hey guys welcome to this video and today
we are gonna add an extension to Google Chrome which is the best FREE chrome VPN
extension to hide your IP encrypt your connection and unblock website easily so
keep watching open your Google Chrome then type this URL then enter or you can
find this URL in description and you will see this Chrome Web Store now go to
the search bar and type ZenMate and hit enter now click on this ZenMate free best VPN
for Chrome and you will get to this overview page and here you can see a
introduction video which tells you its features and why it is useful and some
images which helps you understand it features and this is the description
which tells about this extension now scroll up and click Add to Chrome then
add extension once it is added to your Chrome it will be redirected to its
ZenMate page which asked you to sign up or login so you can sign up here easily
by giving your email address and choose your password for ZenMate then click to
the signup free and you will get a verification mail to the same email
address which you used or sign up for verify your account then login in my
case I have already an account so I'll click to the login and give my registered email address and password so now I am successfully login and I will close
this tab click to this zenmate icon and you will
see protection is enabled and you can switch your IP with these
locations like this or if you want to turn this ZenMate
protection off click to this toggle button I hope you like this video thank you for

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