Best VPN for Mac in 2021🔥 Top 5 VPN choices for your Apple device

– Hey, long time no see friends. How are you doing? Me, just looking for a
VPN from a brand new Mac. Why use one? You know what, that's
a real good question. So join me as I will now
explain why you might need a VPN on your Mac, but also give
you the list of the best VPNs for Mac and if you're not just into Macs but also into online privacy,
subscribe to this channel MacOS and iOS have unique
programming behind them which is mostly good, but
also a bit problematic. So when there's a security
software getting developed, it's mostly for Windows,
Linux and Android. That's why a lot of VPNs
for Mac are poorly optimized for the system or do not work properly and even if you don't
need any added security, that's not a reason to pass
on the good VPN for Mac. You can download VPN for Mac,
for entertainment as well. VPNs helped to unblock geoblock content from streaming platforms like Netflix, save you money on the regional sales or help you safely download
torrents with optimized servers.

Thing is finding the best VPN for Mac is going to be a hassle, that
is unless you follow the list of the best VPN services
listing VPNs for Mac books. Perhaps the best VPN
there is NordVPN for Mac, but one is never enough, right? My top five is filled with
other top VPN services like Surfshark, ExpressVPN,
Windscribe and PIA, but this is just a list. If you wanna make educated choice and find out which VPN is best for Mac and how to use VPN on Mac,
it's time for me to explain it. NordVPN is on this list
for a very good reason.

Of course, you must
already know that NordVPN is confirmed to be the
fastest VPN on the market thanks to tunneling protocol, NordLynx, but the best part is that this protocol is also available on the
macOS and iOS applications of NordVPN. Security wise, NordVPN
applications for Apple computers and other devices do not
lose much to the applications on the other platforms. You will also have access to
military-grade encryption, kill switches, a free SOCKS5
proxy, double VPN and more. Almost all of the NordVPN
features are available on macOS and of course, nothing will
prevent you from connecting to one of the 5,400 plus servers located in 59 countries around the world. Want to bypass a geoblock
and watch Netflix in different regions? Be my guest. Perhaps the only mediocre
part of NordVPN is its price. That it's not as low as Surfshark but also not nearly as high as ExpressVPN. You can check the numbers yourself. Even though NordVPN is one
of my favorite choices, it doesn't mean that others
on this list are not on par.

Surfshark for instance,
is a very fast VPN service equipped with a high-performance
tunneling protocol called WireGuard, also available on macOS. Well Surfshark does have
less security features than NordVPN. There are still military-grade
encryption, kill switch, multi-hop, leak protection and more all available on Mac, of course and while there are over
3,200 servers for Surfshark which is less than NordVPN, it
has more locations available. 65 over 59, a marginal difference,
I know, but it is there and if you really want
a big difference pricing is where you find it,
because in the top five mine Surfshark is the most cost-effective one due to the low price as
well as the opportunity to use it on unlimited
devices with a single account.

ExpressVPN doesn't need
an introduction really. Once a King of VPNs, today
it's in a permanent state of war with NordVPN. ExpressVPN challenges NordVPN speed with its own tunneling protocol, Lightway. So far reaching comparable speeds despite Lightway still being in beta. With over 3000 servers
in over 90 countries, ExpressVPN can boast an
impressive server chain directly affecting the amount
of content you can get. In terms of security, ExpressVPN
for Mac has strong base, high end encryption, reliable
kill switch, leak protection, but not enough extra
features found in NordVPN and Surfshark. Besides kill switch is
not available on iOS which is are real bummer. But perhaps the main reason why ExpressVPN struggles that hard against
competition is it's high price. It's two to three times
higher than that of NordVPN and Surfshark.

I mean sure, ExpressVPN is a good service, but I'm not sure about that price. Windscribe is the only
freemium VPN on my list. What is freemium you may ask? That means there's a free version and a premium version of that VPN. Obviously free version is quite limited and doesn't have some of the
features of the premium one. So I'm going to focus on the latter. Windscribe is quite fast thanks
to the WireGuard protocol helping it to keep being
on par on Surfshark. It has an encryption system
with the same caliber as top players do, but also
a lot of extra features. There's a kill switch,
ad blocking, double hop, split tunneling, more
features than ExpressVPN even.

It also supports Netflix
unblocking with dedicated servers and has those for torrenting as well. While those fine things are really neat, Windscribe is ultimately
losing in server capability. It has only around 500
servers in 60 countries. As for the price, you
can get the Windscribe for a modest price,
especially for the long term, but then again, if you're
just willing to try it out, there's a free version. Last one in our list is PIA. US bros you should know that
one, a VPN born in America. It's a mammoth of a VPN
and a great VPN for Mac. Over 26,400 servers in 77 countries, with many dedicated to
streaming and torrenting. Paired with WireGuard powered speed, makes it an extremely strong contender. It's not weak in the
security front end either. Great encryption aside, PIA packs impressive security features, not limited to just the
kill switch and SOCKS5 proxy and despite the fact that
the US is not the best place for privacy oriented companies, so far PIA seems to deliver
on its privacy promises.

All of that for a medium price, still more expensive than Surfshark, but hey at least it's not
as expensive as ExpressVPN. Anyway, those are my
top five VPNs for Mac. Each one of those you can
get with a special discount, if you follow the link right down below. Make sure to subscribe
and share your opinion, which do you think is
a better VPN for Mac. Leave a comment. Thanks for watching and I'll
see you in the next video.

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