Best VPN for Android: TOP 3 Android VPN apps in 2021 + LIVE showcase

– You need to know that the
vast majority of VPNs downloaded off Google Play really won't
protect your private deetz. In this video, we're going to tell you why you can't trust all
VPNs on Google Play, which ones you can trust and
how to use VPNs on Android. Check out the full list of
our best VPNs for Android, plus bag a massive discount
when you make a purchase, the link will be in the description. There are many bad or fake Android VPN apps available on Google Play. Lots of these are actually very dangerous. Poor quality VPNs for Android
often use weak encryption. They leave your device highly vulnerable to malicious attacks, sell your data for a profit or give it to oppressive governments.

There are over 200 VPN Android apps on the Google Play store. How can you know which ones
are safe and worth your money? This review is going to show you exactly which VPN Android apps are both trustworthy and ideal for mobile devices. But first, I'm going to tell you why you're really need
to install a secure VPN on your Android mobile in 20 seconds. To protect you from malicious attacks that steal sensitive information when you're using public Wi-Fis, to allow you to stream awesome content from around the world, to give you access to Google, Twitter, and other censored sites, if
your internet is restricted. Finally, to let you access
your company's files so that you can respond to work emails when you're on the go. So are you ready for my list of three favorite VPNs for Android? I'll start with number three
and work my way up to the top. The Android app for this VPN is almost as feature packed
as the full desktop version. It's compatible with devices
running Android version 4.4 and anything newer than that.

So it should work on your device, even if you haven't
upgraded it in a while. It has a decent rating
on Google Play store with users agreeing
that it's an effective, reliable VPN Android app. Okay, so let's check it out. I'll also take a moment to show you how to use a VPN on Android. You can see that it's streamlined. It's easy to find and search
servers and locations. In the settings menu, you
can see that the VyprVPN Android app has a kill switch. This is a crucial security feature.

A kill switch will terminate
your internet connection, if your VPN crashes. It's something we'll look
out for in the other apps that we're reviewing here, because not all Android VPN apps have it. This feature automatically
switches the VPN on when you connect to a public Wi-Fi. Here you can set the VPN
to automatically reconnect if your internet crashes. You can pick from different protocols, and you can use the split tunneling option to decide which apps connect via the VPN.

And there's a 24/7 live chat support for answering your questions. Now that you've seen the app, let's dive a bit deeper into
the nuts and bolts of this VPN. Also, if you want a massive VPN discount, hit this eye button right away. Good security is essential, and VyprVPN boasts military
grade encryption methods, Golden Frog, the company behind this VPN is located in the privacy
friendly Switzerland. So they take their no
logs policy seriously. For performance, you don't want a VPN that significantly slows
down your browsing speeds. VyprVPN is actually very fast. You can stream an ultra HD, which is great because VyprVPN unblocks a string of geo
restricted streaming platforms. It also works in China. Thanks to its proprietary
chameleon protocol.

You can run it on multiple
devices at once as well. So it works on Android, but what if you want to install it on other types of devices? All the VPNs on this list has native apps designed for both Windows and Mac. VyprVPN works on a string
of other devices as well. Surprisingly pricing isn't high, especially if you pick the two year plan. (upbeat music) SurfShark is one of the
cheapest Android VPNs out there, but it has advanced features
and a stellar reputation. The app is sleek and easy to use. There's a handy quick connect option. When you do want to pick a server, there's a bunch of options. Besides the usual servers,
there are static servers, which allows your IP
address to stay the same whenever you're using the VPN and multi hop servers for
an extra layer of security. The features tab has some juicy extras that you won't find on many
other VPN Android apps. This includes an ad and malware blocker, a Whistler that basically works the same as VyprVPN split tunneling, an alert for when you're at risk and a punchy incognito mode. Under settings, you can see
that there's a kill switch and you can change your
tunneling protocol.

Live support is helpful
and it's available 24/7. So the app is great, but what
about general functionality? Well, firstly, security is tight. On top of the hardcore
extra security features, SurfShark VPN uses those military
grade encryption methods. It's basically the British Virgin Islands, which has literally zero
data retention loss. It's also among the fastest
VPNs currently available. It connects in streams without buffering and unblocks so many streaming platforms.

There are a couple of features that get around Chinese censorship. If you want to use it on other devices, there are a bunch to pick from, and you can run it from an
unlimited amount of devices. As I mentioned earlier, the prices are pretty unbelievable. (upbeat music) This is possibly the best VPN for Android. The Android app is just as feature packed as the desktop version, but
it's still so simple to use. I just love this map feature
it's quick and convenient. The server list is just easy to navigate and there's a ridiculous
number of specialty servers. There's a dedicated torrenting
server Onion Over VPN and double VPN servers for extra security. Servers to protect you when you're gaming and dedicated IPs that you
can buy and use exclusively.

There's also a quick connect option. Settings has a bunch of features. There's an ad and malware blocker, servers for hiding your traffic when you're browsing in
restricted countries. the option to change
protocols and auto connect, which has a bunch of
options for controlling how, and when your device connects. You won't see a kill switch here, but that's because it's actually
integrated into the app. So it works automatically. Again, live chat support
is wonderfully helpful and available 24/7. This highly functional Android VPN app is not the only reason why NordVPN has such a stellar reputation. Besides the military
grade encryption methods, NordVPN uses the latest
tunneling protocols. It's also based in Panama where
privacy is deeply respected. It's no logs policy has been independently audited and verified. It's currently the
fastest VPN on the market, so you can stream literally
without interruption. Plus, you can unblock all
these streaming platforms. The obfuscated servers mean
that this VPN for Android can bypass Chinese censorship.

You can use it on most
other devices as well. And it supports multiple connections. The three year plan is
pretty budget-friendly. Okay, so these are the three
excellent VPNs for Android, but which one should you pick? Choose the VyprVPN if you're
looking for a compromise between quality and
price, or if you haven't upgraded your phone in a while. Opt for SurfShark, if you're looking to spend as little as possible
and need a VPN for Android that serves over six devices. You'll love NordVPN if you
have a slightly higher budget and are particularly concerned when it comes to security
and extra features. Go ahead and check out our full list of the best VPNs for Android. Plus get your hands on a
massive discount right here. Subscribe to our channel for your weekly dose of VPNs and security. And thank you so much for watching.

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