Does a VPN work on an Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro?

today we're going to be checking out if your vpn apps work on this new macbook natively or not well or bad let's get to it all right so we're running their latest mac os pixer 11.1 with the m1 chip and before i get started i'd like to say that all the links to the vpns are in the description below with the best available prices in the deals which i have found we're gonna go and download all the major apps from the main vpns out there like nordvpn expressvpn surfshark test them out to see how well they run nordvpn was actually available directly from the app store and i was able to install it with just one click so here we have the app with all the locations available let's see if it can connect natively to do this we press command space and type in activity monitor this shows us a list of all the processes which are currently running and we can see that nordvpn ike is actually carrying on intel architecture not apple's native one but that's not a problem because rosetta seems to be translating this app very well and i could not tell if it was running natively or not let's have a look at the other apps out there expressvpn offers their app to be downloaded only from their website and not from the app store and when downloaded and opened up it looks like this looking through the activity monitor we can see that it's also still running the intel architecture moving on servchart gives you the option to download their app via their website or through the app store after downloading it looks like this but if we have a look at the activity monitor we can see that it is also still running the intel architecture but to be honest that's not really a problem because as craig federighi apple's senior vice president of software engineering says the apps actually perform better under rosetta than they did running natively on previous mac that's right i couldn't tell the difference between running apple silicon native apps and translated through rosetta and as we're waiting for more and more apps to port this new apple system i can tell you that these apps run smoothly no problems installing them no bugs no crashes if you would like to get a vpn service well check out the links in the description below and considering choosing one of the three well overall expressvpn is considered to be the best for the following reasons it has the best support for apps so if you want to install it on your mac but also in your phone on your router or any other device expressvpn has you covered it has great speeds but even better security world-class military-grade encryption is not a joke and because they don't actually keep any logs once you're done with browsing you're done with browsing there'll be no ways to track back your history in fact if security is at all important to you expressvpn is definitely the number one pick number two will be nord because if you want speed then this is definitely the number one provider with the most amount of servers available worldwide they also provide you with a p2p connection a peer-to-peer connection which allows you to download at astounding speeds almost as fast as your internet connection their security is good but not as good as express and navigating the ui is as simple as pressing a dot on the map and getting to the third option on the list the budget friendly surf shark if you're willing to sacrifice just a little bit on speed and a little bit on security but keep as much money in your wallet as possible well then surf shark is your budget friendly option and they also give you an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections which means that you can have all your devices running to the same vpn and even share it with your family so these are the top three vpn companies on a mac and if you want to be notified when these services release an apple native arm based application consider subscribing and that way you will get notified this has been nick and if i was able to clarify at least even a little bit about how vpns work consider leaving a like cheers the combination of m1 and mac os big sur is super exciting it truly takes the mac to a whole new level

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