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– How does this make you feel? How about this? Or this? Guys, I know you can't
stand slow internet speeds and you're wondering whether Surfshark really is as fast as it claims. This video is gonna answer your questions. Before I dive deep into Surfshark speeds, subscribe to our channel and
you won't miss any review or tutorial that will save
your time or even some cash. Most VPN providers claim that their speeds stand
out from the crowd. Surfshark is no exception and the addition of WireGuard in 2020 has added to the hype
over-served shark speeds. But, how can you know that
these claims are accurate when every VPN provider promises
to deliver the best speeds? Can you actually trust
Surfsharks speed claims? I'm gonna do Surfshark speed test with both OpenVPN and WireGuard, two highly popular tunneling protocols available to Surfshark users.

I'm also gonna compare
Surfshark with other fast VPNs using the cutting-edge
VPNpro speed test tool. So, here's how I did the
Surfshark VPN speed test, you're gonna see in this video. First, I ran a test without a VPN to determine my baseline speed. Next, I used Surfshark to
connect to the available server here in the UK and ran
the speed test again. If you are wondering, I
used Ookla speed test. It's consistent and reliable
website in my opinion. Now, let's check out those results. This is my baseline
internet speed in the UK. These are the results I got
when I switched on Surfshark and connected again using
the popular OpenVPN protocol. My download speed has
dropped significantly, my upload speed has dropped two and my ping is definitely higher. However, for many people,
these speeds still work when it comes to practical daily use. Now, this is what I got when
I switched to WireGuard. These speeds are phenomenal. They're much better than the
open VPN speeds, in fact, the download speed is very
close to my baseline speed and the ping may even satisfy gamers.

The test seems to genuinely
support WireGuards claims. Guys, now that you know
how fast Surfshark is and you also know which protocol
gives you the best speeds, you're probably wondering
how do these speeds compare with what other top VPNs has to offer? One of the most straightforward
and accurate way to compare VPN speeds is using
the VPNpro speed test tool. Most VPN speed tests are
actually kinda inaccurate. There are a bunch of factors
that skew the results. This speed test removes the
variables from the equation giving you a highly accurate reading. To start with, I've added Surfshark to the graph of the
VPNpro speed test tool. Here in the UK, speeds
over the last 14 days have consistently been really
high, measuring somewhere between 500 and 800 megabytes per second. When I switched to 30
days, you can see there was some up and down with
the speed consistency, but the lowest point is still
above 500 megabits per second.

Across the pond in the USA speeds peaked at even higher point than
they did here in the UK. Once again, over 30 days,
there was some ups and downs and even the lowest speeds were close to 600 megabytes per second. Over in the Netherlands,
speed consistently clock in between 700 and 900
megabytes per second during the last 14 days, and in the last 30 days,
speeds were pretty consistent. In that case, how does Surfshark compare with other providers? Is it the fastest? First, let's run the comparison
you're all itching to see, Nord VPN versus Surfshark speed test. Nord VPN is clearly faster. Even when I switched to
30 days, Nord VPN's speed never dipped below Surfshark's. Surfshark is also slower than Windscribe.

Overall right now, it's
still faster than TorGuard. So, through those Surfshark
speed test comparisons, you can see that Surfshark is
not the fastest VPN right now in 2021, but it's still at a top five when it comes to speed
and not even the last one. Guys, a fast VPN makes all the difference. It's the factor that determines whether the VPN is practical
to use or just a pain. With a fast VPN, you'll be
able to seamlessly stream the unblocked content,
safely download those files in good time and play
games with add privacy. There are other reasons to love Surfshark, it offers unlimited
simultaneous connections, it has an exceptional privacy policy and an unusually long list
of punchy security features. The price is average
for the short term sub, but on the longest sub, the
price is an absolute steal and there's a reliable 30
day money-back guarantee. It's one of the best VPNs
out there right now in 2021.

Now that you know why Surfshark
is such a popular service, hop down through the
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