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What's happening, guys, it's Adam here. Now, not   that long ago, I made a video on ExpressVPN. And 
you guys seem to enjoy the video, but you had a   few questions. So I thought rather than answering 
all of those questions individually on comments,   I'd make an updated version of the video that will 
cover streaming blocked content, it we'll take a   look at the torrenting side of ExpressVPN. And 
also, we'll be looking at the speed capabilities.   A lot of you guys also found the discount link 
that I put in the description last time very   helpful. So once again, I've put that down below. 
So if you click on that, it will take you to the   best possible deal they've got at the current 
time. Now ExpressVPN have a lot of different   locations around the world that you can connect to 
the internet from. As you can see from this map,   every actually a location you can use, 
they have over 3000 different servers, which   spread across 160 different locations, and that 
spans 94 different countries.

Now personally, the   main thing that I use ExpressVPN for is to unblock 
streaming sites like Netflix. So to show you an   example of how that works, I'm just going to come 
into Netflix and I'm browsing at the moment on my   own internet connection without the VPN active. As 
you can see, if I search for the title, the flash,   it will not show up in the list of titles that 
I can watch because it's not available to watch   in the UK where I'm browsing from. So all we 
need to do is we need to come out of Netflix   connect to a server location that's anywhere 
in America, because I happen to know that flash   is available in America.

And now when we come back 
into Netflix and we search for the title, you will   see that it does actually show up in the list and 
Netflix now thinks that I'm browsing from America.   Also, you can play this in full HD from start 
to finish with no buffering issues whatsoever.   This is because ExpressVPN actually offers some of 
if not the fastest speeds in the industry.

So no   matter which VPN you're using, you're always going 
to see a slight drop in the speed compared to your   base speed. Now as you can see here, my usual 
base speed from just my sky broadband provider   comes in at around about 64 megabytes per second. 
And when we compare that to the speed that we're   getting, when we're connected to express VPN 
that is coming in at 59 megabits per second,   believe me, this is a very good speed.

And it's 
only a drop of around about 8% is actually the   fastest out of any VPN that I've tested. Now this 
is the speed when connected to a local server.   So if I connect to a more distant server, the 
speeds are expected to drop further. However,   with Express VPN, they don't really drop much 
further at all. When connected to the server in   New York, which is a long way away from me, 
it's coming in at 55 megabits per second.   And when using the VPN for everyday internet 
tasks, and even heavy things like streaming,   you're not going to notice that difference at 
all. And when it comes to running speed tests,   you don't actually have to do these online. 
Unlike other VPN Express actually has its own   built in speed test where you can test all of the 
servers at the same time. It's a great process.   And what you can do once you found the ones that 
you like is you can select the star next to it   and this will then put those servers into your 

This list will then stay there every   time that you log into your VPN. So that from 
now on, you can always find the fastest service   from your location. Now another thing that VPN 
's are often used for is torrenting. Now when   you're torrenting, you need to select the correct 
protocol. Some of these are better for speed and   some of them are better for encryption, which is 
obviously what you want when you're torrenting.   However, ExpressVPN has an automatic setting. 
And this will select the best protocol for you   depending on which situation you're using the VPN 
for. So if you're not a very tech savvy person,   you can leave this on the automatic selection 
and then you don't have to worry about it,   it will select the right protocol for you. Now 
I use uTorrent to do my torrenting. But you can   use whichever torrent program you like. But just 
to show you how smoothly it runs with ExpressVPN.   I've selected a torrent here from our website 
which I want to download and this is one of the   episodes from the original Flash Gordon series. 
Now as you can see, it automatically loads it   into uTorrent for me, and because ExpressVPN has 
a very good speed, you can see that it will start   the download immediately and it doesn't take long 
at all to get the job done.

And whilst This is   downloading, you can be safe in the knowledge that 
your connection is private and fully encrypted at   all times. Not even ExpressVPN has access to your 
data, your logs or your browsing history as they   operate and no logging policy. This means 
that not only is your torrenting activity   safe but it also remains private. So all in all, 
express VPN is definitely one that I recommend.   If you do have any questions you can always visit 
their love support and chat to them where they'll   get back to you very soon with a suitable answer. 
Their staff are very knowledgeable and there's a   link in the description below and that will 
take you directly to their website.

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Also the same link that you can use if you do want   to take advantage of any of their latest deals or 
discounts as this link will take you to the best   deal that they have on at the current time. So I 
really hope you've enjoyed watching this video and   I hope you've learned something. More importantly, 
I hope it's cleared up some of the questions you   may have had, if it has been giving it a thumbs up 
will be much appreciated.

Thank you for watching   and I will catch you on the next video.
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