BEST VPN FOR 2019!! Top 5 VPNs Speed Tested!!

VPNs are a must for people who stream
content online people who want to access geo locked content like UK or USA
Netflix or just people that want to protect their privacy especially when
accessing public Wi-Fi the problem is that there are so many different
companies and deals it can be hard for a new VPN user to make a decision on which
VPN to actually go with luckily for me the VPN companies offer me free accounts
to promote their services so I've decided to put them to the test and give
you guys the answers on which is the fastest or best value VPN right now and
of course if you want information on a VPN not included in this video please
comment down in the comments below and I'll include it in the next video
but all VPNs included in my tests are available globally they've all got easy
to use applications for all the popular platforms such as Windows Android Mac
iOS and Linux they've all got 0 log policies and the
links to the services are all in the description below but when it comes to
VPNs our traffic is being encrypted and running through a VPN server so we will
expect some minor speed loss but we don't want too much speed loss of course
as we want to get the speed we pay for and of course we do also want to get a
good deal my connection speed is currently about 255 megabits per second
I ran each VPN through three speed tests and each one was tested from the same
server which was Virgin Media Bristol I've got an upload speed of about 20
megabits per second but I'm going to ignore uploads for these tests as all
VPN scored between 18 to 20 megabits per second so it wasn't really an issue
so first up we've got my current favorite IP vanish in the speed test we
had two hundred and forty six point six nine for test one two hundred and fifty
point six four for test two and 252.55 in test three this was actually the
fastest of all the VPNs I tested coming in with an average download speed of 250
megabits per second which is actually 98% of my normal connection speed next
up we've got Nord VPN another favorite of mine but it doesn't seem to perform
as well as ipvanish for me at the moment but still came out with reasonable
scores we've got test one at two hundred and fourteen point three seven test two
at two hundred and fifteen point nine eight and test three at 221 giving us an
average download speed of 217 megabits per second which is 85% of my connection
next we've got purevpn which actually turned out to be much slower with 148
point seven six for test one 142 point one for test two and 152 point nine one
for test three which was an average speed of a hundred and forty eight
giving me only 58% of my connection it is worth noting though that ipvanish and
Nord VPN do own their own infrastructure where purevpn and the others use rented
servers so it could explain the lower scores next up we've got IVC VPN which
was actually the slowest of all of the VPNs I tested test one it scored a
hundred and ten point three eight test two was a hundred and fourteen point
eight seven and test three was a hundred and five point five one giving me an
average score of a hundred and ten megabits per second which is 43 percent
of my connection again Iver C uses rented servers and they don't own their
own infrastructure finally we've got cyber ghost which scored one hundred and
fourteen point nine eight on test one a hundred and twenty point seven seven on
test two and a hundred and fifteen point six three on test three giving me an
average speed of a hundred and seventeen megabits per second which is 46 percent
of my connection again soy burgers rent their servers are but it is worth
pointing out that they have better pricing in some instances making them a
suitable choice for people with slower connections so now we know which perform
the best it's time to deal with the pricing all companies offer different
pricing strategies and the longer you sign up for the cheaper you get the deal
it's also worth noting that the VPN industry is reasonably dirty in terms of
advertising and they often leave each other bad reviews as well as many
influencers paid to say certain VPNs are the best so today we're focusing solely
on the facts so these are based on the prices available today so for those of
you they only want to sign up monthly the only
real option is ipvanish it's the fastest in the tests and also
the cheapest oversea VPN is actually five cents cheaper a month but you also
get less than half of the speed so it's really not worth that five cent saving
ipvanish also offer a three month plan for those who want to save a little more
for those who want to sign up for twelve months I would say there are two real
options right now we've got ipvanish for those of you with fast connections is
it's cheaper than Nord and of course faster in these tests for those of you
that have about a hundred megabits per second connections or less then
cyberghost is probably the best choice is they
offer six months free giving you eighteen months for the price of twelve
and it works out much cheaper than either C or purevpn for those of you
that want to sign up for two years that the best option at the moment for people
with faster connections is Nord VPN ipvanish don't offer a two-year plan
currently and Nord works out at a good value for those of you with slower
connections the obvious choice here is cyberghost both oversea and cyber goats
are the cheapest two-year plan but cyberghost is the better VPN as I said
the links to all these services are down in the description below for anyone that
wants to take a look they all offer their services globally and have
applications available on all platform I'm hoping this video has helped you
enough to make an informed decision on what VPN is right for you but of course
if you confused about anything or want to know more simply ask down in the
comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and as I said if there's a
VPN that you want included in the next test please request that down in the
comments as well but as always thank you for watching the video and please don't
forget to Like share and subscribe to the channel

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