Best VPN for USA 🇺🇸 TOP 5 VPNs to stay anonymous in US

– There's a lot of content, we like to take from the USA with VPN. But if you're from the US
you also need a good VPN. Whether it's to protect
your privacy from your ISP, government, get some foreign content or just to use at school or work VPNs help with all of that. And only today, I'm here to tell you which are the best VPNs to use in the USA. Don't hesitate to slam
that subscribe button. It can take it. And if the bell rings to get
notified about new videos, so, hey, you know what to do. So if you actually saw
the beginning of the video you know what the deal is, US internet users are constantly monitored by big corporations and the government. Wherever you go online,
your ISP will know. And so will various government agencies at least theoretically. And the worst part, is that you have no chance to
fight against it on your own, but a VPN can help.

It will reroute your connection
through another server making your activity
invisible to your ISP. VPNs are also known for being capable of net stuff like unblocking
for Netflix content by passing school or
workplace restrictions and sometimes saving you
money on local sales. If you don't have expertise, finding a good VPN for your costs will be a hard challenge to say the least. So here are top five
best VPNs for the USA, NordVPN, Surfshark, VyprVPN,
PrivateVPN, and PIA. NordVPN is there for a couple
of significant reasons. First, it's extremely fast. Using its proprietary
tunneling protocol, NordLinks. It reaches unrivaled speed even when connecting to distance servers, but in the US you can
connect to a server nearby and Vola there will be minimal speed loss something most other VPNs
won't be able to match.

Second bonus is privacy located outside of info
sharing jurisdictions. This Panama based the company has an independently
audited no-logs policy. So there's none of your info. It will be able to leap
and you have options of paying them cryptocurrencies
to stay anonymous. Third is security and NordVPN
security really is magical. Military-grade encryption aside, NordVPN has tons of
features like kill switches, obfuscated servers and ad
blocker called cybersec and more. And the best part, is that NordVPN is really affordable going for the two year plan. You will only pay around $3 a month. And if you don't feel like
committing to the service there's a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find something
wrong with the service which is quite unlikely,
because I have no doubts it's the best VPN for the US.

Anyway my choice for
number two is Surfshark. This apex predator of a VPN is known to be one of the fastest growing providers out there. And for damn good reason, Surfshark has recently gained
over a thousand new servers. Now sitting on over 3,200
servers in 65 countries of the world, including USA, where it massive list of servers and those servers are quite protected. Surfshark security
features rivaled NordVPN with some military-grade encryption and only a slightly less
impressive fleet of extra features. Privacy wise Surfshark is quite good, having a no-logs policy and
an option to pay anonymously.

That's very neat. Thanks for the latest WireGuard protocol, Surfshark is getting exceptionally fast which means great streaming experience, probably gaming as well. So if you want an undisturbed
Netflix experience, Surfshark is definitely among
the best VPNs for Netflix USA. It's also cheap, even cheaper
if you get our discount, but nevertheless even the usual
deal for around $2 a month for its median plan is quite
a decent discount by itself. Did I mention you can also use one account on any number of devices? Well, no I did. VyprVpn is not the name we
hear often, and that's a shame. A proud daughter company to the famous privacy
protector, golden frog, VyprVpn is a mighty bestin, standing on the forefront of the battle against censorship and restrictions. It's not to safely and
privately delivered data across the most sophisticated
and complex firewalls. So just the one in China has surely, it has no trouble fooling your ISP or bypassing restrictions on
your workplace or at home.

And of course, VyprVpn is equipped with a WireGuard
tunneling protocol as well for extra speed and security, even price wise it's awesome. Thanks to work discount with
a monthly price of below $2. There's some no better deal than VyperVpn. The thing is, all those
features are fine and all but sometimes you want
something simple, you know like something basic that
seems impossible to break. Even if you try harder enough,
PrivateVPN is like that. It likes the server fleet
of NordVPN, or Surfshark and it's not a security
oriented as VyperVPN, PrivateVPN is good enough
to make your browsing safe. Good enough to unblock content and bypass restrictions and fast enough that you won't grow old
before your page gets loaded.

I would recommend PrivateVPN for those who are just starting with VPNs and don't know how to spend too much time configuring how to use one. It's easy. It's decent enough. And it's cheap with a 30 day
money back guarantee to boot. PIA is closer to Surfshark and VyperVPN being both extremely secure and fast but there's a reason that
goes beyond PrivateVPN in the list. You see, PIA is based in the USA and thus it's more susceptible
to the US government.

Of course, I have no reason
to doubt PIA no-logs policy and many good reviews of PIA lead me to believe that
it's a great service. However, there's a risk
due to its location. So please keep that in mind. Other than that, PIA is a fast VPN with lots of servers in the USA and the ability to unblock
restricted content, man, if only it was based in a
more privacy friendly country before we finished, let me know what that using VPN in the USA is absolutely legal.

And if you don't want to pay for a VPN, there are free VPNs
for USA like ProtonVPN. But to be completely honest,
you're better off without them. Check the description below
and get huge discounts that will save you a
lot of money guaranteed. Hope you enjoy this video and make sure to share your VPN experience in the US and subscribe for more content. (soft music).

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