Get a Israeli IP Address 馃憤 Best VPN For Israel

how's it going everybody welcome back and today i'm going to show you guys how to get an israeli ip address from anywhere so uh obviously the best way of doing that is by using a vpn it's the most consistent quickest way to do so especially if you're trying to bypass um geo-restrictions or if you want your data secured if you're trying to maybe access foreign markets foreign online markets using avpn is definitely the best way to do so now i'm going to be using expressvpn because it is my favorite uh since it is the best in terms of security it's very consistent when it comes to speed you can also use nord and surf shark these are also great vpns i'll talk about them in just a little bit but for now if you're interested in any of these you'll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below with that said let's get into this so as you can tell i'm connected to germany now this is pretty standard in all vpns you're going to want to go to locations and look for you know whatever country you're trying to get in this case that'll be middle east and africa and there we go you're going to click on israel and just wait for it to connect and the moment you're connected that's how you can confirm just go to some website and it should tell you that um the countries change here and the ip address change as well so i'm gonna hit continue refresh and i'm in tel aviv israel so that's pretty much how you do it it's very simple um it even it even says that my isp is an israeli isp so yeah that's pretty reliable way of kind of changing your ip address so let's say you're new to ip addresses okay that's pretty much how you do it but what if you want to maybe take a few extra security measures maybe you want to make sure that everything is the way you want it and you want to understand the options behind your vpn here so these are all features that are all available in nord and surf shark unless i say it's exclusive to this vpn so keep that in mind so kill switch and split tunneling are both available in um all vpns that i mentioned today including surf shark and north vpn so keep that in mind so the kill switch is going to sever your internet connection when you get disconnected from the vpn and what that does is that if you didn't know when you're connected to the vpn you're connected to secured servers provided by the vpn provider so the moment you disconnect from those servers you will revert back to your isb servers which are monitored and if you're living in a country with heavy restrictions you might you know you might want to i guess uh hide your ip address or hide your data hide your online data generally so that's what a network lock or kill switch is for which will sever your internet connection in case you uh disconnect from the vpn split tunneling will decide which kind of uh which apps go through the vpn connection and which apps don't so that's a pretty handy tool if if you're interested in that besides that the protocols you can just go with automatic automatic definitely works lightweight is great because it connects very quickly that's one and two it's great for mobile devices and since it connects very quickly it it will be very reliable when it comes to streaming and unblocking geo restrictions with streaming services such as netflix and it will be using less battery for your mobile devices since it uh has less than a thousand lines of code though if you're looking for security you want to go with openvpn it is the proven protocol to be the safest protocol is the best combination of speed and security so that's a great vpn i mean protocol excuse me tcp has very low uh download speed so yeah that you don't wanna you don't wanna mess with that icab is quick but barely works on a handful of networks and http is outdated at this point and has low security now this is an express vpn exclusive which will be only use expressvpn dns servers while connected and what that'll do is that it'll force the expressvpn dns onto your device so that um it prevents any data from leaking it ensures uh performance top performance and security so yeah it'll act as sort of an extra layer of obfuscation which will make your uh data look like any other browsing data and your isp won't even be able to tell that you're using a vpn in the first place so expressvpn lets you secure up to five devices and it doesn't matter which servers you're using for whatever activity since they're all optimized to do anything from streaming to to to torrenting or whatever you're trying to do let's say you want to spend a little bit less okay um secure one more device and get a couple of extra features this is when nordvpn comes in as a great value um kind of vpn here so you're getting dedicated ip double vpn which connects your connection through two tunnels rather than one so two servers at the cost of speed of course onion over vpn for tor users and p2p for torrenting the cool thing about here about nordvpn is that you also get an app kill switch so if you don't want to kill your internet connection completely when the vpn disconnects you can just uh choose certain apps to be terminated you also obviously get split tunneling a couple of servers including udp tcp and nord links nord links is definitely the quickest one that you want to use and in terms of obfuscation you're going to have to turn on obfuscation if you're living in a country with strict censorship but at the cost of much fewer servers at your disposal so uh that would be i guess the downside of using it so here i got the servers back now that i turned the obfuscation off again obfuscation will make it look like your browsing data looks like any other browsing data so that your isp can't tell they're using a vpn and for servchark surfshark will actually let you secure an unlimited amount of devices so if you're looking for a vpn that just gets the job done you know you're not too worried about security or consistency and speed um surf shark will definitely get the job done especially if you're just trying to maybe unblock netflix and just or maybe access some foreign markets to get a few discounts here and there surf shark is absolutely great the problem with nord and surf shark is that they'll try to get you in order to get these big discounts you're gonna have to commit with them for up to two to three years when it comes to subscription plans whereas expressvpn is only trying to get you to commit to one year so you may see that as good or bad depending how long you want your kind of subscription to last so yeah you still get kill switch you still get your split tunneling you get all these good good stuff and you get the wire guard protocol and no borders mode which is their own uh version of obfuscation obfuscation which you can combine with shadow socks if you're living in a country with heavy censorship besides that that's how you change your ib address and uh these all these three vpns are great if you're interested in any of them make sure to check the description down below feel free to take advantage of these special deals and offers as they may not be available on the original website so yeah that'll be it for this video i hope you guys enjoyed it um feel free to ask me all any kind of question down in the comments below i'll be happy to answer all of them and i'll see you guys in the next one have a wonderful day

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