Como usar o Avira Phantom Vpn – free

hello everyone here is jc introducing you to Avira Phantom Vpn this one is here! let's open sometimes we have problems setting up vpn and here it's automatic! Welcome screen you can ignore if you already know, let's take it Anonymous mode, you register and get 500 mb of extra browsing, the standard plan for the free version has 500 mega and with the registration you will have + 500 mb monthly traffic when you use it the web complemented you can choose to enter or not we already have registration to browse the net register later this is the first option someone will think, i'm connected to the wifi it's connecting brazil see what happens here oh change location we have to stop first let's stop! change location the progress connected Austria it is made by avira has a lot of evaluation in the play store connected as if you were in another country what is it for? privacy and you can also unlock sites that block you in Brazil and don't let you see the content United States, I like to emphasize this is not a miracle to make the 3g run for free that people criticize sometimes do not promise to make a vpn for cheat operator operators always doing here to give you more privacy security even so you're on the wifi network that you use and shared with thousands of people.

I don't criticize who does it, it will let you know when you are connected to an unsecured network about applications you see that it is very easy to program a bunch of numbers and put here log on or register the Pro version has more browsing capacity how is it pay monthly by paying and you get more enlarges more then you liked the app of course go there this one is paid, and here is the logo area you will enter your email address re registered back in the initial registration screen, as you have seen it is very easy to use your registration must for sure drop your registration what a pause we will register here whoever comes down here leave your email I'm recording now let's go email and password it didn't matter us we came back some problem in the connection here to log in that we had forgotten the password must be more in capitals and minuses for better security so I had forgotten this detail we went back browsing normal is the statistic in has 1 Gb of monthly traffic I am connected to wi fi as I told him for us not the operator wants to know if the creator is the privacy Avira is the best saying developer manufacturer of antivirus, no one better to help privacy, these are the basic settings – they are super simple things do I have vpn in my channel must configure charging I have to do a duty it is correct to treat so I do not disregard any doubt that I only wanted you to register is register about faith in january change location the place itself they asked braga as you can see it's 5 it's not a difficult thing i 've changed my location up there is another symbol that on the basis of the application that any detainee will not say it's not even enter in place both me and my pm connected 10 megas drug dealers friend the twins married to even madeira browser want peace the public good any merit is mere coincidence is very good and even an alert when the military sector of ms warns that this app is created at home in shock for free the news is perfect alignment is because here you have already opened an idea is to open a website that is from abroad I mean income or check the team what income claims a good part of the month so if you like or vecina the goal quickly now let's see the loading is from the region i worked, commented tony catechesis between the father that in the networks the lowest price for christmas the slowness i still haven't found mine in exchange davino that collect you connected when you're going to disown the boy you won't even because the web is quite true that you loaded the page you must remember to act hammond so since it's very neat 16 years free madaba very well not even half the bar was sixty seconds a lot of struggle diap highly mato thick paraná liked writing online channel month liked the application then doubts about enem starts recording cds and psd are some only there that the president of light and shares references keep our social network in the bar and banner in the light and go direct to our contacts 61 literary agent 88

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