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Welcome to PC Mac today, we are talking about how we can set up a free VPN account and use it for lifetime So let's do it Before we start I would like you to go ahead and click on the subscribe button It's free and you can just go ahead and click on the Baloch or my latest videos. So let's get started. So Guys if you are new to my website, you can check out my other video as well How to set up the free VPN account you will see the link right now on the top right corner This is a new video and in this video I am talking about a different website through which we can connect to a free VPN Server and use a computer over the Internet Without being traced by any other comment or any other company So first thing what we need to do is need to download the Open VPN Client so we need to go into open VPN And We need to go into the download section and as we are using a Windows 7 machine as you can see, we will good and download from here the exe file It will take a moment to download So in between the download is going on let's go ahead and show you what's my IP address right now So right now here is my IP address as you can see So once we set up a VPN account on Open VPN, that is the client tool Through which we will go ahead and configure our Open VPN This is our client tool which is right downloaded now, let's go and open it And yes, and let's go to install it.

I agree next install So I always trust software from OpenVPN technology which will install it so as you can see the Installation for Open VPN is complete. The client is installed now we need to click on next and Finish it will open a file that contains all the information how you can configure it. You can go through this file Let me just close it. And the first thing you need to do is Open your Open VPN.

So when you type open in search box, you will see open. We've been right here You need to right-click and then run as administrator click on yes Once you do that as you can see no readable connection profile We didn't create any profile right now So we need to send all the information to these folders Openvpn config or c program file open VPN conflict. So right now we need to download the config file So let's go and click on. Ok, it will be down here as you can see Right now it's waiting for the connection. You will see a white logo right now because it's not connected So let's go ahead and open our website through which we will go ahead and download the configuration file for our Open VPN So the website is right here.

I made a bookmark for it. That's what an open it So the name of the website is VPN This is the website from where we need to download all the information all the configuration files So we are using Open VPN as a client to connect to the Open VPN server, so we'll go right here and If you want to purchase a dedicated VPN, you can also go here and as you can see 7.95 per month 30 days money back guarantee So these these are the dedicated servers and for like normal things you can go Download Open VPN files from here. So let's go ahead and download some files So we will go with server 3 the u.s.

One. Let's go and download one from Europe one from the US one from Canada One from here and one from here and As you can see the username and the passwords are right here. So you need to write it down somewhere So let's go ahead and do it on the note card Let's copy and paste the username and password So the username and the password is right there and all the files are downloaded successfully let's just go and open it So let's go ahead and open first of all extract these files So it's right here So here are four Files as you can see one is for TCP 80 port.

Another one is TCP 443 ports Then you D be 53 port UDP – five triple 0 port so I recommend you to use UDP ports because they are more secure than TCP one Let me show you where you need to paste these files. I have already copied these files. Let me just do it again copy We need to go into C Then program file we will see a folder created here with the name Open VPN. You need to open it and Then we need to go into config folder and just paste all the files here So for the spectacled I'll Try to connect to all of these one by one and check What it make difference to our network, let me just minimize this and Let's first of all open what's my IP So as you can see right here The IP address.

Let me go ahead and open another tab and Try to connect to the VPN now by right-click and as you can see we have pasted all these for VPN config file in our config folder. So we will try to connect to this one. Let's try to connect and Once you try to connect it, it will ask for the username and the password So we have already copy it copy then paste And the password P Paste we can save the password here as well. Let's click on ok, and Let's check whether it's connected or not So once it's connected you will see a green signal here like a green Light on the VPN. So we are connected now.

Let's check. What's my IP now? So we are connected now to our VPN and as you can see the IP has changed I didn't refresh the first page So the IP is 1:03 Now, it's 1 9 8 So let's check what's the location it's giving us So right now my browser is taking my old location has You're not able to see it but let me go to a different website to show you so we have used USI u.s.

IP addresses u.s. Configuration file as you can see us one u.s. One so it might take us to Us location let's check As you can see United States, Virginia So the location is right here Let's try to refresh the location from Google as well I Use a tool clean up to clean all my computer cachet and everything so let's do it Now let's just refresh it one more time Let me just close it and try it on a different browser So as you can see we will check on Bing Maps and check what's the location right now It's getting so as you can see here United States So the location is keep on changing it's right now in Abu Dhabi Dubai As you can see the location let's try to connect to a different server and then check Let's try to connect to this one We need to go with the same password Let's first disconnect from the old one and then try to connect to this one So it's also connected now, let's check let's Try to refresh the page Let's close this one and try in a different web browser Firefox So as you can see we are able to connect to this server in United States, Virginia, let's try one more server let's go to downloads and then Let's check this one So the method is same you need to go into config folder and paste all your configuration files right here As you can see and then it will be automatically detected here So let's try this one now first of all, let's disconnect from here and Then we'll try to connect to a different server This one connect again it asks for the username in the password Let's save it It's connected let's check on Firefox.

What's the new location now? So right now it shows us that we are in Germany and the IP address is also changed 170 2.1 62.1 93.2 33 So, let me just close it so guys you can also go ahead and check this VPN service from VPN book It's totally free you can use it You can download as many files as you want and to try to connect them One by one if you face any problem, you have the comment section. You can write down in the comment section I will try to help you and If you like my video, don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the like button. Thank you for watching Have a nice day. Bye bye. Take care.

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