Best VPN for UK | TOP 6 VPNs for best privacy & streaming in 2021

– Brits, you may have the Queen, Benteleys and delicious biscuits but let's face it, your government surveillance
is a little over the top. You need an ace VPN. Today I'm dropping a full
review of the absolute best VPNs to use in the UK. You can check out the latest VPN deals on the description below. So grab them right now while they're hot. And for more news and
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Many of you may already
know that in the UK, law enforcement is allowed to view and even use the data of
any citizen at any time. In fact, the UK is a member of the largest signals
intelligence alliance out there known colloquially as The
Fourteen Eyes Alliance. However, if you use a VPN in the UK, your online activity is
almost totally hidden. Your data is disguised so no
one can view it or use it. So how do you know which
VPN to pick from among the thousands that are
out there on the market? Guys, I've put together a
list of the best VPNs for UK so you can find out which
VPNs are the top choice for installing on your devices if you live in the United Kingdom. The list is based off three
simple criteria that are crucial when you're in the UK How affordable the VPN is
compared to its utility? How well it keeps you anonymous and secure and whether it operates out
of a privacy friendly country. So these are the best
VPNs for UK: Nord VPN, Surfshark, Viper VPN,
Private VPN, Windscribe VPN and Express VPN.

If you wanna check out the
latest deals for any of these VPNs hit this i button right now. I guarantee you you won't regret it. Nord VPN is arguably the
all around best VPN for UK. It's located in Panama where
privacy is a high priority. Panama is not a part of
any major privacy alliance. Nord VPN is also kitted out
with some kick-ass features for protecting your anonymity. There are two types of kill switches, plus double VPN for an
added layer of protection.

There are no-logs policy has
been independently audited by world renowned accounting firm PWC so we know that's reliable. Nord VPN has a special
feature for streaming, called Smartplay, that makes bypassing those geoblocks super convenient. Plus it unlocks a whole
string of streaming libraries as well. Finally Nord VPN is possibly
the best VPN in the UK for torrenting. It has P2P servers in over 40 countries, along with tight security. Unlimited bandwidth and super fast Nord
links tunneling protocol in a Free Socks5 proxy. All major advantages
when you're torrenting. Happily prices are super affordable. Surfshark is another top
contender for best VPNs in the UK.

It's based in the privacy
friendly British Virgin Islands, which is also not part of
any intelligence alliance. And it has an extremely
strict no-logs policy, though this hasn't been
independently audited yet. For privacy features,
there's a kill switch, watertight leak protection
and a bunch of unusual extras. Most of the world's streaming libraries become available with Surfshark. Torrenting is supported and convenient with fast speeds and uncrackable security. It's one of the cheapest
top quality VPNs available. This is a great VPN that's
based in Switzerland, another country that's not part
of any intelligence alliance and respects privacy. There's a kill switch,
reliable leak protection, and a no-logs policy that has
been independently verified. You can unblock most streaming libraries and speeds are impressively fast. Torrenting is also supported and it's really budget-friendly.

(soft music) Unfortunately, Private
VPN is based in Sweden, which is a member of the
Fourteen Eyes Alliance. However, it has a strict no-logs policy, which is why it still
makes it to the list. If the government comes
knocking Private VPN, most likely won't have any info to offer. There's also a kill switch, leak protection and an app guard, which is a different type of
kill switch letting you choose an application that will stop as soon as your VPN connection drops. Private VPN unblocks,
most streaming platforms and supports torrenting. It's a highly affordable option. (soft music) Windscribe is also based in a not so privacy friendly country, this time it's Canada. It's not ideal if your top
reason for getting a VPN in the UK is government surveillance. However, it's still a highly
private VPN with a kill switch and watertight leak
protection, double hop, and a time and location warp.

The logs policy is a little different than with the other VPNs here. Basically Windscribe
keeps no identifying logs, which means that it keeps no
data that can be traced back to the users. Unfortunately, Windscribe isn't great at unblocking streaming
libraries, though it does unblock Netflix US which
will be enough for some. It does support torrenting and offers a free Socks proxy connection and split tunneling.

Finally, the pricing is some of the best. (soft music) Express VPN is a top quality service that like Surfshark it's based in the British Virgin Islands and boasts a strict no-logs policy that has been independently audited. It also has to kill switch
and reliable leak protection. It unlocks most global content libraries. Torrenting and P2Ps
allowed in all servers. There's no bandwidth limit. My only major complaint with Express VPN is that it's very expensive. Right now in 2020, you
shouldn't have to pay this much for a top VPN. Guys if you live in the UK, you have some excellent VPN choices, Nord VPN, Surfshark,
Viper VPN and Express VPN all rock like protecting your privacy from government surveillance. Plus you can stream and
torrent with them as well.

Private VPN also does a great job at protecting your privacy,
streaming and torrenting and Windscribe excels at anonymity, basic privacy and torrenting. You can grab a hot deal
on one of these best VPNs for UK right here. Subscribe to this channel
for your weekly dose of VPNs and security. Thanks for watching..

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