F1 LIVE STREAM FREE 🔴 : How to watch Formula 1 Live on a free channel? (qualifications & races) ✅

hello and welcome on comparatif-vpn
youtube channel so today i'm gonna explain you how to
watch formula one live stream on a free tv channel the
free tv channel is rts rts is a swiss tv channel
i will put the link to the channel to the live stream directly
in the description below so you can access the live stream or you can
directly go on rts.ch so rts is a free
tv channel that streams many different sports
like all formula 1 races but also motogp tennis uefa champions league cycling
or even some athleticism so all these sports are streamed for free on rts the
only inconvenient of this channel is that it will have the comments in
french but the live stream will be extremely smooth
there will be no buffering and you will have a high quality
live stream for all formula one races so as you can see we will have the race
on sunday september 6th but also the qualifying
practice on saturday the thing is being a swiss
tv channel if you want to access it outside
switzerland you're gonna have an issue indeed as you can see if we go here on
play and then we click on direct which means
live we have an error message that is translated in english here this
content is only accessible from switzerland and
therefore cannot be played here there is the same message basically the
lts does not have the broadcast rights outside switzerland this message is
totally normal you would have it on any tv channels
anywhere in the world when you try to access the live stream outside the
country this is due to geo restriction a tv
channel will buy right for specific location here for rts
the location is switzerland and if you are outside switzerland you
cannot access the live stream of course there is a solution and i'm
going to present it to you the solution in order to unblock rts and
to access the live stream to watch formula one for free is expressvpn
expressvpn is a vpn provider which is a tool that enables you to change your ip
address to any of the 94 countries in which expressvpn
is available let's be clear expressvpn is not a free vpn provider
unfortunately you won't find any free vpn that has servers intertenant
and that has unlimited bandwidth yet you have 30 days money back guarantee with
no condition you get a full refund if you ask it within the
30 days following your purchase it takes just
like two minutes just send a message to client support
and you will be fully refunded whether you took the one month 6 months
or 12 month subscription so basically you can get it for free for
30 days but if you want to go for longer in order to
watch all formula one races for the whole season then you should go
for the yearly subscription thanks to the link you will find in the
description below you will have 49 discount and three months free you can
also find this special deal on comparatif-vpn.fr/evpn obviously this solution will still be much much cheaper
than any other subscription to like a sports streaming service that would cost
way more than 6.67 that is the price of expressvpn with our
special discount of course expressvpn will offer you many
other advantages you will not only be able
to watch formula one live stream on rts you will be able to unblock tv channels
in 94 countries you will be able to unblock netflix
libraries in different countries if you have a netflix account
you can go in canada in australia and in the uk in the us
in france or any other countries in order to access movies and tv shows
that are not available in your country you can even save money actually on your
netflix subscription thanks to expressvpn we did a video where we paid
our netflix subscription three times cheaper thanks to expressvpn well you've
understood there are many advantages of using expressvpn
so according to us it's worth paying for it so now let's see how it works we will
go in europe we will choose one server in switzerland
in order to get a swiss ip address we can click on this one
and connect we are now connected to switzerland which means we have a swiss
ip address and by updating the page the error
message will have disappeared and we will access the live stream of
rts let's see the error message has disappeared and we
do access the live stream i pause the video because i cannot
really record my screen while the video is running otherwise my
video might be blocked on youtube but you can see that the quality is
perfect it's extremely smooth there is no buffering we can check also
RTS Deux which is rts second channel and see if
it also works let's see again no error message and we
do access the live stream so by doing so you will be able to watch
all formula one races and qualifying practice but also all
moto gp many champions league matches old tennis
grand slam some cycling or even some athleticism
rts is really a great channel for people who like sport and who want
to watch it for free we hope you enjoyed this video do not
hesitate to like it to subscribe to our channel and should
you have any question just leave them in the comments below we
hope to see you soon for our next videos ciao

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