Best VPN for Chromebook in 2021 | TOP 3 EASY to use VPNs

โ€“ You're a massive Chromebook fan. Among other things you love
all the built-in security these devices have to offer, but is it possible to have a
Chromebook and still use a VPN? Hey guys, today we're going to explore how to get a VPN working
on your Chromebook. I'm also gonna share my absolute favorite VPNs for Chromebook. For awesome tips and updates
on VPNs and security, hit those Like and Subscribe buttons, and don't forget to visit the description for massive VPN discounts. Chromebooks have a reputation
for being impressively secure. However, like most things in life, they do have an Achilles heel as well. For one thing, they are
no more privacy-friendly than the other mainstream
operating systems. Secondly, they leave you
open to some cyber attacks, both things a VPN can help with. And who doesn't want the opportunity to unlock huge stockpiles
of online content as an added bonus? In fact, there are lots of
reasons you may want a VPN, but you should know that it's
really tough to find a VPN that's fully compatible with Chrome OS.

Few VPNs have dedicated Chromebook apps, which is why I'm here today with a few tricks on getting
VPNs to work on a Chromebook. For starters, you can
use VPN apps for Android on your Chromebook, but
there are other ways as well which I'll tell you after
my favorite Chromebook VPNs. (upbeat music) This may sound weird but you will most likely be
able to use a VPN Android app on your Chromebook. This is probably the best way
to run a VPN for Chromebook.

More and more Chromebooks are coming up with built-in
support for Android apps. Fortunately, there are lots
of excellent VPN Android apps, so this is a great way to stream, torrent, and protect all the
traffic on your Chromebook. But let's get to the meat of the video, the best VPNs for Chromebook in 2020. I researched quality VPNs that are compatible with
Chrome OS and Android, and came up with a top three list, NordVPN, Surfshark VPN, and IPVanish.

If you wanna check out the full list of best VPNs for Chromebook, plus bag a juicy discount,
hit this iButton right here. These three VPNs made
it to the top of my list for a few reasons. So I'm gonna tell you what's to love about using these VPNs on your Chromebook. NordVPN has seamless Chromebook support, there's a dedicated Chrome extension and a great Android app as well.

In fact, NordVPN Android app is probably my favorite
VPN app for Android. When it comes to performance,
NordVPN is a top player. It has a massive server fleet,
which guarantees fast speeds, and there are lots of convenient features for torrenting and streaming, such as SmartPlay and a Socks5 proxy. It's also incredibly secure, with ultratight AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, IP leak protection, and awesome extras like double
VPN and obfuscated servers. It supports a string of platforms and multiple simultaneous connections. It's also genuinely affordable and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Surfshark is also ideal for Chromebook. There's that Chrome extension
and streamlined Android app. It's fast, serves a huge server fleet, and the security is watertight
with all the essentials like military-grade
encryption and a kill switch, as well as extras like
MultiHop, Stealth protocols, and HackLock. There are apps for a bunch of platforms, and you can run an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. In short, Surfshark is a steal, and if you don't like it, you can take advantage of their
30-day money back guarantee.

Last but not least, IPVanish is another
great VPN for Chromebook. It has a Chrome extension, and a well-designed Android app, as well as great speeds and
lots of servers to pick from. Security is top quality, although there aren't
as many extra features as the other VPNs on the list can offer. There're so many app options, and you can also run up to
10 simultaneous connections. The cost is a little more
than you'll pay for NordVPN and Surfshark though. I'd say it's an average
price for a top VPN, but you still get the
seven-day money back guarantee. Guys, Chromebooks are fantastic, and it's pretty easy to
install a VPN for Chromebook even if your device doesn't
support Android apps there are at least two other ways to set up a VPN on your Chromebook.

Firstly, you can use a
Chrome browser extension. Lots of top VPNs offer
Chromebook browser extensions. Using one of these is the easiest way to run a VPN on your Chromebook, but this only protects
your browser traffic. It is super useful in some situations like streaming and shopping online. However, an extension
won't protect your privacy when you're running other apps. If your Chromebook
doesn't support Android, and you can't run it via Chrome extension, this is your best bet, manually configuring
your device to run a VPN does require a little brainwork but it will cover all
your Chromebook traffic. It also works for all
versions of Chromebooks. So let's recap the three ways you can go about running
a VPN on your Chromebook, and their relative pros and cons. Running it through an Android app is easy, offers most of the useful features, and protects all of your traffic. The con is that it doesn't
work on all Chromebooks. Chrome extensions will
work on all Chromebooks, they're easy to use, but they won't protect
all of your traffic.

Finally setting it up manually
offers all the benefits but it's not so simple. Now that you know how to
use a VPN on Chromebook, check out some stunning
VPN discounts right here. Subscribe to this channel for your weekly dose of VPNs and security, and thanks for watching. (upbeat music).

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