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looking for the best vpn for iphone you have come to the right place we have reviewed ranked and rated all the best vpn providers out there we did this so you can confidently choose the best vpn service for your iphone without wasting your time and money in this video we will cover the five best vpns that work seamlessly with iphones also we will show you how you can get up to seventy seven percent discount on our top vpn picks so stay with us and don't go anywhere whichever vpn you choose make sure to buy it using the official links we have added in the description box down below these links have special discounts already applied to them so you'll save quite a lot of money let's get started as of 2021 about 728 million people worldwide use an iphone with the united states and china alone contributing to a combined 348 million iphone users out of the total we know those are some really staggering statistics but that is the height of popularity the apple owned iphone has attained since its first model was launched in 2007.

While it used to be an item that represents luxury for the rich nearly anyone in any corner of the globe can afford an iphone nowadays so it's not a surprise that the iphone is always a subject of attacks by hackers and scammers of course apple doesn't miss a chance to brag about the iphone being well protected and invulnerable but many people would argue especially those whose iphones have been hacked in the past in truth the iphone enjoys extra layers of protection compared to other brands of smartphones and it takes an extremely skilled hacker to bypass its firewall however we can't shy away from the fact that it can still be hacked just like every other electronic device if you have sensitive data on your iphone and you are wary of it getting out in the open or into the wrong hands then you need a virtual private network vpn with a vpn your phone's already strong defense becomes virtually impenetrable and that's the dream of every phone user however you must be warned the industry is filled with many fake vpns with deceptive advertising tricks therefore it would be ill-advised to rely on a random vpn app you downloaded from the app store if you want a vpn that can effectively protect your iphone we advise you to choose a paid service with a top paid vpn you have on your hands a vpn that doesn't only protect your privacy and data but also lets you bypass censorship geo restrictions and gives you complete peace of mind in this video we have evaluated and ranked the best vpns for iphone out there based on the five factors the first factor is speed this is the first part in every review where the speed performance of the provider is discussed the second factor is security here we will analyze the security protocols and encryption of the provider the third factor is the network size the network size consists of the number of servers a provider has and how they are distributed the fourth factor we have considered is features here we will analyze the different features packed into every service the fifth aspect is pricing in this part we will talk about the pricing structure of every vpn provider and the plans on offer now let's get started but first we ask for a small favor our videos are the result of hours of extensive research and hard work you can support us in a big way if you hit the like button and subscribe to our channel we really need your support to continue making these animated videos so please press the like button also we have two questions for you first what's the best vpn for iphone in your opinion and why second which are the essential features of a vpn service one needs to consider before buying it we read all the comments and value your feedback the most interesting comment will be pinned here are the five best vpns for iphones in descending order at number five we have the private internet access or pia vpn service we know many eyebrows would be raised at the inclusion of this service primarily due to its jurisdiction the united states however it rightly deserves its spot here as the company has repeatedly shown it's one of the best options for people looking for a tool to help them protect sensitive data on their iphones in terms of speed this provider is all shades of incredible you shouldn't expect the network to match expressvpn with its speed performance but it wouldn't be a walkover if both services were to compete in a speed test like it happens with every other vpn service though the speed drops when you connect from distant locations being a us-based service you're probably worried about the reliability of private internet access when it comes to privacy to allay your fears though the service has proven reliable against the odds set against them on the virtue of location while the united states government is still in the business of intruding privacies this service claims not to log any data so you can seek some solace from that however a us-based company can't still be completely trusted so we urge you to keep that in mind for its security the service uses both aes 128 bits and aes 256-bit encryption and also offers support for multiple protocols like l2tp ipsec pptp and openvpn all of this is impressive to say the least as of 2020 pia has more than 3000 servers across the world which sounds incredible until you learn that the servers are only distributed across 33 countries the server count is great with the united states and north america in general enjoying the bulk of the coverage in other regions however the coverage is pretty disappointing as for the built-in features pia doesn't come with many unique features of course there is a kill switch as is standard nowadays apart from that however there are only the encrypted wi-fi sox5 proxy and ad blocking which are quite unspectacular features the service is very affordable though which we believe might make it more appealing to users there are three plans on offer with the cheapest one costing 9.95 and the most expensive one costing just 83.87 in general private internet access is a great affordable service that can hold its own against giant rivals however you must be willing to ignore the fact that it's headquartered in the united states and if truth be told that's not an easy thing to do if you are interested in pia vpn click on the official link given in the video description below you can save up to 78 percent on this vpn using our link ranked fourth on our list is surf shark to offer you some reprieve we have a british virgin island-based provider surf shark the bvi is probably the safest location for vpn companies thanks to its lenient privacy regulations and vpn friendly laws companies based in the region are able to thrive without needing to be constantly worried about the possibility of security agents breaking down their doors in search of sensitive data since there's nothing to be worried about as regards privacy you're probably eager to find out how the service performs in terms of speed well we'll give you the short answer incredible obviously it's still some way behind expressvpn the fastest vpn around but the speed offered by this service allows you to enjoy streaming and torrenting it's also worth adding that like every other vpn provider located in the british virgin island surf shark doesn't keep logs knowing this you can sleep peacefully every night knowing you are not at risk of having your personal information or data out in the open for its security the service uses aes 256-bit encryption which is the highest form of encryption in the world in fact it's the same encryption used by nasa the us government and the military so you can rest assured that your data will never be breached or compromised for added security surfshark supports ike version 2 and openvpn which are the most reliable vpn protocols out there however the company fails to impress as regards their server counts compromising 1700 plus servers in more than 63 countries the distribution is a bit better though as about 50 countries are covered while users won't have the luxury of many server options per location they will be able to connect to many countries another area where surf shark impresses is when it comes to advanced features boasting many unique options that you can't find in regular vpns apart from the kill switch which seems to have become irregular nowadays there are tor onion over vpn malware blocker and ad blocker as well amazingly the service offers four subscription plans with each one coming with a 30-day money-back guarantee the plans are also affordable so you don't even need to break the bank to be able to buy this incredible service in summary surf shark is an amazing service of course it has a few shortcomings with the biggest one being its seemingly small network size if you want to subscribe to surfshark we have added an official link in the description section below you can get up to 80 off on surfshark using that link the third spot goes to cyberghost with its combination of a reliable privacy policy solid security high speeds and flexible pricing structure cyberghost is an outstanding vpn provider that deserves its spot on this list being a romania-based provider it remains one of the few services you can entrust with your personal data and information without constantly watching your back moving on let's talk about speed of course that's always one of the first subjects you ask about when learning about a vpn provider cyberghost delivers high speeds allowing you to stream online content effortlessly apart from streaming the high speed also allows users to download large files in the shortest time possible taking the usual frustration out of using a vpn in terms of privacy cyberghost performs amazing as we noted earlier romania as you probably know is one of the most lenient countries as far as vpn is concerned for this reason companies operating there are able to establish and maintain an unbreachable privacy policy it's no different with cyberghost obviously the company maintains a very strict privacy policy giving its users the premises to do whatever they want on the internet without needing to be wary users even have the choice to pay anonymously which shows the amount of respect the company has for users privacy for maximum security the service supports the most dependable vpn protocols around that is openvpn and ike version 2.

As if that's not enough it uses aes 256-bit encryption which is by far the sternest security encryption in the world if you are interested in location spoofing you may be interested in knowing the number of servers offered by cyberghost and the number of locations it covers to answer your question cyberghost currently operates about 6200 plus servers spanning across 111 locations in 90 countries regardless of the metrics with which you are making your evaluation these are remarkable numbers to make things much easier the service also offers specialized servers which have been streamlined for certain activities like streaming and torrenting to justify its hefty price tag cyberghost comes with many advanced features all aimed at making things less complicated for vpn users talking about the price its one month plan costs a hefty 12.99 however the monthly cost drops considerably to just 3.99 if you go for the yearly plan however you will be billed 47.88 for the entire year the two-year plan costs 83.76 or 349 per month all in all if you put everything on offer into consideration it's totally worth the price if you want to buy cyberghost use the official links given in the description below to get a massive 75 discount on cyberghost nordvpn takes the second position on our list nordvpn may come second on this list but on a different day and in a different list you could find it ranked higher and you shouldn't be surprised it's an incredible vpn provider that in our opinion can never be over hyped speed wise we admire the performance of the service most people may put it behind expressvpn when it comes to speed but nobody would argue that the speed performance is tremendous it allows you to stream effortlessly and lets you download large files which is especially important for torrent users the next aspect of the service that we find remarkable is privacy and security the company is based in panama which like the british virgin islands has rules and regulations that aid the operation of vpn companies since there is no law in the country that requires companies to keep the information and data of their users nordvpn maintains a strict no logging policy this way your data will forever remain where it should be i.e private we also admire the company's efforts to make the data encryption as solid as possible using the world's highest encryption level aes 256-bit encryption for added security it's also compatible with the most reliable protocols around such as the openvpn and ike version 2 ipsec that takes us to the most impressive part of the service the network size boasting more than 5000 servers across the world nordvpn has by far the largest server network in the world the coverage is great as well as it covers 60 countries globally however we agree that it could be better considering its fiercest rival expressvpn covers almost 100 countries nordvpn offers some special features but being a premium vpn service that's not unexpected some of the advanced features built into the service include the kill switch ad blocker malware blocker and tor onion over vpn nordvpn also offers an enticing pricing structure apart from putting four different plans on offer each plan is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee giving users enough time to test the waters it should also be said that the plans are affordable making this an extremely attractive option overall nordvpn is an excellent vpn service provider wowing customers with both performance and pricing if you are interested in nordvpn click on the official link given in the description below to get up to 68 discount on the service finally expressvpn is our top ranked vpn provider you probably saw this coming expressvpn has been the number one vpn provider for many years and judging by how well it protects an iphone the vpn service won't be relinquishing its spot anytime soon with the overwhelming freedom enjoyed by the company in the british virgin islands expressvpn has the foundation to be as good as it can be by default a vpn service is meant to throttle your speed mainly because of the encryption and complexities involved that's why it's highly impressive that this provider offers blazing speeds getting rid of the usual speed frustration that comes with using a vpn while rivals like nordvpn and cyberghost also offer decent speed performances expressvpn triumphs them all allowing its users to enjoy smooth and fast streaming while offering the most impenetrable security in the world speaking about security you'd be glad to know that this service also supports reliable protocols like openvpn pptp l2tp ipsec and sstp on top of that it uses aes 256-bit encryption which is the gold standard when it comes to data encryption of course expressvpn maintains a reliable privacy policy and promises to protect your data and there's even no question about the validity of this claim since the company maintains a strict no logging policy which means nothing that can be traced directly to you will ever be stored another area where expressvpn performs superbly is the network size although its 3000 strong server network is not as massive as the 5000 servers offered by nordvpn expressvpn enjoys a more extensive coverage spanning 98 countries as you'd expect the service has some advanced features including a server switch tore over vpn split tunneling and of course the kill switch however these advanced features come at a relatively steep price which we think is justified anyway users can choose either the one month plan the six-month plan or the 12-month plan which costs 12.95 59.95 and 99.95 respectively meanwhile each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows you to get a refund if you are not pleased with the service within the first 30 days for a special discount on expressvpn check out the official link in the description below to get a special discount of up to 49 you will also get three months of free expressvpn service when you buy through our link given down below so these were the best vpns for the iphone if you're on a limited budget and can't afford a premium vpn service for some reason don't worry we'll now cover the three free vpns as a bonus while we don't encourage anyone to rely on free services we think these three services have done enough to be given the benefit of the doubt the first one is proton vpn which is one of the very few free vpn providers that don't keep logs it also uses high grade encryption so the odds of your data getting breached is low next on our list is hotspot shield free vpn which is another good free service this company also seems to take security seriously using aes 256-bit encryption and its exclusive protocol named catapult hydra lastly we have the tunnelbear free vpn which is a canada-based company like the previous two options this one also supports reliable protocols and encryption but its location remains a significant cause for concern with that said we have reached the end of the video and we'd like to thank you for following us to the end now it's over to you we'd like to know your feedback so let us know in the comments section what you think about our choices and recommendations we'd love to hear from you don't forget to check out the links down below for special discounts on all the premium vpn services please hit the like button if you haven't already and don't forget to subscribe for more videos if you're interested in antivirus software check out our video about the five best antivirus software available these days or see our detailed reviews of top vpn providers you

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