollars a month and they also include a free 250 gig SugarSync cloud
storage so this is essentially something very similar to Dropbox and Google Drive
another great thing about ipvanish is they offer the encryption for all of
your devices it doesn't matter what platform they've generally got an app
for it so that's Windows Mac iOS Android fire TV Linux chrome Routers and even
things like Android media centers but that's pretty much it for today's video
I just wanted to show you guys from my experience which VPN will give you the
best results of course if you've got any questions about any of these VPNs or
even VPNs I haven't included it then just leave them in the comments below
but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash the thumbs up if you
didn't hit the thumbs down twice and I'll see you guys in the next one

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