Best VPN 2021💥 TOP 7 VPNs | Must-watch before buying any of them

With all the
VPNs on the market these days, there's just too much choice. I know I wanna invest in
a long-term subscription. That's just being economical. But signing up for one, two, sometimes even three
is a huge move to make. That's why today I'm going to investigate which VPN is the best and
worth the long-term investment. But just before we go any further, if you could click on those
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find something you like. All right. So here's today's problem. Finding the best VPN or at least the top five can seem like such a monumental task considering there's more than 300 VPN services. Each one claiming to be the
best VPN service in 2021 or that their VPN is just
off superior quality. If you've done any research
before watching this video, you probably noticed like I did that the same 15 to 20 VPN names keep coming up time and
time again but even still, comparing and choosing
between 15 different things can be confusing and time consuming. Since it's always cheaper to
get a longer subscription, you need to be sure that the VPN you're signing up to will last year one, hell, two, three, four years. Doesn't matter, we need to know that the VPN does what it
claims and won't leave me high and dry halfway through a
geo-locked Netflix Show.

We need to know which is the most stable, which is the fastest, doesn't log data, which regularly updates their software and more so that we won't
regret our decision later. So today's your lucky day, my guy because I'm going to dive deep
and take an in-depth look, helping you decide which is
the best VPN to buy this year. We've reviewed over 200 VPNs
over the past couple of years. From the most basic free
to use mobile VPNs through the most sophisticated global
VPNs boasting thousands of servers in hundreds of locations, more over, I personally use
VPNs in my everyday life. So in my opinion, we're
pretty knowledgeable when it comes to VPNs. Okay. So in no particular order, let's get this list listing. First in my list, is
one of the bigger movers and shakers in the VPN world, NordVPN. It is thought to be the best
VPN for a number of reasons. One of them being that Nord has
a great marketing department but let's take a look a bit deeper.

Okay? Now the first thing I got to
point out about Nord is that, they have a really smooth user interface. Once you open the app, you're showing a really quick
clean and easy to use UI, giving you an easy choice over which server you wanna connect to. With a simple click down here, it'll connect you to fastest server but you can also easily
pick a server location using this easy slide bar giving you a choice of over 5,400 servers. It also has compatible apps
for all operating systems from Windows and Android,
through to Mac and iOS.

It has a load of security
and privacy features as well including military grade encryption, great up-to-date tunneling protocols, helping you keep your
data secure and unnoticed, minimal logs policy and more. It also has a trustworthy kill switch in case you need to suddenly
terminate your connection. Each of the VPN in today's review went through a VPNpro Speed Test Tool. Nord always performed well in speed tests even more so recently thanks
to our new NordLynx Protocol. In this speed tests in both
upload and download speeds, Nord achieved a low roughly
950 megabits per second in the US and to high of
1,300 megabits per second in the UK with German servers
averaging around 1100. Those speeds will make some happy ears for stream lovers and torrentors. As Nord VPN is thought as
the best VPN for torrents, having P2P optimized servers
in more than 40 locations.

Nord also works well with unblocking and watching geo-locked
content on Netflix, giving you access to seven
different Netflix Libraries. If you find an issue though, no worries as Nord also offers round
the clock live support, chat, email, and tutorials
which together make for an amazing customer
support experience. Price-wise, NordVPN is very
good value for what you get. Plan starts at $3.71 per month
for a two year membership and go up to about 12
bucks for a month plan. It also has anonymous payment
options for increased privacy as well as a 30 day money back guarantee to give you some room to try
it before you really commit. All plans support up to six devices which means your whole
household can browse safely. Nord VPN gets my stamp of approval. The next VPN on my list is Surfshark, one of my personal favorites. Now, much like Nord, Surfshark has a simple to use clean UI. Once you open the app, connecting to a server is super simple.

You can either click the
quick Connect button here to be connected to the
fastest, usually closest server or you can go onto the Server
Location menu over here and scroll through to clear
list of just over 3,200 servers. Use this list to pick a server
location of your choice. You can even favorite the server you like to find them quicker next time, easy.

Compatibility-wise, it's pretty good, working on Windows and Mac,
iOS, Android, and most browsers. Now security and privacy are where Surfshark really stands out. Boasting military grade encryption, leak protection and a no-logs policy, RAM only servers meaning no data is stored if the server is turned off, some great protocols
including a no-borders and camouflage mode for getting
around government sensors and even extra browser extensions. What's more Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. Then a standard of trustee kill switch to sever your internet connection if VPN suddenly disconnects.

On the speed test, it seemed to be a little slower than Nord, hitting a low of 600 megabits
per second in Germany and a high of nearly 900
megabits per second in the US with the UK servers
falling around 670 Mark. When it comes to watching
streams and torrenting, Surfshark is also very good. The speeds while slower than Nord are still enough to stream in 4K. However, you'll also need
a good ISP for that too. While Surfshark doesn't
have P2P optimized servers, it does have a whitelist or
split tunneling protocol, giving you some extra protection
when going peer to peer. Surfshark has access to 15
different Netflix libraries, can unblock other streaming services like Hulu and Disney Plus and even has a Smart DNS feature, enabling you to stream content on devices that don't actually have a Surfshark app meaning you can watch your
favorite Japanese Netflix shows through your game console or smart TV. If you've seen to smart DNS
sounds confusing, don't worry as Surfshark has a great
customer support network giving you access to 24/7
live customer support with short waiting times
and helpful agents.

Looking at the price. (upbeat music) All of which can be paid for anonymously. They've also got a seven-day free trial to take the software for spin. What's very cool though is
that one membership can be used for an unlimited number of devices. Not too bad, right? Surfshark definitely gets
my stamp of approval. Moving on to the next VPN on my Best VPN 2021 List is ExpressVPN. Cool. So ExpressVPN is also another good VPN.

When it opens just click on
the Power button in the middle. This is basically your on/off switch. This will connect you
to the fastest server basically the same system as the other two I've shown so far. If you wanna pick a location, just click here on location and that'll open up the server list with roughly 3000 server choices. ExpressVPN is compatible
with most operating systems from Mac through to Windows,
on Android and iPhone. Express works on all
of them to some level. When it comes to privacy and security, ExpressVPN is pretty good although not the highest
standard possible. It's offering advanced data encryption, employing an unbreakable
cipher used by governments, banks and the military,
IP and DNS leak protection a strict no-logs policy, pure RAM servers and a good selection of
privacy ensuring protocols and of course, a kill switch.

ExpressVPN is based in the
British Virgin Islands as well, meaning what data they do have on you, which isn't much anyway, can't be subpoenaed by
a Five Eyes country. Now to the all-important speed test, a test that any VPN going for the best VPN 2021 title needs to win or at least do well in. However, here it's where
ExpressVPN drops the ball slightly. Maxing out would have 314
megabits per second upload speed, not even download, upload
for a German server and with a floor of 110
download speed for the UK, Express is not the slowest VPN just below the top contenders.

However, these are results using open VPN. ExpressVPN has a new tunneling
protocol called Lightway which seems to be faster so you can expect results
closer to our top choices. Still, even with open VPN, you'll still be able to
stream 4K in most regions, game online without lag and download anything in record times. So when it comes to watching
streams and torrenting, it's got enough speed to
support a decent service enabling you to watch high quality content through your other devices
using a Smart DNS feature. ExpressVPN also unblocks
all geo-lock Netflix content giving you access to
all Netflix Libraries. Express supports P2P. So great news for torrents although it doesn't have
any dedicated P2P servers. Like the other VPNs that
made it to the list so far, ExpressVPN has a great
customer support service and offers live customer
support chat available 24/7 as well as thorough how-to guide. All right. Now to the sad part. While Express offers an unconditional 30 day
money back guarantee, they're one of the most expensive
VPNs on the market without having any features that
really justify the extra costs.

Their prices start at $8.32
for the annual subscription and go up to $12.95 for a single month. On top of these prices, you can't spread one
membership across five devices, meaning you can just about
covered the whole household. But despite the high price, ExpressVPN gets my stamp of approval. Next on my list is good old PrivateVPN. Once you've opened it up, it's just a pretty easy job for simply choosing the server you want from the drop down menu
here and clicking Connect.

You can choose between
roughly 150 servers spread across 60 different countries. So it has spread, but
nowhere near as much choice as my previous recommendations. PrivateVPN has simple but trustee apps for operating systems including the basic Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Apart from that PrivateVPN
has all the standard security and privacy features like
military-grade encryption, a selection of privacy
protocols, improving speed and countering other
online vulnerabilities, leak protection and a stealth VPN feature. They've got a no-logs policy as well. But here's where it gets messy though. Private VPN is based in
Sweden, 14 Eyes country. Meaning PrivateVPN is legally obliged to hand over any legal
information request. Shouldn't be much of an
issue as they keep no logs but still not great. You'd also not be surprised
to find a kill switch too. Looking at speed, all tests seems to have similar averages across all test locations, which an average upload speed of 325 and an average download speed of 120.

Not the best but not
the worst speeds either. They are enough to watch
streams and download torrents without much issue giving you
dedicated streaming service and access to four Netflix libraries. You can also gain access to
most other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney
Plus, and even BBC iPlayer. PrivateVPN also supports P2P
traffic on its servers too. So you shouldn't have any
issues using torrents. If you do have any issues, they do have a good live
customer chat and FAQs. However, unfortunately the chat isn't 24/7 so you might have to be a little patient. Moving onto pricing. (upbeat music) Not particularly expensive nor cheap, but just very middle of the road. Private VPN gets my Best
VPN 2021 Stamp of Approval for being decent enough
to get on the list. Next on my list is VyprVPN.

All right. So VyprVPN is pretty good. And as you can see here,
it looks pretty clean but like PrivateVPN, I
feel it's a little clunky. Once you open it up and logged in, you'll have the option to
either connect instantly or if you click here on the right, you can go through a list and
choose from over 700 servers. Vypr has designated apps for
most major operating systems. Now, as you'd expect any VPN on the list, VyprVPN has some sturdy
privacy and security features. Vypr uses military-grade encryption a whole host of tunneling
protocols, leak protection and an independently-audited
no-logging policy. Also being based in Switzerland, you can count on strong
privacy security laws, keeping your data safe. Then of course it has a kill switch. Now speed is one of the area which really brings this VPN down. You probably won't find VyprVPN quite as fast as other famous competitors. However, with both download
and upload speeds averaging out at roughly 60 megabits per second, you are getting decent enough speeds for both work and leisure.

While this speed may seem far from ideal, it gets quite a bit better with WireGuard that we don't have implemented
in our speed tool just yet. For watching streams, Vypr isn't bad. It gives users access to
three Netflix libraries as well as other usual streaming services, BBC iPlayer, Amazon prime,
Hulu, and Disney Plus. And on that same note, Vypr
supports P2P on its servers. It also has great customer support with their own 24/7 live chat,
FAQ's and troubleshooting. Moving onto pricing, this is where Vypr shines. Vypr starts from as little as a dollar and 66 cents per
month for a three-year plan and goes up to a high
$12.95 for a single month. That includes five devices and a 30-day money back guarantee. However, you can't pay
anonymously for this one which may put some people off. In all Vypr VPNs, positives
outweigh their weaknesses. It gets my stamp of approval. All right, so I'm going to
finish my in-depth list here and just touch on Private
Internet Access and IP Vanish. PIA has over 12,000 servers, I think the most on the market.

You can use it on 10 devices
and it has some good security while IP Vanish has excellent security and also gives access to 10 devices. Downsides though is that
both PIA and IP Vanish are American-based
meaning they have to abide by any American laws or court orders, requests for data, etc. Both VPNs get my stamp of approval. Just before I finish, I have two final stamps to give to two very special VPNs that have
a special place in my heart, NordVPN and Surfshark. While all VPNs that made it
to the list are decent VPNs and definitely worth some thought, NordVPN and Surfshark seems to just be a league of their own. And with that, I'll end
this video right here. If you found this informative,
helpful, interesting, insightful or any other
positive adjectives, I'd super appreciate it if it gives me a quick like and subscribe.

Also, if you feel like you're
in a position to get a VPN, have a look in my descriptions below. I've linked a load of
VPN discounts down there to help you get started. Thanks for watching. See you on the next one. (upbeat music).

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