hello and welcome to the VPNTiger youtube channel in this video I'll show you how you like him the Formula 1 Live on a free live stream with German I plan to view the commentator from anywhere easily and with just a few clicks recently made a video here on the channel by showing you the free channel on which you could see all Formula 1 races live but because it was unfortunately only in French I did a little more research and have an even better solution with two austrians tv channels found that are free and completely legal and live and throughout the Formula 1 season You can stream the Formula 1 live for free on servustv austria or orf look that is, as I said, both channels that broadcast the Formula 1 live for free and above all Legally broadcast with a German commentator, and not just the free trainings on on friday but also the qualifying on saturday, the warm-up and of course the main races sundays and as you can already see in the list here you can see that servus tv 12 of the 23rd races is broadcast live and free of charge and eleven of the 23 races and of course the links are closed Both free tv channels also in the description as you can see when you see me For example, if I click on servustv on it, you can see there is a small error message this livestream is geographically restricted so only people from austria can access it Livestreams especially Formula 1 usually just watch and have exactly the same problem is also available here at ORF here it simply says this video is only allowed in for legal reasons Austria can be reproduced but don't worry, there's definitely a simple solution how we can handle the whole thing and that is the solution ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is a program that you can install smart tvs on your pc tablet mobile phone or even on your router with ExpressVPN you can change your current ip address to any ip address in any country the program offers over 3000 servers in 94 countries and from all these countries here i can sign up here You can also click through the background quickly and easily, ne Get an ip address and deal with geographically restricted content easily and, above all, legally and ExpressVPN is the best VPN around Formula 1 Live on a Free Livestream like servus To watch tv or orf very easily and uncomplicated and let's see how you now get an Austrian ip address with ExpressVPN and Formula 1 Live on one Free channels servus tv or orf can see and of course the whole thing with German audio or commentator and for this we simply press these three points here here then the list of locations opens up then we simply search for austria at the top so austria we just press on it and then in the middle on connect and that's it my german ip address converted into ne austrian ip address we can now go back to servus tv update the whole thing up here and you'll see everything is fine normal now we can just look at it of course I have to stop here quickly press so that there are no copyright problems here this is a video of the Free training to show you that it also works in the live stream, of course because you want to watch the whole thing live, of course, we can now go back to here watch servustv n livestream for that we click up here on servustv live and you'll see This livestream also works normally, of course, now here quickly to stop again press but the whole thing works wonderfully you can now just look at Formula 1 here And of course to watch all the Formula 1 races we also go to orf 11 of 23 races there is still this error message, but we are updating it up here just once and now this video will also be played normally, of course, are only here now a video that's why we're going on the livestream again so that you can really do it see that it also works for the livestream, so click here on watch us live for example, just watch this live stream here and you will see now too this livestream played here normally, of course, quickly press stop again but so you can broadcast the Formula 1 live stream for free on these channels on servustv or orf look at the link on both sides is of course in the description how it all works said when ExpressVPN.

Of course, ExpressVPN isn't free, but you won't get a single one Free VPN provider find the server in Austria and has unlimited bandwidth did that would enable you to watch the Formula 1 livestream on these free channels See therefore ExpressVPN is the best option because it is also available via my link in the description for you an unbelievable 49 percent discount on the program plus 3 months free of charge if you sign up that picks up an annual subscription and a 30-day money back guarantee and now it's time for the 30th day money back guarantee a little trick from me just get ExpressVPN to check it out for example, the Formula 1 live stream on servustv and orf within 30 days and as soon as you are done contact customer support within a month and then get it money back very simply uncomplicated and so this Formula 1 live stream could be for free and watch it legally and so far it is of course much cheaper than any with this little trick paid tv channels or live stream to watch Formula 1 and with ExpressVPN there are namely, many other advantages because with ExpressVPN you can, for example, safely torrent download money with, for example, flight tickets many foreign netflix libraries save Activate watch German tv channels from abroad and surf the internet anonymously and that It was already from this video here I hope this tutorial on how to get the Formula 1 Livestream on the free channel like servus tv or orf you liked watching but feel free to drop by this channel for more VPN videos or click on the suggested ones now here and if the video helped you and you want to see more of it then subscribe this channel and give me a thumb up there and then we'll see you in the next video ciao

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