How to make your own VPN server for free!

do you want to make your own VPN server
for free then watch this video until the end hi guys its sudo Ken in this video
I'm gonna show you how to make your own VPN server for free with jigsaws outline
VPN project and Google cloud platform actually what is project outline outline
VPN is a free and open source tool that deploys shadow Sox servers on multiple
cloud service providers outline was developed by jigsaw a technology
incubator created by Google using outline you can even break the Great
Firewall of China okay let's head to the tutorial first step is signing up for
Google cloud platform in the address bar type and hit enter then
click on get started for free okay select your country from their
drop-down menu then check the checkbox and click on continue next
bring your contact info and credit card details then click on start my free
trial step number two is creating a viable ruling after coming to the
dashboard click on the menu button and find releasing network and click on
firewall rules next click on create firewall rule give it a name I named it
outline VPN then follow my settings okay next click on create next step is
creating a VM instance click on the menu button and find compute engine and click
on VM instances then click on create here you should set the requirements
you'll need in the VM instance give it a name and name it outline VPN server change the region to the closest
datacenter to you change the Machine type to f1 micro because it doesn't
require much power next in the boot disk section click on
change change the operating system ubuntu change the version to 16 point or
4 LTS then click on select next expand this section and go to the
networking section type the tag name begin when we are creating the firewall
rule in the net worth tax field then click on create step number four is
installing outline server click on SSH and connect to the VM instance first go
to the route type sudo su then CD then execute the following commands in folder
you can find these commands in the video description right okay you will get a green line
like this copied for now I paste it here step number five is sitting and
finishing up the outlined client open up a new tab and type get outline dot or
our jeans and hit enter right first you should download and install
outline manager for newer or else I've already installed next download and
install the client software here I've already installed next open up outline manager then click
on advanced now paste the green line that we copied before then click on done right now you can go to the settings
change the server name you've needed a name it sugar cane outline VPN server click here to get your access key click
on connect this device of connect a different device I click on here then
copy the access key we've already installed the outline client so click on
add server then add server now you can tell your VPN on click on connect also you can connect multiple devices to
your VPN click on add new key click here and you can copy the
imitation or for PD access key directly and share with other devices of the copy
the access key from the invitation we hold this cross button to add the VPN
server right here we are in the tips section now we are going to get a static
IP for our VM instance fine V PC Network and click on external IP addresses change the IP type to static now you can
turn off the VM at any time you want and use the VPN after restarting it it will
stop Google from charging for the time you don't use your VPN
I hope you guys will enjoy it thank you for watching
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