Best VPN for iPhone in 2020 | My TOP 3 VPNs + LIVE SHOWCASE

- I get it. You're flooded with VPN 
ads. They all promise to be the savior of   your iPhone security. Right now, you're asking 
a very relevant question, which VPN service is   actually good for iPhone? For the full list of 
the best VPNs for iPhone and some cool discounts,   the link will be in the description. For more 
news and tips on VPNs and security hit those   Like and Subscribe buttons. There are so 
many mediocre VPN apps on the App Store.   It's genuinely a challenge to find an iPad 
or iPhone VPN that actually reliable, fast   and safe. Guys, you are finally going to find out 
which are the best VPNs for iPhone. I'm going to   spill the beans on iPhone VPNs. You are going to 
discover some apps that genuinely packs a punch.   I'm also going to give a live showcase of each 
app and go through the settings so you can see how   they work and decide whether you're interested in 
installing one.

Firstly, you should know that the   built-in security features on iOS aren't enough to 
protect your online security. They don't disguise   your IP address the way VPNs do so you are still 
vulnerable to malicious attacks. You also can't   bypass geoblocks in your iPhone or iPad without a 
VPN. Most of the world's streaming libraries just   aren't available for you. I picked the top three 
VPNs for iPhone based on these crucial features,   security, performance, and usability. Here they 
are. Are you ready? It's NordVPN, Surfshark and   PrivateVPN. If you wanna bag a massive discount 
on these VPNs, hit this I button right now. In   my opinion, NordVPN is the best VPN for iPhone. 
The app is so straightforward and easy to use.   There's a quick connection option for instantly 
connecting. Then there's this really handy map   right there for picking locations. Servers are 
easy to find and sort on the server list, too.   Here are the features and settings, and you 
can see that there's quite a lot of them,   but the explanations are clear.

It's available for 
all versions of iOS, so it's guaranteed to work on   your device. Another reason why I like the NordVPN 
iOS app is that it's incredibly safe and secure.   The kill switch is integrated into the app. So 
you won't see a setting for that. It's automatic.   CyberSec is available. It blocks ads and malware, 
and there are a bunch of settings for controlling   how your iPhone connects to wifi.

It's also 
really private. There's a strict no logs policy.   And it's based in Panama where your privacy is 
respected. Speeds are great. This is the fastest   VPN out there. There's a huge server fleet to pick 
from as well. So you have a lot of flexibility.   It can unblock multiple Netflix libraries for 
you to stream from your iPhone as well as some   alternative streaming platforms. Okay, 
so what about Apple platforms? Because   if you have a subscription, you might as well 
install the app on your Mac or iPad as well,   right? Well, you'll be happy to know that there's 
a dedicated NordVPN apps for Macs and iPads.   You can also set it up on your Apple TV and 
you can run it on up to six devices at once.   There's a full 30-day money-back guarantee 
so you can try it without any risks.   Payment is convenient and you can subscribe 
via Apple Pay.

NordVPN pricing is not the   cheapest on the market. It's a decent average 
for a VPN service, but it's worth every penny.   This is another excellent VPN for iPhone app. It's 
actually one of the fastest VPN services right now   in 2020. The app is streamlined and easy to use. 
Straight away on the home screen there's a quick   connect option. You can also set how this works. 
Locations are straightforward to find and sort   and the features and settings are very clear 
as well. Unfortunately, it only works on iOS   version 10.3.3 or later, so you'll need to have 
a recent model to use it. Okay, so what about   security? What does Surfshark iOS have to offer? 
There are a string of awesome security features,   including an ad and malware blocker, alerts for 
at-risk passwords and a watertight incognito mode.   Under Settings, there's a kill switch. Plus 
you can adjust how you connect to wifi as   well. It has a watertight, no logs policy, 
and it's based in privacy-friendly Panama.   I am impressed with Surfshark's performance.

has a large server fleet and it's crazy fast.   It unblocked server Netflix libraries as well 
as other streaming favorites. It works on Mac   and iPad and you can set it up on your Apple 
TV as well. Guys, you can use Surfshark on   an unlimited amount of devices. So it's ideal for 
using in the workplace or for a group of friends.   It offers a full 30-day money back guarantee 
so you can take it for a test drive before you   make any commitments. Payment is convenient 
with Apple Pay. Finally, Surfshark is one of   the most affordable VPNs on the market. And this 
is surprising because it really is top quality.   PrivateVPN is another good VPN for iPhone. 
It's not as feature packed as the other two   VPNs I've reviewed here, but it's solid and 
reliable and offers excellent iOS support.   The app is also straightforward to use. 
You can see the server list right here on   the home screen.

Servers are easy to sort. You 
can even select servers for specific services.   This is the menu. It's not as streamlined as the 
other apps I've reviewed here, but the settings   are still easy to navigate. Unfortunately, 
PrivateVPN only supports iOS version 9.0 or later.   So again, your phone will have to be relatively 
up to date. Security is top notch. It has a   built-in kill switch. And the encryption is really 
strong. PrivateVPN boasts a strict no logs policy,   but keep in mind that it is based in Sweden, which 
has more intrusive laws than the countries where   the other two VPNs in this video are located. 
It also has a smaller server fleet than the   other VPNs here.

However speeds are still 
good. The area where PrivateVPN excels is   unblocking geo-restricted content. It's reliable, 
it unblocks multiple Netflix libraries as well as   other streaming platforms. PrivateVPN 
supports iPads and Macs as well. And you   can set it up on your Apple TV and you can 
connect up to six devices at once. Again,   they offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee and 
you can get it via the Apple App Store. So Apple   Pay is supported. And guys, prices are really 
good. It's a steal for such a quality service.   You know that I like to include both the pros 
and the cons in my reviews, but there's very   little to complain about with these services. 
They're excellent. They all have everything   you need for VPN for iPhone. You'll enjoy NordVPN 
if you want reliable quality that's easy to use,   but still offer some extras and don't mind paying 
for it. You'll love Surfshark if you're on a tight   budget.

You appreciate the wealth of features 
and you need lots of simultaneous connections.   You will appreciate PrivateVPN if your main 
purpose for using a VPN for iPhone is solid   security and unblocking streaming platforms. You 
aren't really looking for that much extra. Guys,   now that you know which VPNs are my top choice for 
installing in your iPhones, go ahead and check out   the full list of best VPNs for iPhone, plus grab 
a discount. You're gonna love it. It's right here.   Subscribe to our channel for your weekly dose 
of VPNs and security. And thanks for watching..

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