How to Get a FREE VPN on Your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

hi guys and in this video I'm gonna be showing you how to get a free VPN on your iPhone or iPad works just the same rest on the shooter so let's go into the App Store and give it a second to load up and go to the Search tab and type o if it actually works oh and a V and just search and we should be one that has a shield on it free VPN oh no press X press on download let it download and then we'll see when it's done okay so the application has downloaded we're just going to launch it and we're gonna press continue the korean continue tap to install VPN and it's gonna take us to Safari it's gonna load up this page configure in profile so I'm gonna take us over to settings ask us to install the another profile press install and install now put in your password and then press done and now we're gonna need to do is go into our settings go back and just onto this page and then we're going to need to go to general VPN and it's gonna have one called Oh nah though we're just gonna turn VPN on let it connect and there we go you can see next to the Wi-Fi symbol it does say VPN this is great if you have blocked websites it will unblock your websites for you if you've got if you're in a place or you're on an internet connection which doesn't allow all the all web sites and it just blocks if you've got parental controls or something or it blocks websites when you're at school or something it'll unblock websites for you and it will also protect you to protect you from being tracked and apparently it can save data as well everybody knows that myself but apparently it can so they are that is the features of this app so is a free VPN and that is how you get it thanks very much for watching please comment subscribe if you enjoyed the video also follow me on Twitter and I'll see you my next video goodbye

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