How to setup a VPN on IOS – L2TP

Hello! My name is Amanda. I work for VPNReactor. Here's a short tutorial on how to setup your VPN. Let's start! Go to 'Settings'. Choose 'General'. And then tap on 'VPN'. Under 'VPN', tap 'Add VPN Configuration' and choose 'L2TP'. You could then add the following
configuration details. A description of the VPN. The VPNReactor server you want to connect to. The username you register with VPNReactor. Your VPNReactor password. And your L2TP secret key. This is CASE SENSITIVE so please make sure you entered the code correctly. Uppercase 'V' uppercase 'P' uppercase 'N' uppercase 'R' lowercase 'e' lowercase 'a' small 'c' small 't' small 'o' and small 'r'. Ok! You have now set up a VPN to your iPhone. So now, tap on 'VPN' to connect. Status must show that you are now CONNECTED. To verify that your VPN is working, you can visit

It must now show that your IP address is SECURED. Congratulations! You can now enjoy being anonymous online while using your iPhone, iPad or any iOS devices. To disconnect your VPN, just go to 'Settings' and tap 'VPN'. That's it. Thanks for watching!.

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