Free VPN for Android, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad TunnelBear

do you need a VPN service to browse
privately and browse the same internet as everyone
else open a web browser and go to tunnelbear
dot com tunnelbear is a simple private free
access VPN service to the global Internet app like ready for Android PC and Mac iPhone an iPad next click on Download a
tunnel bear one tunnel bear can be used on one
laptop into mobile devices download the convenient tunnelbear
application for your device after download open to install moving to Applications folder accept or not automatically check for updates now create a tunnelbear account type your credentials and move to the
next step now you can skip or continue with this
guideline find tunnelbear icon and choose the
country to connect from use your regular browser to privately browse the country you
selected turn on Maul trackers to protect your privacy and follow for news and updates email to activate your account email address confirmed now tunnelbear comes with 500
gigabytes bandwidth to get more 1 gigabyte of bandwidth all
you have to do is to create an account on Twitter and make a tweet of tunnelbear app you can tweet once a month and continue
to get an extra one gigabyte of data each month go to tunnelbear icon and click on
tweet for free one gigabyte and click on tweet now type your Twitter ID and next confirm and tweet tweet done.

Now it's time to test if
tunnelbear works or not first I am going to check my IP address going to my IP is since I'm outside the United States and
if I need to for example watch a TV web channel like I just can't and
this is because they block any IP address from outside the US so, here is when tunnelbear comes
handy launched tunnelbear app choose
United States country and turn it on look closer to my IP address changing
refreshing the page and my new IP address now on can i watch what I want, please now we talking, this is what someone else
call it Hide My Ass, tunnelbear VPN service
works but the issue here is the fact on the
little free version and tweeting once a month you only get
1500 gigabytes of bandwidth the best choice is to get the Giant
tunnel bear, comes with unlimited data from one computer and two mobile devices is monthly subscription, so you can
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