How To Get Free VPN iOS 7 (Best iOS VPN of 2014)

hey what's up guys Aaron here of Apple updates in this video I'm going to be showing you guys how to get a free VPN here on iOS now of course I am running iOS 7 and it does work so let me go ahead and show you how the first thing you're going to want to do is go into the App Store and download the app called own Avvo protect this is 100% free and open source so once that's download and open it then from here you're going to go through the easy setup process click on the tap – you know Install Now of course I'm going to reinstall the VPN because I had it installed before and I uninstalled just to show you guys how simple and easy it was to do once you click that you're going to be prompted to install a profile now of course you're going to install it and it's going to give you a root certificate now of course this is completely trust able I mean if I'm doing it then you should too and it's just going to install it's going to update and over here you can see that it has the VPN symbol right here so it was literally that simple and that easy to get a VPN just to show you guys um that it is working you can see that I have the VPN symbol right here and you know it completely works um I'm on featurepoints comm it's going to reload that web page you can see it's fast uh it's good and it just stays there and you can now browse securely um and you know you can go to websites that would otherwise be blocked right here on your iOS device it's that simple and easy if you want to go ahead and turn it off on you can see that you do have this VPN switch here to turn it off it's not going to turn off you can see that it'll stay off for a second and then it'll turn on ah right away or not um ok used to yeah but I set it up to not do that let me go ahead and show you guys how to fix it right there you go to general then once you're here go to VPN and then tit tap on the on Avvo VPN and then go ahead and turn off this connect on demand thing and you can see that it already popped up here so once you've turned off the connect on demand you can now control when the VPN goes on and off by just using that switch there so it's that simple and that easy to get a VPN on iOS of course stay tuned for the how to get VPN on Android because that video will be coming in a second you know so that's what this video of course if you enjoyed it feel free to hit that like button down below and subscribe for other videos like this thanks for watching and have a great day

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