How to get US IP address | BEST VPN to change your IP

– Uncle Sam produces some of
the greatest entertainment in the world, but sadly,
annoying licensing agreements can keep that content
locked for non-US viewers. But if you learn how to
change your IP address, this won't be a problem. Before I dive right in,
help me keep bringing you the best solutions and the best prices by dropping a like on the
video and subscribing. Also, if you want a discount on any of the VPNs listed on this video, check out the link in
the description below. So here's the deal. The second you step outside of the US, you're going to have a hard
time accessing some US content. Entire Netflix libraries
will be out of reach. HBO Max will be a no go, and so will Hulu.

This can be a pain if you
have a series you wanna watch. But once you know how
to get a US IP address, this won't be an issue. To access geo-restricted
websites like HBO Max, you're going to have to know
how to get a US IP address or rather how to make
it appear as if you do. US streaming platforms check your location by looking up your IP address. If you connect directly
from another country, the site will deny the content to you. Your best solution then is to use a VPN to change your IP address to a US IP. But this doesn't mean you can use any VPN. So click on the box right here to see the very best providers which you can get some juicy discounts on.

VPNs can help you access US content because they make it seem like the VPN server's IP
address belongs to you. Your actual location is hidden. This same functionality, in
addition to a few other things, makes VPNs such reliable
security and privacy tools. The most reliable VPNs for accessing US geo-restricted content are NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN, and IPVanish. NordVPN is the best of the bunch with perhaps the strongest
security in the industry. It has 59 servers across
the world, including America and 24/7 customer support. Most importantly, NordVPN's
proprietary NordLynx protocol makes the best speeds. So if you're looking for a
VPN to access US content, this should be your number one pick. Surfshark is another great
option with 15 Netflix libraries, unlimited devices and a handy ad blocker. It also comes loaded with
industry-leading encryption and unlimited connections. In other words, you can share it. ExpressVPN comes with 160
locations across 94 countries, allowing you to access
content locked to the US in just about anywhere in the world. It offers unlimited
bandwidth so you can enjoy super fast streaming
of the highest quality.

PrivateVPN is a smaller VPN service that comes armed with great
security and robust encryption, as well as access to US content. It's known for its ability to unblock many different
streaming platforms as well. Lastly, IPVanish comes with great speeds, over 1,500 servers, and
powerful encryption. However, while this sounds great, IPVanish is beaten by VPNs like NordVPN in almost every metric. So it's a solid choice but
not the best of the bunch. That's everything you need to know about how to get a US IP address. For more tips, make sure you're
subscribed to the channel. And for discounts on any
of the VPNs discussed, check out the description below.

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