How to Install VPN – Setup VPN Connection for Free (OpenVPN)

Hello, tutorial shows you, how to install VPN – Setup VPN Connection for Free What is the purpose of VPN? Anonymity, Security of Internet activities, Full anonymity on the Internet Secure use of public Wi-Fi or Hot Spots, all data is encrypted Secure Internet that is achieved with the modern encryption technologies change of IP Address with free VPN servers that are located in different countries Your real IP always remains anonymous No restrictions, no service restrictions based on your IP and geodata. The Internet is 100% free Internet connection without VPN Internet connection with VPN First of all, Let’s check my actual public IP address all useful links you can find below in the description As you see my actual IP address starts with 14 and ends with 46 And my geographic location is Georgia OK, Let’s download and install VPN Go to your web browser and type OpenVPN offers the best anonymity and is impossible to block by your government school or Internet Service Provider Stay anonymous on the Internet, have a secure connection get a complete freedom and access to the region-locked online resources OK click on Get OpenVPN button Scroll down and click on Community downloads Scroll down again and find your windows version installer My Windows version is 10, so I need installer for Windows 10 Run OpenVPN installer Leave all VPN components by default You should remember destination folder, better to leave it by default Now we need to download free VPN server’s configuration files Go to your web browser and type Change language to English Scroll down, and Choose a country from the VPN servers list Let’s try Russian download files for Open VPN, UDP, TCP For those who does not know: UDP and TCP are communication protocols UDP is faster but consumes more energy on mobile devices and may not be available in some networks TCP could be a bit slower but has ability to connect to proxy-servers and is widely available Now we need to import the downloaded files into the system Go to the following path: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\ And move VPN configuration files into the config folder OK, let’s download another country’s VPN files I just need to Compare them Anyway, you should try all the profiles and see which provides the fastest and most stable speeds So, I need administrator rights to download VPN files, directly to the config folder let’s fix it Before you start VPN app, right click OpenVPN shortcut Go to Properties open Compatibility tab and check the box run this program as an administrator Click Apply and OK Double click on VPN app to run it When You run the openvpn app, you should see VPN icon at the bottom right corner on your taskbar right-click on the VPN icon, select the country you want to connect to and click connect to connect a free VPN server Enter the user name and password that can be found on the VPN server's website And keep in mind, that the password changes every 10 hours The Username for all VPN servers is same but the password is different so make sure you are in right place Wait a few seconds and you will get a notification that you are successfully connected to the VPN server also you can check the VPN icon, it must be green OK, let’s check IP address and Internet speed As you can see, the public IP address and geographic location have been changed successfully OK, let’s check VPN connection’s speed OK download speed is around 8 megabits per second And upload speed is around 20 megabits per second It not bad, but anyway, as I recommend before, you should try all the profiles and see which VPN server provides the fastest, and most stable speeds You can also find free VPN servers on this website: Let me quickly show example, how to Setup VPN Connection with VPN book servers Done, we have successfully installed the VPN client and set up a VPN connection with free VPN servers

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