Best VPN for Kodi and how to install it. Latest Review (October 2017)

hey what's up everyone welcome back to
security gladiators today I'm going to be showing you the best VPN for Kodi is
their latest review on VPN services and in this video I'm not only going to show
you why we think this is the best VPN for Kodi that's on the market but I'll
also show you how to use it and here you can get a huge discount ok guys so we've
been getting lots of questions about VPNs and whether or not we use a VPN
when we use Kodi and what VPN that we use and that we recommend using so I'm
going to show you today the best VPN for kody that's on the market at the moment
and the one that we use and the one that we recomm and I'll also show you how to
install it and I'll show you I'll show you and give you some reasons why we
don't think using a free VPN is probably the best thing to do okay so what's the
best VPN for kody well the best VPN for kody
in our opinion is ipvanish this is what we use security gladiators we don't
really use it to surf the internet or use Kodi we can also use it to take the
geo blocks off Netflix basically this is the this is the VPN that we use all the
time whenever our Internet's connected our VPN with ipvanish is on and you
could find the full review at security gladiators comm /yp vanish – review and
it'll go through why you should use a VPN whenever you're using the internet
and also go through why we think this is the
best VPN in our opinion would also highlight some of their features some of
those it offers a no log policy which a lot of the free ones say that but if
you've read the news lately you'll know that that's actually not the
truth whereas ipvanish which is a paid service guarantee there no log policy
you can also run up to five devices with ipvanish simultaneously so you don't
need to buy more than one account you can actually just use this across all
your devices I also use it on my phone as well
anonymous torrent torrenting access to the world's fastest VPN which is true
this VPN is is really fast much faster than the other ones that we've reviewed
I'll go through some more features in a minute like I said if you decide to get
ipvanish head over to the security gladiators and use a link here because
you'll be able to get yourself a pretty good discount all right so I was gonna
go through how to install it once you've actually gone through in purchased
ipvanish you'll come up to a download software page all you need to do is
click your operating system whatever it is that you might be using if you're
gonna put it on your phone just go to the App Store or Android app for Google
Play and then just click on the associated one so I'm using Windows here
so I'm just going to click on download software it's like installing any other
program guys it's really easy and simple to set up and that's what I love as well
a bit ipvanish really user-friendly interface which
you'll see in a minute I'll just give that a second what I might do is is just
fast-forward that a little bit so you don't have to wait around too long okay that's finished downloading so I'm
just going to install it just click on that and it should automatically extract
and then like I said it's just like installing any other program it's just a
matter of eating next accepting the terms and conditions have a rig through
those hitting next and just following the prompts and that's it that's how
quick it is and then all we need to do is hit run ipvanish
okay so once that's installed you should get a program that pops up like this so
just use the credentials that you did to sign up with to login to ipvanish
once you've typed them in just hit login and it should load up automatically once
you're in the user interface it's it's really simple guys you just need to
select the country and the state in which you want to connect with you do
have the option to choose a server as well just for the sake here today I'm
just going to hit connect to the first one that pops up and in a sec I'll go
through some of the settings as well just give it a couple of SEC's
okay that's connected that's basically it now once you connect to Kodi you will
be under the protection of a VPN of ipvanish
so you can select service specifically if you like and you can do that via a
map or a list and you can change some of the settings if you're a bit more
advanced with your VPN knowledge however I find Quick Connect
probably the best so the reason why we choose ipvanish as I guess our preferred
VPN one that's really user friendly there's unlimited bandwidth 256 bit
encryption which is really important zero traffic logs zero traffic logs this
is really important if you're using the VPN for other stuff five simultaneous
connections that you can use across multiple devices so like I said I use it
on my phone and two really good things 24/7 customer
support and a seven day money-back guarantee so if you don't like it for
whatever reason it's just a matter of emailing them now I did say before why
don't recommend using a free VPN and it sort of comes down to how secure do you
want to be use a free very free VPN I mean how sure can you be that it's
that it's really working for one and whether or not tracking you or your
anonymity can be quite unreliable with the connections they bottle make your
speeds and their protocols quite as good as what's used with ipvanish however do
your own research guys another review site you know that we've used as well as
top VPN software they've reviewed a whole bunch of VPNs as well also ranking
ipvanish best however like I said do you do your own research make that decision
for yourself but that is it guys thank you again for watching security
gladiators and don't forget to Like subscribe
and comment if you need a hand thanks again

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