How to Set Up a VPN on an iPhone (3 Simple Methods Explained)

there are three primary ways that you can set up a vpn on your iphone manually through an app and through a browser now in this video i'm not only going to walk you through how to do it but i'm going to give you the pros and cons of each approach welcome to all things secure my name is josh now the way that you set up a vpn on your iphone is often dictated on how you're going to be using it if this is your company that's giving you vpn information you're going to have to do it manually whereas if you're just somebody that wants to bypass censorship or get more privacy you might want to do it through an app or a browser so if you want to jump ahead to the specific configuration that you want to use you can do so using the time markers you see here all right let's start with manual configuration if you've been given all the information for a vpn setup what you're going to want to do is you want to navigate on your phone into the settings app and on the left side you're going to find the vpn now on the bottom there's going to be a button that says add vpn configuration and this is where you're going to take all the information that you are given from your employer or for whoever it is that's owning and running this vpn server to give you an input that information that includes the server the remote id and your username and password all of this stuff has to be put in and filled in and once you have it you're going to click done and it's going to show up as a vpn configuration in this vpn tab if it's the only vpn configuration you have you're going to have the option to just turn that on and off easily from your settings page if you have multiple of them you're going to have to go into the vpn tab and choose the one that you want but either way it makes it very simple once you've actually set up that vpn configuration and if you're having problems connecting more than likely that has to do with the login information that you were given by your employer you're going to want to troubleshoot that with them the advantage with a manual setup is that you can have remote access to your corporate headquarters without necessarily having to be in the office that said it's not the easiest thing to set up and it requires that you get that information from your it director or it manager the second method of setting up a vpn on your iphone is to do so using a vpn app now there are literally hundreds of vpn apps to choose from on the app store but i recommend you choose carefully because remember you are directing all of your internet traffic through that vpn company when you're using their servers now i have a number of different subscriptions to ipvanish surfshark expressvpn but for the purpose of this video i'm going to show you nordvpn now if you go into your app store you can look and find nordvpn and download the app you can subscribe through the app store but i recommend you do so on your computer because it just gives you a few more options it's a lot easier to get a refund if you do it through your computer as opposed to your phone and if you want to get that link i have an affiliate link in the description that helps support this channel but it also gives you direct access to the nordvpn's best deals when dealing with their service once you download the nordvpn app and you have your login from having signed up on your computer you can log into your vpn app and then you'll find a map as well as a list of all the different servers that you can connect to when you first connect to nordvpn it's going to ask do you want this app this nordvpn to allow to set up a vpn configuration and you want to click allow and what that's going to do is instead of manually going in and setting up that vpn configuration like we just did in step one it's going to do it automatically so that you don't even have to go into your settings app and that's the advantage of using something like this is it's much easier for somebody who's not as tech savvy or somebody who doesn't want to go through and manually do the setup the app does all the setup for you and all you have to do to connect to that vpn is choose the server that you want to connect to click on it and it will automatically connect once you see that vpn icon on the upper right of your iphone you know that you're connected you know that your internet connection is encrypted and now you can bypass any censorship bypass any geo restrictions and generally browse the web a little safer the third method for setting up a vpn on your iphone is through a browser now there are a number of browsers that do this the one that i recommend is something called tor browser it comes with the vpn now it's not free you still have to pay for it just like the method number two but it's not that expensive and what it allows you to do is it anytime that you're on the tor browser you can connect to a vpn server in one of many different countries that they have available and it will not only anonymize your connection give you an anonymous ip address but we'll also encrypt that connection just like the nordvpn app did earlier now the advantage here is that it's all just one app you don't have to worry about a separate app and it can all be done through the tor browser the disadvantage here is that because it is set up through the tor browser it's not something that's easier to use throughout the entire for any app that you want on your phone now it still encrypts all the data that comes from any other app that you might use but it is specifically meant for your tor browser and when you open that tor browser it'll give you the option to connect to that vpn this is also a very easy setup for you it's not something that requires manually going in and inputting into the anything into your settings app but it also requires a little bit of payment as well for that convenience those are the three methods of setting up a vpn on your iphone it's not that hard i also have already gone into details of how you can do this on on your computer if you want to watch that video if this video was useful for you give it a thumbs up if you have any questions leave them in the description below thanks so much for watching and subscribe to all things secured

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