hello and welcome to the VPNTiger youtube channel in this video I introduce you The best free VPN providers on the market in general are very free VPNs popular and millions of users use them on a variety of platforms including desktop and mobile platforms and although I never give you a free VPN to the Would recommend paying I don't think every free VPN is necessarily bad Must be, and indeed there are some pretty good apps and the three best free ones VPNs that I present to you in this video are ProtonVPN, Hide.me and Tunnelbear and before us Talking more about the best free VPN providers is a small disclaimer that is Free VPN is very limited in its offer, depending on the provider either the limited bandwidth, limited speeds, limited security or ne Offering below average ability to bypass geo-restrictions and being free You just can't expect this VPN to have the same performance as premium VPN providers but if you are not a demanding user then maybe they are for something you and as I said, there are some restrictions with the free VPN and for this reason I would like to I offer you another option namely the free use of a premium VPN with 30 daily money back guarantee which is a much better offer for me but definitely more in this video later so we start this list with the first free VPN and That's ProtonVPN ProtonVPN is for me so in my opinion the best free one VPN provider on the market and despite its shortcomings it is my first choice because this VPN can Can be installed on all relevant platforms including ios android mac windows linux and even android tv and I'm starting now with the good things ProtonVPN has its headquarters in switzerland, which is known for its strict data protection laws, that means that ProtonVPN saves almost no locks of your personal data as well as none browser history which makes it one of the safest free VPNs out there but what also The good thing is the fact that it offers unlimited bandwidth so you have unlimited access to it you can use the whole without worrying about the bandwidth limit and also the app is also very easy to use and connect or disconnect from a server very easy if you want to connect to a us server, for example, click here on the left simply click the connect button here and after a few seconds ProtonVPN has a connection made so that we now simply have a usa ip address and if you can make the connection just wanted to disconnect, just press disconnect here, and ProtonVPN also offers a abundance of functions that you can find when you go to the settings menu and then expand click this VPN comes with military encryption dns and ip lag protection and even split tunneling and all these functions are available with the free version the app but what are the disadvantages now you ask yourself first about torrents the free ones version of ProtonVPN is not p2p friendly so don't expect yours now anyway Using bittorrent or another torrent client can be another bad thing this VPN that it really only offers three servers in the free version that you can find here on the left can see and that is of course not nearly enough even for the less demanding User the streaming skills are unfortunately also below average, although there are some netflix can unlock catalogs but due to slow streaming speeds experience not that good but I have to say that ProtonVPN is a really free one VPN is and no credit card or the like is needed to really use the stop However, there is also the paid version, which is much better than the free one version is much faster with 1000s servers and even stronger security But I wouldn't recommend it to you either because it really is for this performance is really way too expensive for that, I would recommend other premium VPNs that I have included in this one I will mention video but there is one more thing you need to know about ProtonVPN and there it is the fact that ProtonVPN only offers openVPN and you do not choose any other protocol can or something although OpenVPN is the best balance between security and speed it is really quite limited and the integration of the icav2 protocol would actually be good but nonetheless, ProtonVPN is still one of my favorite free ones VPNs and now we come to the second free VPN on this list here and although this is Hide.Me or HideMe.

HideMe is a rock-solid VPN provider based in malaysia promises security and privacy at the level of some of the best primo VPNs This is not surprising when you consider that HideMe is primarily a premium VPN and the ne certified zero login policy military encryption dns / ip lag protection and a VPN kill switch offers and luckily all functions mentioned also carried over to the free version making HideMe one of the most secure free VPNs on the market makes the VPN can be installed on any of the platforms already mentioned with the addition of amazon firetv router chrome and firefox and it even offers a free one proxy on if you don't want to use a VPN HideMe also offers decent speeds though which of course are not so good to be able to stream here without any problems in this regard This VPN provider isn't that good because it works even as a paid option not with netflix and when you use the free version of it HideMe explicitly says that there is no streaming support but what about the app and what needs to be done with the app they say that it is not designed that well but it is okay for it and offers a clear overview every option to connect to a server, for example, you just click here and like you here can be seen in the free version only four locations are supported with the addition of the best location, which basically selects from one of the available locations and around one To establish a connection, simply click on the desired server and then on connect and in HideMe establishes a connection in a few seconds and you will receive another ip address that is yours connection is encrypted and of course you just click here to disconnect on disconnect VPN a good thing about HideMe is that it really has a very good customer support offers I just write a message to HideMe and see what happens and as you can see, after just a few seconds after typing the message, a member replies of the support team that is definitely really good, but since HideMe is also a paid one version you should perhaps decide for it, not entirely because interestingly enough In addition to its free VPN, HideMe offers a very expensive paid option to the is really good but not necessarily worth the money so I would not recommend you the paid version of HideMe to get you there, as I said, there are better premium VPNs we come to the third free VPN on this list and that is the Tunnelbear and Tunnelbear is a free VPN with an extremely user-friendly interface a website yes they do their best to get you to download the VPN application but should they do that if you want one of the best free VPNs then you should open it In any case, because Tunnelbear come up with this beautiful application here and leaves you with one single click to establish a connection to a server that you just want to click simply click on the desired country from which you want to have an ip address, for example now just here france that you click on it and it digs one tunnel here to france and you already have a french ip address and um To disconnect your connection, just press on or off up here and then you have already disconnected your connection, this VPN also offers 26 server locations yes which is much better HideMe or ProtonVPN and Tunnelbear also comes with security functions like military encryptions VPN kill switch also known here as ViggyLand Bear split tunneling a special feature called ghost bear for bypassing firewalls and Just like the other two free VPNs, this VPN provider also has a zero login policy The admirable for such a free VPN is that there will be no protocols of yours query the browser history of your ip addresses dns timestamp or location or something something similar saved and I think that's good in any case, Tunnelbear also allows that downloading torrents and in rare cases it also works with some netflix catalogs but on the other hand you only get 500 mb monthly bandwidth which you increase can if you tweet about the provider whereupon you get another 500 mb what a gigabyte monthly data leads but of course they are used up relatively quickly when you enter VPN used more often so I'm not really impressed by it either Unfortunately, Tunnelbear is based in Canada, which is unfortunately not so good in terms of safety news considering that canada is one of the leading forces in the 5 eyes alliance who is responsible for global surveillance that can therefore have a negative impact on the Privacy of the VPN impact as the government can at any time require all user-related storing and releasing data and also Tunnelbear has a very bad customer support where you actually have to wait forever for an answer and also offer it Tunnelbear only has one simultaneous connection to that means that you cannot use Tunnelbear can to protect other devices at the same time so you really have to make compromises here But in spite of that, Tunnelbear is already one of the better free VPNs but as you have seen you don't have a free VPN and that's why I started the video mentioned that I am introducing you to a premium VPN that you can use as the best free VPN This option is ExpressVPN because it is actually a paid VPN asks You guys okay now how does this work and while it is so your ExpressVPN really works You can use it risk-free for 30 days and then you can use the 30-day money back guarantee with In other words, there is really a 30 day money back guarantee that gives you yours To get your money back before this period expires, you don't have to pay a single cent but why is ExpressVPN better than all of the other best free VPNs I've mentioned providers because it is a premium VPN and first of all ironing out all the shortcomings of the VPNs mentioned it is the fastest VPN on the market, offering 3000 servers in 94 countries around the world and It comes with military encryption, offers a verified zero login policy and of course ExpressVPN is also great for streaming and torrenting, and offers unlimited bandwidth and not to mention its automatic kill switch and in dns and ip lay protection who takes care of your security online and since we mentioned streaming of course ExpressVPN worked for a number of platforms such as netflix bbc iplayer hulu.com prime video and many others, plus you can use ExpressVPN on any device use that you want including windows ios android linux mac and even on routers and the app is of course pretty easy to use, for example, I'll say this now I want a connection to one of the 3000 servers that ExpressVPN offers, what do I have to do now we just have to click the server list here and then click on all locations and eg yes let's now just set up a connection to the server in europe, so let's just click here let's go to europe and then let's just take france, for example, which is what you have to do just click here on france and use the connect button here in the middle to connect you and that is all then we made a direct connection and As you can see, ExpressVPN has established a direct connection, we now simply have an ip out France that works very quickly and ExpressVPN also gives you up to to five simultaneous connections so that you can protect up to five devices at the same time and all in all, this really is the best choice if you are looking for the best free VPN and with the 30 day money back guarantee you could use the whole thing really free of charge and by the way money if you want to continue using ExpressVPN after the 30 days ExpressVPN is for his class and its quality and performance really affordable and if you follow the 1 year plan he can get a discount via the link in the description or the one that is displayed here from 49 plus three months ExpressVPN for free and as I said a 30 day money back guarantee so You can use ExpressVPN as I said for 29 or 30 days and then request a refund and then you will get your money back within just a few hours click for it on the link in the description for the special offer and that's it from the tutorial Of course, what the three best free VPNs are as you've seen there are some downsides With the free VPNs, I would recommend ExpressVPN as a premium VPN as I said there are many many advantages with ExpressVPN that unfortunately are not available with the free VPN and I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see more of it In any case, please stop by my channel for more VPN videos or click now on the suggested here and if the video helped you then subscribe this channel and give me a thumb up there and then we'll see you in the next video ciao ciao

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